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  1. kimbottles

    Winding Down - an end in sight

    We second the notion of staying close to your parents, once they are gone it is too late (we have lost both sets.) I second the notion of cycling, and SWMBO love walking (so I walk with her.) And the Senior National Park Pass is a bargain, even after the recent price hike. If you sail to Washington you would be most welcomed here in Blakely Harbor. (We like Will, you can’t be bad if you raised him!)
  2. kimbottles

    SPECTACULAR MISOOL. Solo Sailing Indonesia

    Wow, SWMBO and I very much enjoyed your post. Thank you!
  3. kimbottles

    Coolboats to admire

    One of the Best Video I have ever seen!! Thank you!!
  4. kimbottles

    Navigation/control system complexity and human error

    Yeah, I read that report a couple days ago on a different website. I came to the same conclusions; simple is better for me. Get you head out of the display and look out at the world around you. And always have manual options.
  5. kimbottles

    Sailors Powerboat

    Fastyacht, I suspect you know the carburetors on the Hall Scott engines sounded like a toilet flushing when those PT Boats we charging along at those speeds....
  6. kimbottles

    Sailors Powerboat

    Nice vessel!!
  7. kimbottles

    Parasailor chute, seeking feedback for cruising use

    Just to the mast, lots of room up there on a 62’ boat even if she is skinny. My top down furler also rolls up from the cockpit, but you still need someone forward to drop it. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me but after using both of them I like the sock a little bit better. To each his own.
  8. kimbottles

    Parasailor chute, seeking feedback for cruising use

    I used to think this, but now that I have one of my kites on a top down furler and the other in a sock I say stick with the simpler sock. It is easier to use and more forgiving (cheaper too.)
  9. kimbottles

    Parasailor chute, seeking feedback for cruising use

    I agree, get yourself a nice asym kite in a sock and go sailing.
  10. kimbottles

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    It looks like SLIVER’s mother (or is this her grandmother) has come to visit and check up on her.....she is now anchored nearby apparently to watch over her offspring.
  11. kimbottles

    The floating powerplant

    Well, not all MoBo Jon. My Tim Kernan designed Dennis Choate built MoBo has no generator. She does just fine with solar panels and a good house bank. (But of course as a sailor’s MoBo she is rather simple.)
  12. kimbottles

    Best places to live between voyages

    I had a pretty good laugh as I typed that and expected push back from my pal Ish! But didn’t see Zonker coming......
  13. kimbottles

    Best places to live between voyages

    Salish Sea (Pacific Northwest including British Columbia.) Year round boating. Tons of services. Relatively mild weather. We chose here for the boating in 1977 and have never looked back.
  14. kimbottles

    Help Me Understand

    Dreams sometimes don’t work out well for some people.......
  15. kimbottles

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    I looked for you Russell, sorry you weren’t able to race. We had a great crew who hung in there during the super flukie Saturday winds (0 gusting to 1). We learned a lot, like we think a Code Zero would have been better than our current free flying drifter (another one of my bargain basement sails). Son Derek did a wonderful job as skipper (it was his idea to do the race, my third time, but last time was 20 years ago.) Son Brent helmed much of the great time we had on Sunday freeing Derek up to trim the main and call tactics. We had a great laid back talented crew so it was a very pleasant weekend. Even the delivery up and back was fun. We motor-sail with the main up and almost always get a good extra boost. Our mighty 3 Cyl 39 HP Yanmar saildrive will actually driver her to ten knots, but that is fire-walled, so we back her down to around 8.5 knots and then get an extra knot or so from the main. Playing the shore side eddies in Admiralty Inlet during adverse current is also fun. We did it all the way home Sunday night and gained at least an hour. Fun weekend.