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  1. kimbottles

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Congratulations on getting such a cool little ship Dylan. We are looking forwards to seeing what you do with her! Cheers
  2. kimbottles

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Yeah, some of us think your videos are far superior to those silly young kids flittering around in skippy attire. My non bikini wife and I very much enjoy your vids. So glad you found your motorsailer!!
  3. kimbottles

    steering arm - should this pop loose?

    Congratulations on finding a motorsailer Dylan!! Looks like it is time for us to start sending you contributions again. Watch your PayPal account!
  4. kimbottles

    Coolboats to admire

    The world would be so boring without Ish!! Here are the rubber feet which we fitted because they were required at Machu Picchu when we visited several years ago. I ended up liking them so I kept them fitted.
  5. kimbottles

    Sailboat surveyor needed - Everett, WA USA

    YES! Matt Harris saved me from buying the wrong boat once. If you can’t get Erik, Matt is just as good. Both are great surveyors who have done great work for me.
  6. kimbottles

    Astrolabe Anarchy!

    Well, You have proven that Google is very dangerous. I love the rabbit holes it leads me down!
  7. kimbottles

    Coolboats to admire

    Large rubber feet
  8. kimbottles

    Sailboat surveyor needed - Everett, WA USA

    Erik Bentzen is the BEST!! (Same guy Russell mentioned but he spells his name as I have it here.) PM me if you want contact information. (He is the surveyor we use for FRANCIS LEE.)
  9. kimbottles

    Hey, Bob Perry, what do you think of this?

    They get hung around on deck to keep the seagulls away, so far they seem to work pretty well on the gulls, not so well on some of the other smaller birds.
  10. kimbottles

    Everyone is buying boats...

    The number of visiting boats here in Blakely harbor has greatly increased even since Covid-19 hit. Many more even some days during the work week. And weekends are usually packed. Much less rafting, but still some of that too. Great for boat watching. Good variety too, including some much larger vessels than usual.
  11. kimbottles

    Hey, Bob Perry, what do you think of this?

    I looked in my photos and was surprised when I realized that I had never taken a picture of the entire SS grid including mast step. So when I was out visiting FRANKIE today I pulled up the sole and took a few. The Girders extend past the forward berth.
  12. kimbottles

    Hey, Bob Perry, what do you think of this?

    Come visit someday (after I recover from my current cancer treatment) and I will give you the same tour I gave Ron Holland several years ago. He liked the construction details. He called her a “proper sailing yacht”. I never think of her as a yacht, but I am not qualified to disagree with Ron on any facet of yacht design.
  13. kimbottles

    Coolboats to admire

    Our oldest son bought her and she is now rafted to Tim Kernan’s “sailor’s motorboat” for the weekend.
  14. kimbottles

    Hey, Bob Perry, what do you think of this?

    I forgot to mention the mast step is built the same way as the grid. We have a jacking mast. Erik Bentzen put 5000 pounds of pressure on the mast and we did not hear a creak just nothing, complete silence. I sail the boat with 3600 pounds on the mast. The grinders that hold the grid and mast step are tied into all interior structural parts and extend about ten feet fore and aft beyond the grid and step. The entire interior is knitted together into one piece. The boat is crazy strong.
  15. kimbottles

    Hey, Bob Perry, what do you think of this?

    The chain plates are water jet cut titanium bolted into heavy duty foam core composite bulkheads by Turn Point design. (Maybe not necessary but just because we could. We really had fun building this boat because we had access to the best people possible.)