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  1. southerncross

    Age of Sail: A new animated sailing movie

    I guess she have a clew.
  2. southerncross

    we want susie, but...

    I was being sarcastic.
  3. southerncross

    we want susie, but...

    You have to be in a rinky dink race to be a Susie Goodall? Jeanne Socrates is rounding ATM all on her lonesome. Pity there's no-one else in the world pushing the limits.
  4. southerncross

    New imoca boats

    Tip and Shaft ran the same article. I like Ruyant. He proved to have the stuff in the last VG.
  5. southerncross

    World Sailing Needs Some Competition

    Tom Shields, Michael Andrew, Katinka Hosszu Sue FINA for Antitrust Violations On behalf of elite swimmers around the world, the plaintiffs charge FINA with unlawfully restraining competition in the market for top-tier international swimming competitions. Their lawsuit follows FINA’s crackdown against a two day competition that a new professional league planned to sponsor in Turin, Italy, in late December 2018. Organizers were forced to cancel that meet after FINA said it would ban from the Olympics any swimmer who swam in it. As result, swimmers lost the chance to compete for more prize money and were blocked from earning appearance fees.
  6. southerncross


    Ocean Race. The next world tour with crew: IMOCA and VO 65? On Tuesday, December 11, the new organizers of the Ocean Race 2021 (formerly Volvo Ocean Race) presented what the new test could look like, now open not only to VO 65 but also to IMOCA monohulls. But we will have to wait to find out more ... The beautiful linen is there, Tuesday evening, Porte de Versailles, on the occasion of one of the most awaited presentations of this Nautic. The too small room is crowded, the latecomers are repressed. There are already enough people standing in the back ... In addition to the top of the world sailing and the last race around the world in crew, including the winner Charles Caudrelier and his navigator Pascal Bidégorry, all the contenders for the next Vendée Globe came or almost, still chiselled by the sun of the Antilles. Their rough hands also bear the stigmata of the Route du Rhum. Wooden tongue exercise It must also be said that IMOCA organized its General Assembly on Tuesday morning. We are here to hear about the world tour, which on the invitation card is called "fully crewed around the world race"; Volvo, title sponsor for twenty years, having decided to retire. We expect to learn a lot of things ... but we remain on our hunger at the end of a remarkably mastered exercise of language, of which the Anglo-Saxons are kings. To whet our appetite, we still have right to the eloquent figures of the last Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018 won in a crazy final by the French-Chinese boat Dongfeng . It must be said that these statistics cause and have something to impress: 2.5 million visitors, 94,000 VIP guests, 4,356 accredited journalists, 3,900 hours of televisions including 194 hours in "live", or 74 million euros return on investment for seven boats in the race: notice to sponsors! We then confirmed the common desire to open the IMOCA class very (too) Franco-French to abroad, but also to coexist for the first time the fastest monohulls in the world (the 60 feet IMOCA) with the VO 65 monotypes will compete here for their third edition, led by young crews. In 2021, the Ocean Race (the final name will be unveiled in 2019) will always leave Alicante. The organizers expect a plateau of 6 to 7 VO 65 and between 10 and 15 IMOCA. If in front the agreement is more than cordial and constructive, we feel pretty quickly that everything is not settled so far. We note that no stage is announced (the step cities are still in negotiation), and there are differences between the "Frenchies" who would like fewer stages and fewer teams, when the Anglo-Saxons would prefer the opposite - more stages, more teams. Fewer steps, fewer teams The floor is given to Samantha Davies, the most French of the British. This is one of the very few, if not the only one, to have played both the Vendée Globe and the Volvo Ocean Race. "So I understand these two worlds," she says before adding that it is "also favorable to fewer stages and fewer teams." So these are two worlds ... We talk a lot about sustainable development, we dream of a world tour without fossil energy ... but we understand pretty quickly that lack of energy autonomy soft controlled to date, it's not for now. But hey, the nerve of war is first to find the budget. For a Vendée Globe solo in 2020, followed by the Ocean Race in 2021 crewed, it could turn around 10 or 15 million euros for a new boat. It is nice to hear the architects preaching the good word, it will not be simple and probably very expensive to change the configuration of IMOCA in such a short time, to accommodate a crew of 6 (plus a reporter embarked?), according to figures that circulate but have not been announced or confirmed. The architect Juan Kouyoumdjian claims that one can consider winning and the Vendée Globe and the Ocean Race with the same boat. To have ! Finally, we learn via a "slide" that a tour of Europe is planned in 2019 ... in fact a tour of the promotional Europe VO 65, to show the radiation of the event and attract sponsors. No doubt, the specifications are downright enticing, the ambitious and exciting program. The skippers and the Landerneau of the offshore race are in the starting blocks. The host whistles the end of the presentation. We have learned nothing or almost nothing! Find all the information on the Nautic de Paris.
  7. southerncross

    A big project!

    Geez. Hope I didn't jinx him. BTW I think the parrot did it. Was pissed off about all the exploitation in the videos without due compensation and bit the end off.
  8. southerncross

    Coolboats to admire

    Sail, you know I love those cold molded Kiwi boats. Any more?
  9. southerncross

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Jean Socrates is down there as well.
  10. southerncross

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Me too. The opening to that article was misleading. Wood version would have been interesting.
  11. southerncross

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Some issues with the Herreshoff apparently.
  12. southerncross

    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    Throwing out Per Brohäll designs for discussion. Albin Vega 27. Although I never found the boat a stunner, a capable boat with quite a reputation and history.