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  1. We have a ProStart for pinging the start line and a B&G triton display with speed and compass. The ProStart is rather slow to update the speed, having a paddle wheel log is better.
  2. argh

    Furler Rebuild

    Harken is not giving much advice on how to disassemble furling units... I did this on a Melges 24 last year and furling got so easy. When working without instructions the principle is to avoid using force and take photos during the disassembly: to support your memory & post on SA afterwards.
  3. argh

    Melges 24 vs Seascape 18

    The Melges 24 does not sail well when heeled. I would recommend either a smaller boat where your crew weight is closer to what it has been designed for (Melges 20, J/70?), or a boat that sails okay with lots of heel (For example a J/80 is such a boat). I’ve never seen a seascape so I cannot comment on that.
  4. argh

    Compass for H5000 - Thrane LT500?

    Its on a small sports boat for which it is overkill. On this boat there was previously a tacktick micro, but the ones I compare it to are two B&G systems in some bigger boats and one Furuno on a cruising boat. All the boats with “gyro” compasses for autopilot, but exact sensor models I never bothered to check. The installation is at centerline under the foredeck about 75cm in front of mast, thought this is the driest place onboard. Installation is easy, but you have to shorten the cable as it is 10+ meters long. Deviation calibration worked with the first circles. Then while running the log calibration runs I got the heading offset fixed, and the variation I take from sea charts.
  5. argh

    Compass for H5000 - Thrane LT500?

    We have the LT-500 in our boat and it is the best compass I have ever used. Even in rough seas there is no need to apply damping, the numbers are steadily displaying the course and not flying around wildly as has been the case on some other boats I’ve sailed. When you tack, the numbers gets updated immediately. The only other function I use is the heel.