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  1. Community Reputation

    Who did I suck up to? I doubt anyone who knows me well would classify me as such, arrogant maybe, but not suck-up. BTW, how do we differentiate between kiss-ass and suck-up?
  2. Skerry Cruisers

    Our son has one of those, he loves it. skinny boat!
  3. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Not a bad idea. Actually someone once approached me about a book. Before the boat was finished. I don’t remember who it was, but I remember he seemed like a nice guy. I wasn’t interested back then as I had hoped to keep the project under the radar. Then Bob posted drawings with my name on them. My son called me to tell me as I wasn’t paying much attention to SA during that time. I really can’t complain as CA yielded a number of good contacts for the project.
  4. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    I am not much of a writer. It would turn out much better with an accomplished writer.
  5. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Hey Olaf, we need to go sailing again sometime with Sweetheart and SWMBO, it has been two years!
  6. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    I am amazed at how this thread keeps gathering views. I am starting to feel responsible to post something new about FRANCIS, but with this weather and other distractions I have not sailed her recently. Hopefully we will get her out soon and post some pictures. I think her fans deserve it.
  7. Sailors Powerboat

    She is moored at a private floating home community. Hard to see from the road. I have been aboard and she is very nice.
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/YVTO Sometimes hard to hear due to using the same frequency as WWV/WWVH, but worth trying. Much easier back when they were on their own frequency (6.100 MHz) de K7IM
  9. YES! I use this method virtually every day. They also transmit at the same frequencies from Hawaii, the woman’s voice is from Hawaii (WWVH) and the man’s voice is from Fort Collins, Colorado (WWV) Best hands on simple method to see what propagation is doing if you are in North America. (I even have a dedicated WWV/WWVH receiver for the purpose.) de K7IM
  10. Robert Perry Gaff Cutter

    He does now, I called him and alerted him to the situation.
  11. Singlehanding a 44' cruiser?

    Yes, single handing a large boat is very possible BUT it requires thinking ahead and avoiding getting into tight spots without being prepared for it. For the record I am almost 70 years old (birthday in June) and I single hand my 62’ fractional sloop with the largest sail (main) at 700 square feet. (I do have and use an electric winch for hoisting the main.) You just have to stay conservative, think ahead, avoid getting into tight spots, shorten sail/reef early, etc. And the boat needs to be set up for single handing: lines lead aft, roller furling headsail, winches near helm, autopilot, etc. Take your time and start very conservatively. Practice in mild conditions. Do a lot of daysailing to get use to all that is involved. It can be done, you just have to find out if it works for you. Best of luck to you!
  12. Sailors Powerboat

    Power Catamaran have much going for them if you can solve the moorage issues created by the greater beam. If not for the moorage challenges, I think we would see many more of them.
  13. Sailors Powerboat

    I know I have posted this boat earlier in the thread, but I should mention I have had her out in rough Puget Sound conditions on numerous occasions; 30-40 knots of breeze and those nasty 5-6 foot short period square chops we get. She handles herself very well in those conditions. I once crossed in 45 knots and 6-7’ chop (about the worse we ever see around her) and although I wouldn’t say I was comfortable, I will say she was completely comfortable, and that was with the chop following us across. I did play the throttle a bit to try and keep us on the back of the next chop ahead of us and was generally successful. It was wet, but I was wearing a Mustang full exposure suit, so the wet was not much of an issue. We improved her greatly when we added a couple small trim tabs to her to allow controlling how high her bow rode in various different conditions. (Thank you Jan Anderson for the great picture!)
  14. The Delivery Trip - short Blogs

    Hi Dylan, SWMBO and I watched your clip together this morning as we ate our oatmeal. Loved the Disney comment. I agree about former boats, I miss them all even though I am very fond of the boats we currently have. I think it must be time to make another contribution to the cause. Please keep the clips coming. We love them. Cheers, Kim
  15. My newest project

    So do I!