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  1. I thought it was more like 4". That was a very good time shared with good people.
  2. Yes, Russell Brown is a very nice guy. Very talented too.
  3. Or someone who REALLY likes simple vessels.......
  4. Or Big Ti herself. The deck house looks too far aft for Bounty. I might be wrong, but I am guessing Ti.
  5. FRANCIS has not gained any significant weight since she was finished. But as Bob points out, she is a very simple boat. Exactly what the client wanted.
  6. What's wrong with thread drift? we get some pretty good posts out of thread drift
  7. A very good long term friend of mine (one of my oldest buddies going on 50 years of friendship now) is a highly respected fine artist who is also known for his skill in teaching fine painting. Fine art is his full time profession and has been for decades (he was a professional illustrator before branching into fine art.) He looked at the pictures of the painting I sent him and said "Hey! That's pretty good!" You should feel good about that Bull given his skill level.
  8. Yeah, I have been thinking about adding a couple of those......
  9. I have to use a step stool to attach the main halyard and also to button up the cover on FRANCIS. My 46 and 48 year old sons just climb up and do it without the step. They are show-offs.
  10. Sorry, they can't come aboard, don't have enough PFD's for that many.......
  11. Ok, I know who it is. One of the regulars, (who knew he could paint?) I will let him ID himself if he feels the need. We agree it should hang aboard and because it is done in oil it should survive ok in the moist environment.
  12. The Perry Sliver Class Daysailer project has been interesting in that it has connected us with some very nice people from all over the world. I was a bit surprised in that I figured not that many people would understand the fascination I have for long narrow light vessels, but the project attracted a remarkable amount of interest. (Neil's various magazine articles about her might have contributed to the attention she gets.) Yesterday I was in our front yard fixing the newspaper boxes which had become loose from their mountings when a CA member from out of state I had not met before strolled up and engaged me in conversation. Turns out he has a second home here on the island. And then the mail came while I was out there and there was a package addressed to me that did not look familiar. Inside was a painting of my vessel done by someone I did not know who has followed this thread and apparently wanted to show his appreciation with the painting. The painting is quite good, so using the return address I looked him up on the Internet. Turns out he is a well respected professional artist. Knock me over with a feather! (And the card he enclosed had another of his paintings on the cover of a LFH Rozinante, one of my favorite boats.) I have no idea if he posts on CA or what his "handle" might be. Amazing stuff.
  13. I just KNEW I liked you KDH, that seals the deal.
  14. That would be worth driving up to Canada for!
  15. Given that I have met both of you in person I suspect you two would be a riot together. We should set something up next time Ed comes to town.