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  1. Grog

    Johnson apologises

    If he is still granted one ... or can afford one as a privateer. Whatever.
  2. Grog

    Johnson apologises

    Crocodile tears by a sad clown who is and has been way overwhelmed with each and every political role he tried to take on ever since he has left his realm of "journalism". Shorter: this guy has produced nothing but bullshit in his entire (adult) life. Screw him.
  3. Grog

    Emoluments Anyone?

    Getting ... is fucking ...
  4. Grog

    Emoluments Anyone?

    I'll try: They should work independently, unbiased and incorruptible, to lay the laws down on anyone, including the POTUS. So far, the C&B seem to fall short, maybe because impeaching and indeed punishing a former President might hurt the authority of the following President. But they should, they must, especially in the case of HWMNBM. Noone must be allowed to get away with the shit he has pulled off. The US Presidency must be above some NYC small time grifter with a halfwit lawyer to cover up his deeds.
  5. Grog

    I may have found RBooze!

    Well, I have been hesitant to venture into Tom-Land, but here we go ... From the happenings at the US Capitol in January 2021 and the following efforts to track the insurgent crowd down, I somehow recieved an invitation by $randomScreenName Tom to this very thread. I have read through it and through the years this thread has taken quite a number of unexpected turns. So, here we are, and a few years after starting this thread as well as a few years before today, Tom posted this: Now, it is the January of 2021. A lot of things have happened since that post, including a riot at the holy halls of US democracy and a couple of private companies as well as US law enforcement and intelligence agencies collecting and processing the mentioned data, i.e. facial recognition. Having read this thread I think it is time to restart it or at least rename it as purposed by Tom further up. Facial recognition combined with big data feeding from each individual's digital trail and some sort of social or civil or legal or financial scoring is a thing. It may well be worth discussing, too. If you can't be bothered, try replacing the "or"s in the last paragraph with "and"s. And no, as of now, there is no op-out.
  6. Grog

    Emoluments Anyone?

    So in layman's terms he at least just got away with picking someone's pocket on 5th Ave. The same seems to be true for killing 5th Ave. guy and over 400,000 of his fellow citizens ... High hopes for holding HWSNBM resposible for that Capitol gig now, right? Right. This is getting depressing.
  7. They do, don't they?! I haven't felt that chemtrail nausea for at least ten months while at the same time going where I actually wanted to go! Add purple according to taste ...
  8. Fair enough. I guess I might be inclined to do the same although I seem to be blessed with rather uncrazy people around me. However, in this particular race against AI assisted mass face recognition you would be sailing the course without being listed or rated. (Not sure if I got that last part right?!)
  9. Oh, that idea has been floating around since June 2020 or so, but it didn't really appeal to the elk. [Shameless plug but the only one I could find on short notice]
  10. Right, trying to follow you here. What's the outcome of you or any single one individual scanning these faces? It would be possible evidence from one of 330,000,000 USAnians that he or she recognizes any number of mugs out of 6,000. One, none, six, the highschool football team. I would argue, although this can be helpful in the endgame of narrowing pixels down to persons, the point of this exercise is a very different one: The point is about extracting any number of faces from any number of footage and angles and deduplicating them. This is number crunching, a job for machines. Now the FBI can run these 6k mugs against whatever sources they have, most likely driver licenses and possibly previous convictions. They cross examine with cell tower data and then social media. This would lead from a mugshot to having been around to having taken part, IDs as a bonus. The accuracy of step one would be around 70% at best, but it's a start. That said: this is about the loonies that stormed the Capitol, not about you (as in "anybody out there") struggeling to get insurance for your next car because of frequent visits to the liquor store (as a very blunt example where this tech may take us).
  11. Grog

    Dominion Sues Rudy

    No problem at all. At his latest daily rates of $20k, he'd have that money in cash in just about 180 years. ... well, not including taxes. ... and that would be working and billing 365 days per year, for 180 years. ... and, ok, future clients probably won't pay him that well. ... if they pay at all. ... and he may actually not live that long. Has he consulted Mike Pence on that matter?
  12. In related news some freelance coders prime the Capitol footage for the FBI ... This site posted every face from Parler’s Capitol Hill insurrection videos Faces of the Riot used open source software to detect, extract, and deduplicate every face. Full article at arstechinca, some comments with insight on slashdot. No paywalls. But I have to say: what sounds kind of cute or even righteous now, is technology that can and will be used in much broader appliances. And if it can be monetized, it will be. So that is something every society that values their freedoms will have to monitor carefully.
  13. Grog

    Pure Dumb Luck

    Hey Meli, so sorry to hear this! But you seem pretty sober and level headed about it. Keep it up! Together with the early recognition and ever evolving therapies it will work out! I wish you a full and speedy recovery.
  14. Grog

    President Biden

    Sort of a thread resurrection, but I thought you might find this clip interesting: I freely admit this is way over my head as far as music theory goes, but somehow it makes sense? I also admit that I am no outspoken fan of her and don't own any of her recordings. But I still think that she is quite underrated as a musician. There. Said it. That. Oh well.
  15. Grog

    The Patriot Party

    It honours you that you do not give up, even on the difficult ones. Then again, I often get the impression that Dog and most of the elk don't even argue for the arguments sake. They just want to waste time and bandwidth. Maybe they also like to maintain elevated blood pressure of their readership. The "tail wagging the dog" comes to mind, which of course is cleverly disguised when the tail goes by the handle of "Dog". I wish all of you a nice weekend!