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  1. Wouldn't that be the HPR 36 designed by Akihiro Kanai? He was one of the designers for Nippon Challenge's AC boats. He has designed many exciting cruiser-racers for the Japanese market as well as some performance dinghys. Nice guy. The boat's name is 'Samurai' Some info here
  2. H5000 shaping up to be an awesome package. A little premature with the initial release but upgrades coming through have sorted out the issues.
  3. maybe - but I think they might simply be enjoying the practice. From where I sit - their foiling 45 may be the finest foiling 45 in existence - but it is no 72. Frankly, it doesn't look like it has a ready ability to execute a flying jibe - and it's upwind flying ability doesn't seem to exist either. But, from what I understand of the origins of the boat, the fact that it eclipsed the Oracle 45's in foiling ability is remarkable - and a testament to Adam May. Maybe this is why Oracle is down under: to get as far away as possible from their Frankenstein foiling 45's! The AC 45 hulls and rigs scale very similar to the new AC 62 rule. You can scale to a factor of about 1.51 and it nearly fits the 62 rule. I think there is merit in experimenting with the AC 45.
  4. Pulled the popcorn off the shelf and it is ready to put on the stove..
  5. Yeah, they were foiling out of the gybes...
  6. But not on Tuesday....They must be saving it...
  7. Auckland press quoted BG doing 23 knots boatspeed in 15 knots of wind. If that is real, that puts the boat in league with the 100's. http://tvnz.co.nz/sailing-news/homegrown-maxis-take-aim-hobart-classic-video-5771940
  8. In the image, it looks like they are probably deliberately twisting the hulls to fit the strut elements
  9. The V5 AC class boats were pretty dangerous and could easily have claimed more lives. And the 12m class before it. There are numerous people over the years who have suffered injuries and some very lucky escapes when boats have broken in half, spin poles, booms and masts have broken and even just transferring equipment and personnel from tender to AC boat in rough seas has seen many near catastrophes. The AC and ocean racing are extreme sports. The crews know exactly what the risks are when they sign up for it. They can choose to do it knowing the risks or they can choose not to do it. Given that all the crews in each team are at the top of their game and are also passionate about what they are doing, I don't expect anyone is going to be giving up their job with the teams. They will learn lessons from what happened and use that knowledge to minimize the risks for others as always happens. So we will be left to see what vested interests will twist the situation into something that it is not.
  10. Perhaps for some interstate parents, not having rescue boats turn up for every optimist within 10 seconds of a capsize might seem reckless. But rather than coddle the kids into expecting others to help them out in tough times, the kids in Tasmania learn the need to be able to get themselves out of trouble first. If the boats remain capsized for a long period of time or are drifting off the course area into a dangerous part of the river, assistance would be available. For the Optis, even though the weather was pretty bad with strong gusty winds for most of the days racing, the fleets seemed to do just fine. I bet the interstate kids learned heaps and will not quickly forget their time on the Derwent River.
  11. Nice work by Rob Gough and Julian Salter at the moth worlds (Lake Garda) getting 3rd and 8th respectively in one of the hottest classes on the planet. The use of the RYCT's RIB for training leading up to the worlds helped with their preparation and having the set-up at the dinghy sheds has made it very convenient to get on the water with minimal time wasted. It is quite possible that RYCT could be host to interstate mothies wanting to train against these guys over the next season.
  12. Hey Bungholio, what's with the "capn reid" caper? Would you also like to be referred to as "Admiral Bungholio" while we are making up titles? V
  13. The truth aint half as interesting as the Hovians banter.
  14. Yea, come on Harpoon. This thread does get pretty boring without you and Bungholio's crabdance around the general discussion. Please don't give up although it must be painful getting up each morning as you couldn't lie straight in bed at night after posting your stories..
  15. I would hazard a guess that if the boat was dragging a massive chunk of rock on its port side, this would steer the boat slowly around to port after the grounding. Like dragging a bucket over one side of a dinghy.