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  1. If there's more on the Left, it's Leaving - more on the Right, it's Returning
  2. Carbontech

    Need some UD Carbon or Carbon Kevlar for a project?

    Thanks - it's actually 255+ ft wide & 50" long
  3. I have a couple of partial rolls that I'm not likely to use and thought I'd see if anyone here can use them before they go on EBay. Uni Carbon - 600gsm (18oz) 24K Grafil 34-700. Super soft with amazing drape and a thermoset cross stitch for easy slitting. 24" W X 75+ yards Carbon/Kevlar - 194gsm (6oz), 2x2 twill, 3K Toray (T700) carbon with dark green Kevlar which looks black like the carbon unless clear coated. 50'W x 85+ yards Make me an offer
  4. According to Lat 38, the Hawaiian has flown!
  5. Carbontech

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Possibly because there is actually water on Mars?
  6. Not at all - we're all interested in what you have to say. We'll even forgo the usual newbie requirements.
  7. Umm... it's a catamaran. At the moment!
  8. Carbontech

    Random PicThread

    It was certainly a great thread before Wood found it!
  9. Carbontech

    Random PicThread

    Did that come in velvet?