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  1. The really money is in yacht design. Just ask that Perry fellow who charges $175 an hour!
  2. Yes, but it was a very pleasant servitude. I learned a lot from that gal, she was my first big boat.
  3. What do you mean Jon? I am an easy going laid back kind of guy. (Well I have been easy going ever since I sold my company and retired.) Fortunately FL has cured me of my serial sailboat ownership hobby. She is a keeper.
  4. K. Aage Nielsen 1954, built in Italy 50’x12’x 6’ board up, 9’ board down. Double planked Mahogany over Cedar on oak frames, Bronze fastened and strapped. She is a beauty for sure. Fun ownership for 8 years. Our two sons grew up sailing on her. I sold her back to the two sons of the previous owner I bought her from. They bring her over for a visit once in a while. (FL is much faster, easier to handle and easier to take care of......)
  5. Back when I purchased TIOGA (IV) she was a masthead sloop. I reinstalled her mizzenmast and returned her to being a yawl. She looked much better as a yawl and we were able to use the mizzen for all sorts of useful tasks.
  6. Thanks Dylan, glad to see you out and about. I have been cycling and rowing for the same reason.
  7. Nice videos, brought back fond memories from when we owned Swede 55 Hull 34.
  8. Well done Mr. Perry. another nice boat from your drawing board....err, I mean from your computer......
  9. I thought it was more like 4". That was a very good time shared with good people.
  10. Yes, Russell Brown is a very nice guy. Very talented too.
  11. Or someone who REALLY likes simple vessels.......
  12. Or Big Ti herself. The deck house looks too far aft for Bounty. I might be wrong, but I am guessing Ti.
  13. FRANCIS has not gained any significant weight since she was finished. But as Bob points out, she is a very simple boat. Exactly what the client wanted.
  14. What's wrong with thread drift? we get some pretty good posts out of thread drift
  15. A very good long term friend of mine (one of my oldest buddies going on 50 years of friendship now) is a highly respected fine artist who is also known for his skill in teaching fine painting. Fine art is his full time profession and has been for decades (he was a professional illustrator before branching into fine art.) He looked at the pictures of the painting I sent him and said "Hey! That's pretty good!" You should feel good about that Bull given his skill level.