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  1. Oops...anyone can explain what happened at that last tack by TNZ (13:40)? Thanks
  2. How do you know when you are a sailing nerd? When you watch Apple's Xmas ad and you notice Frankenstein's lights must be reversed: https://youtu.be/aFPcsYGriEs?t=58s
  3. Soldini seems to have the best pensioner job in the world. http://www.conceptcarz.com/a16276/GIOVANNI-SOLDINI-AND-MASERATI-CONTINUE-THE-CHALLENGE-IN-A-MULTI70-TRIMARAN.aspx
  4. Boat people or people's boat?
  5. In this video the Italian Guardia Costiera rescues two Austrian people on a sailboat off the coast of Oristano, Sardinia. All "business as usual" but - as an Italian - I appreciate the audio near the end of the video, when you can hear the lifeboat crew addressing the exhausted sailor just taken safely on board: "OK? Coffee?". It's so much like us...
  6. Maiden is here. As you can read, there is a project to rescue her and sail it across the finish line in Southampton in 2016, 30 years to the minute after the (first) girls did it at the Withbread '86 race. Apologies if it's old news. Otherwise - also in consideration of all the noise about girls in the VOR this year - isn't this worth a slot in the homepage?
  7. Live commentator confused about Alvimedica's DTF and lead. How can it be, after 9 months in the job?
  8. I managed to be on a marshall boat at the VOR in-port race in Lisbon. On that occasion marshall boats were mainly sailboats, for what I could see. There was an agreement between VOR and a local yacht club. I guess the club only had some sandwitches and fuel from VOR. I understand the skippers had a briefing on their duties the day before. So it all sounded very simple and relaxed. Our marshall boat was a Bavaria 32 cruise sailboat, so I doubt we would have any great horsepower and manouvre capability. I don't think it should be required for that job if there is enough common sense. Maybe this accident is a lesson that marshalling these races should be more professional (as hinted in the HP) but at a first glance - before any legal consideration applies - it looks like the behaviour of Spindrift was against the common safety consideraton that should be expected by any skipper in any maritime conditions.
  9. Andrea Mura is expected to be there (IMOCA). Boat will be splashed in August. I found it here: http://www.farevela.net/2015/06/10/esce-dallo-stampo-a-persico-marine-il-nuovo-imoca-60-di-andrea-mura-prosegue-la-corsa-al-vendee-globe/
  10. Does this belong to this thread? http://girodiboa.corriere.it/2015/06/11/andrea-mura-voglio-vincere-la-vendee-globe/
  11. I wonder if today's news on Prada's latest results, and their stated intention to cut costs, will impact their decision.
  12. I guess what Marinou posted above will replace this Disclaimer (it was outside in the yard, so not under the "no cameras" restrictions ...) @couchsurfer and all. Not been there anymore since I posted my notes and not sure there will be another opportunity. So no updates from here.
  13. Thanks for the report. Would you clarify? Two sheds, one for the hull, upside down, and the other for the . . . deck? One shed for the boat and one for the new hull, at this stage.
  14. Yep. Last week I and a friend happened to have the opportunity to access to the sheds where the work is in progress. We were kindly asked not to take pictures so I am not sharing even the few I had taken before they told us... We had no guide to walk us around but we were allowed to visit both buildings. One shed is where they are working on the boat itself, laying upside down, stripped of everything but the mere carbon and with people still working hard at cutting. Some chopped down and discarded parts are scattered here and there, including an aft/port section laying outside on a heap of thrash. In a separate building the hull work seems to be at an advanced stage. I noticed a guy with a Vestas jacket behind a glass in an office. I think it might have been Neil Cox and I would have liked to say hello and congratulate as I honestly admire how he managed the salvage operation. But I was to shy and did not want to annoy people like a "disaster tourist". In general, I had the impression of people focused on doing good old boatyard work in a no-nonsense way. No time wasted in setting up the scene: the shed where the boat was recovered is hardly finished. No media people around at all, although I was told they were there few days before and I assume they will want to manage communication (and brand) properly through the recovery operation. I am keen to see them back sailing in Lisbon and wish them all the best.
  15. Great! Someone insulting me in the forum. I am loving it! Though I don't think I deserve it. I am sorry: I don't hate Artemis, the team, the Swedish in general. As many Italians, I took up sailing thanks to Paul Cayard so I can't even share the negative attitude towards him that is common in this forum... I was just replying to another post with statements that I personally regard as incorrect. Specifically on the fact that LR was as bad as AR is now. I think there is evidence this is not the case. The boat was well designed from the beginning (by the Kiwis, I know). Looking at AR bouncing up and down and you ask what looks bad in AR boat with 12 questions marks? Are you serious? It is not a good show and just makes me share the opinion of many others who think the project is simply wrong (and have brought ample technical rationales). I may be mistaken of course. I admit I can only judge mainly based on what I see on YouTube. Anyway, stick to your opinion and save the insults for better occasions.