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  1. 239,000 pounds displacement? Really?
  2. kimbottles

    Sailors Powerboat

    SARISSA is MY favorite Peters design for so many reasons.... Never was much of a fan of PLUMDUFF for so many other reasons....
  3. kimbottles

    Sailors Powerboat

    When Tim was asked to design an updated SARISSA he, being a smart guy, called Mike and asked to discuss the project. Apparently they got along well and when DRUMBEAT became available Mike bought her, later selling her to George Griffith’s son David who is identified as Mike’s best friend in college in that article. (We later purchased her from David. Small world. Mike gave me the manual that he had written for her, it has been most helpful! Mike seems like a really nice guy.)
  4. kimbottles

    Sailors Powerboat

    Great stuff Rasp! Thanks. Here he is (On left) aboard DRUMBEAT which he bought and renamed ADELE. (Later renamed WHITECAP by my wife.)
  5. kimbottles

    Sailors Powerboat

    Mike Peters designed SARISSA George Griffith’s breakthrough ULDB “Sailor’s Powerboat”. So having Mike take C. Raymond Hunt’s concept forward means there is a lot of talent involved in this B-35.
  6. kimbottles

    Sailors Powerboat

    Sailboats and Motorboats go together well as a fleet provided you get the right ones......
  7. kimbottles

    Sailors Powerboat

    As I have noted on other threads, I really wanted to build FRANCIS LEE with an electric motor, but after digging deeply into the matter I realized that electric boats are not really ready for prime time yet if you want to say motor from Seattle to Victoria. Hopefully battery technology will improve enough someday for it to make sense. I enjoyed the Torqeedo outboard on my 30 Square Metre Boat, but we never went more than 5-10 miles under power, and we did so slowly to save the charge.
  8. kimbottles

    Coolboats to admire

    That’s because Bob did not design them. Bob does not do ugly.
  9. kimbottles

    our next victim

    Bob is a blast to have on board, one of my favorite crew.
  10. kimbottles

    our next victim

    Where do we see the interview? I have searched around the SA site without finding it.
  11. kimbottles

    our next victim

    That would seem like a safe bet.....
  12. She is roomy Zen, very comfy for a couple. Nice layout. That Tim Kernan guy might be a sailboat designer, but he did a really great job on this 48 (apparently he did have some input from Michael Peters about what worked well on SARRISA.)