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  1. Something different for CA

    Great article Olaf!
  2. Something different for CA

    GRAY WOLF belongs to my pal Ev. He lives up the street and around the corner. http://www.rodgermartindesign.com/portfolio/gray-wolf/
  3. Something different for CA

    I just take care of them for Nick.
  4. Something different for CA

    Yes, Nick has the Shamrock for sale, but it is to make room for the cold molded open skiff. There is only 30 feet of dock there.... https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/boa/d/shamrock-260ht-with-new-engine/6423272359.html
  5. RIP Bruce Brown

    The alma-mater of my late Dad: Francis Lee Bottles - I am guessing 1935 or 36
  6. RIP Bruce Brown

    Woodrow Wilson HS in Long Beach California???
  7. Coolboats to admire

    I have driven her too. Eric, Paul and I went out on her right after Eric finished her. REALLY cool boat. And that water ballast really does work to smooth out the ride when it gets rough. That was the time that Paul explained his theory that 16 knots +/- is the most rational speed for a powerboat. I tested that theory in the five different small powerboats of different configurations that I used for my daily commuter over 18 years. I came to the conclusion that taking fuel economy, comfort, engine noise and time to destination into account, Paul is spot on with that theory. Of course given Paul’s experience and expertise, it it is not a surprise that he would get it right.
  8. Something different for CA

    “Bolder Finish!” Oh yummy!!
  9. Coolboats to admire

    Tim Nolan and Jim Franken could easily solve those minor problems. Where are the molds located?
  10. Engine mount replacement

    I do not have direct experience with that mount but my experience with PYI has been nothing but excellent. I have used them for a number of items and have always been delighted with their products and service.
  11. Swede 55

    She was also a great cruising vessel for a couple. My wife and I cruised her all through the Salish Sea in considerable comfort. Very easy to handle. One of our sons took her on his honeymoon 20 years ago. Thanks again Woody!
  12. Swede 55

    So that’s her name now, thanks Woody, I like to keep track of Hull 34 (I understand she is the last of the original Swede 55’s built. I am pretty sure she was built in 1984.) She was Die Nadel in San Diego and lighter blue when I bought her in about 1994. I trucked her to Seattle. I sold her to my friend Andy U some years later who renamed her Kyte and painted her dark blue. Later he sailed her back down the coast to California and then sold her to Jean-Pierre who I kept in touch with until he sold her and I lost track of her. Glad to be back up to date on her. She is a great boat. Lots of great memories with her. Cheers!
  13. Coolboats to admire

    Russell Brown is the BEST! Extremely talented. Add Paul Bieker and you have magic.
  14. Swede 55

    Was she named Kyte when you sailed her? Was the owner Andy or Jean-Pierre when you were aboard? She was Die Nadel when I had her, that was the name she had when I purchased her in the early 1990’s (we never got around to changing it.) Sailing her convinced me to pursue the SLIVER project because I loved the performance and ease of handling a long narrow light weight vessel. A while back I had the opportunity to raft a Swede 55 alongside my new vessel, interesting comparison. 10 more feet of LOA, 15 more feet of LWL, a couple inches more beam (9’10”), lots more draft (10’) and only a bit more displacement (19,076 lbs), lots more SA at 1185 sq ft. Quite a bit more room below with full head room forward.
  15. Something different for CA

    Nick thinks Bob’s design is much classier. (He just told me so.)