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  1. argh

    Melges 24 vs Seascape 18

    The Melges 24 does not sail well when heeled. I would recommend either a smaller boat where your crew weight is closer to what it has been designed for (Melges 20, J/70?), or a boat that sails okay with lots of heel (For example a J/80 is such a boat). I’ve never seen a seascape so I cannot comment on that.
  2. argh

    Video J/88 planning at Tjörn Runt

    Now this looks like real sailing! Previous Tjörn Runt videos has just been boats hitting the rocks in places too narrow to sail. Has the course been changed?
  3. argh

    49er old rig problems

    DInghy Anarchy forum
  4. argh

    Compass for H5000 - Thrane LT500?

    Its on a small sports boat for which it is overkill. On this boat there was previously a tacktick micro, but the ones I compare it to are two B&G systems in some bigger boats and one Furuno on a cruising boat. All the boats with “gyro” compasses for autopilot, but exact sensor models I never bothered to check. The installation is at centerline under the foredeck about 75cm in front of mast, thought this is the driest place onboard. Installation is easy, but you have to shorten the cable as it is 10+ meters long. Deviation calibration worked with the first circles. Then while running the log calibration runs I got the heading offset fixed, and the variation I take from sea charts.
  5. argh

    Compass for H5000 - Thrane LT500?

    We have the LT-500 in our boat and it is the best compass I have ever used. Even in rough seas there is no need to apply damping, the numbers are steadily displaying the course and not flying around wildly as has been the case on some other boats I’ve sailed. When you tack, the numbers gets updated immediately. The only other function I use is the heel.
  6. argh

    Melges 24 Keel trunk

    Fixing that is probably not that much work, take away the old tube and laminate a new one in there. However If that is from freezing, then there are probably other parts that have been wet as well when it has frozen -> risk.
  7. argh

    Karver Kj3 cleat

    Looked at the specs, seems all Medium size cleats from Ronstan have SWL 125kg and breaking strength 250kg. Three material choices, but still same SWL. Alu probably means just better durability for the teeth? I ordered a pair of the Karver cleats to try them out. Thanks to @Christian for the input, will see if the covers of the maffioli lines is stout enough.
  8. argh

    Karver Kj3 cleat

    The H150 has served me well through the years, but in some applications we need two of them behind each other to make it hold. My last experiences with Ronstan are from 2011, at that time they broke regularly. We eventually replaced them all with H150:s. Have Ronstan changed their design since?
  9. argh

    Karver Kj3 cleat

    What are your experiences with the Karver KJ3 cam cleat? Does it have better grip on thin lines than the Harken 150 Aluminium? How about durability? The price seems to be quite a bit higher than the harken, is it so much better that it is worth it?
  10. argh

    melges 24 keel movement

    Do you know why the lower delrin sold by Melges Europe is so different from the keel profile? Has there been different keel profiles through the years?
  11. argh

    How to sail close hauled

    Try less sheet with your jib. This opens up the slot between jib and main so the main will not flog that bad and your boat will probably be better balanced when there is some drive in both main and jib. Then steer for heel, keep the boat surprisingly upright and don’t worry about having a bubble in the front of the jib.
  12. When starting the engine after a rough transfer with an X-35 from Helsinki to Kiel the engine ran nicely but no forward or backward thrust. One guy from the crew went swimming and soon confirmed we had no propeller. We had to sail into the Schilksee marina, and this was during Kieler Woche. We did not know the marina, so we made one wrong turn and had to make a U-turn. On the way back we met a fleet of 29ers. Most boats were avoided without drama, but the there was suddenly two coming against us on port, one going between us and a line of pillars. We managed to pass them with 5cm to spare. We found our berth and manhandled the boat into it. The sponsor sign on the side of the boat said “for tough jobs”...
  13. During the winter I installed a triton 2 with the DST800 into my 24ft sports boat using a flush housing. Having read this thread after I made the purchase I feared the worst (having to upgrade the sensor), but when I finally got the boat in the water it works fairly well, at least in the 4-15kts boatspeed range tested so far. At first I thought I had messed the calibration runs as it was showing bad speed upwind, but after firing up the Velocitek, calibration proved accurate, driving proved bad :-) The triton and DST800 has less lag than the velocitek prostart, making the info easier to use for steering feedback. For those with wind instruments and bigger boats (thicker boundary layer) it might not be good enough, but for me I think it is enough and an upgrade from using SOG from the velocitek as we used previously.
  14. argh

    DTS 800 housing to long??

    I had the same issue. The yellow seal on the the top should be replaced with a black one If you have the flush housing or some other housing without “bomber doors”. Check the manual of the transducer, it is mentioned there.
  15. The garage test is now conducted, with the engine perfectly level, no oil ended up in the cylinder. So I’ll have to add some padding to the engine box, or store it with the propeller forward. I opened the carburetor only to find it very clean. Turned out there was almost no gasoline reaching the carb. There was some debris on the bottom of the fuel tank, and there inside the pipe from the fuel tank to the shutoff vent was a clogged fuel filter. I had been wondering why the machine did not have a fuel filter, but there was one. Just not the same type that sits in the Yamaha 20 and 50hp engines. So I cleaned it up and put the engine back together.