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  1. canstead

    New nav gear thread - least power used

    ANyone know of an old school GPS non-plotter unit I can put on a NMEA2000 network to hold the course? ideally I want to run an iPad to set up courses, drop them to the gps unit over WiFi/NMEA2000, then drop off the iPad, and still navigate the waypoints.
  2. canstead

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    I've cut out of the SA Forums for a bit, but come back now as getting excited about HB and competition for next VG. Coming back - it's absolutely hilariooos how the keyboard jockey's know best, and clearly them thar competitors are all dumb @rseholes! So, we've had a conspiracy theory that HB had broken a foil, and oh my god don't they know how to build dagger boards and their doomed for the VG.....Oh, no, they're fine. And posts here just a day or so ago saying 'that's it for the VG, HB is doomed'. He's gone north, he's an idiot. We'll we are all absolutely allowed our opinions, but man! Really!? And to be surprised AT is tacking a bit of a flier, and therefore he's sh!t, is to have either missed the guys entire career or to be 12 years old. (Spoiler alert - he always does it!) I'll make it simple for you. The VG is a year away, this race has been upwind, there's all sorts of different boats at all sorts of different points in their development. And there's 2 on board not one! There is on thing this race so far has told us...and that is: F@ck All.
  3. canstead

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Wow, that really not got much travel on it does it, what 5 degrees!?
  4. canstead

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Anyone seen any tillers on HB? I’ve had a look at 3D tour and pictures and haven’t seen any yet! also re sails - is it possible that all the sails are already up and furled, and therefore no hoisting/ dropping/ stacking. Seeing as every other aspect of boat handling seems to have been addressed, seems strange there’s no systems in place for stack management, unless they don’t need to.
  5. canstead

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    I’m not sure of the logic of water ballast and single rudder. If you’re wanting to maximise for short handed you’d go ballast, tiller and twin rudders,or maximise for fully crewed is no ballast and single rudder, with personal preference on tiller or wheel?
  6. canstead


    I do hope you all realise how totally idiotic this is to everyone else reading. I'm thinking you're all 12 years old, right? That or you like licking condensation off windows?
  7. canstead


    That pin boat was seeing some action!
  8. canstead

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Definitely just a nice tight midship snug and fenders fore and aft, next stern, then sort out the mess after. You're not going to get any joy out of that prop other than a nice big lever to swing the boat either way depending on ahead or astern, being so far from the cleats amidships, and with twin rudders. I'd even forget prop walk.
  9. canstead

    Sailtimer Wind Instrument

    I've got transducers on my bike registering cadence and speed, and heart rate, feeding my iphone, which in turn feeds a remote screen on my handlebars, all operating through BLE The whole thing is open source, I can choose from a selection of at least a dozen apps that process the transducers, add in the iphone's gps, and feed out to the display. The transducers and display all run for at least a year on button batteries. The iphone will run for about 6 hours on a single charge. Obviously all units sit within a close proximity, and I understand that the developers have had to put a fair amount of work into getting the signal reliably from the various transducers/repeaters to the phone in my back pocket, with my body often in the way. Unfortunately I know enough about this stuff to know I'm not the man to build the marine version of this!
  10. canstead

    Sailtimer Wind Instrument

    Masthead is solar, read the link. And heard of mobile phone battery banks? To be honest if maintaining the batteries is the biggest issue, then it's a go-er!
  11. canstead

    Sailtimer Wind Instrument

    Imagine a world where you had wind, depth/speed, compass and gps sensors running off Bluetooth, Processed by iphone/android, and repeated by some nice daylight readable Bluetooth screens. Ooh, it's a simplicity nirvana!
  12. canstead


    Anyone seen anything on the electric one?
  13. canstead


    Those are some crazy expensive batteries! I wonder why the selected those after some standard LiFePO4's at about half the price!
  14. canstead


    Anyone seen this? Sounds great!
  15. canstead

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Oh, I so hope someone on this forum knows your wife!