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  1. what is it?

    On the basis it has a hull, you're bob on. It's when you look beyond that you run into trouble.
  2. Bitten off more than I can chew - Expediton

    Dick, he's talking about tide gribs. You don't need to combine externally. I don't think there are any free uk tide sources, but could be wrong.
  3. J/88

    I do hope you all realise how totally idiotic this is to everyone else reading. I'm thinking you're all 12 years old, right? That or you like licking condensation off windows?
  4. Staysail/windseeker for 45' C/R

    We put both a staysail and windseeker on a J130. Both worked really well on longdistance racing. Not sure the return would really be there on short. They are very different sails. The staysail set off an inner forstay which was tensioned, and it was cut as a small jib. We used it from 40 apparent round to about 90. Really good at balancing the helm on white-sail reach, and I would have thought would be good inside your zero. But I don't think you'll get enough luff tension running with just halyard. Our 'windseeker' as you call it was a down cut old light wind zero, tacked mid deck to jib halyard, loose rope luffed on a furler. Sat inside the asymetrics in anything that wasn't deep VMG running. Different beasts. In my view, the staysail is better but harder, the windseeker easier but lower return.
  5. Best Boat Stereo?

    Fit a bike bottle holder in the cabin, and in the cockpit, then go get one of these: http://www.scosche.com/boombottleh2o
  6. Securing Sh... shtuff in race boats

    Sneaky movable ballast if you can spare a man to move it on every tack!!Sending one of you clowns down below to move all that shit every tack is even worse than bringing it in the first place. The extra shit goes in the car or garage and you stay on the rail. Fuck you, it was me asking what it's doing on board in the first place. So, he's seen the light, he's learnt the lessons from you simply, purely amazingly talented, oh my god i'm basking in your reflected light, racers who absolutely win every race that you've ever even glimpsed from the side of your eye, and dumped his kit for racing.... ...but for when he isn't racing and has junk on board, any ideas how he should lash it in that nice inviting empty space up forward? anyone? no? just a bit simple with no imagination? I'd run with putting stuff in light containers or mesh bags, bonding some soft loops and running webbing, as well as some hanging bars up high.
  7. "Psst, I know a secret. It's too important and controversial to tell you, so I'm just going to tell you that I know the secret. Because that makes me feel great, and it makes you think I'm absolutely amazing. Wow! Isn't it great running a forum website! It's like being 12 years old again!" Is it because they've all disappeared up their own arses? No? You sure? Or is it you up there?
  8. SWD instrument upgrade options

    Just did 3 months crushing with Raymarine/tack tick, wouldn't do it again, too fluky. I really like the garmin and would do that if I was starting from scratch. b&g triton a fairly safe bet as its more Navico than B&G.
  9. Electric propulsion and OSR

    Any ideas on efficiency of sail drive versus a pod drive, both in motoring and sailing modes?
  10. Electric propulsion and OSR

    Good stuff. So looking into the Oceanvolt J88 solution, I found the speed/distance curve, which suggested about 15nm @ 5.2knots, off 552 Ah LiFePO4, at 76kg battery plus 47kg motor, 123kg total system. Work this out to 41.6nm, then it's 2.77 times that system, needing 1529Ah @ 257.52kg or 567lb total system, or rounding to three times system, 1656Ah @ 275kg or 605lb. We're disappearing down a hole here aren't we. The benefits of putting the system in a lightweight boat, mean that you turn it into a heavy weight boat. Never mind, smelly unreliable diesels it is! (Queue someone saying 'it's only unreliable if you don't maintain it, check the oil, change the impellor, wear a cardigan...)
  11. Electric propulsion and OSR

    So, purely in my imaginative world where I'm about to order a 30ish footer, can I spec a 48v electric propulsion system, and still qualify cat 3 compliant? How much amps do I need to meet the 1.8 x √LWL for 8 hours on sometging like a j88 or similar. It would be lovely to be silent and reliable!
  12. tactical handheld gps

    You had to go an mention the tla! Above is how I used to do what you're trying to do, and given your limitations above, it worked about right. You need to do a good few runs though to take out the wind swings. I used to start and finish each run with the 50 yards of a set wind trim so you can confirm wind direction later when you analyse the runs, say jib lifting upwind, or jib stalling downwind.
  13. Iridium Go and Expedtion

    Hey Fatima,I want to be sure I understand your workflow.You generate an email request from within the PW Offshore App.Email that request (.pwr attachment) off to offshore@predictwind.Import the email response into Expedition.Do I have that correct?Which email client are you using. Iridium's?Thanks No we were using the iridium go functionality within the PW app. Didn't go to the email. That downloaded onto the pic, then open expedition and import. We did use iridium email client, which was fine, and it did work the way you identify above, but we didn't use it that way.
  14. Iridium Go and Expedtion

    Not sure about yb, but i use the predict wind app, then open in expedition. Dead easy. the expedition version I was using didn't have an iridium go link, but wasn't a problem workflow wise.
  15. Smocks