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  1. Looks like we have enough boats thus far for a class start at Alamitos 5/27-28 http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/13690 and Go For The Gold 6/3-4 http://gcyc.net/gcyc-gftg2017.html Back-to-back weekends and charters available. Time for you east coasters to reciprocate! Doug
  2. Not an official circuit like TX, but we do have some great opportunities coming up on the west coast. I believe West Coast Sailing will have charters available, give them a call. May 6-7 Elvstrom regatta at St. Francis YC https://www.stfyc.com/default.aspx?p=.NETEventView&ID=3868163&qfilter=&type=0&ssid=279128&chgs= May 27-28 Memorial Day regatta at Alamitos Bay YC http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/13690 Doug
  3. A length of 1/4" bungee with clips on each end and one of those big-ass cheap carabiners at Home Depot for hanging things like extension cords will solve the problem. Clip each end where the top gate is attached and run it forward of the backstay, then clip the whole mainsheet purchase in the carabiner. It holds the main purchase up and puts some friction on the system if the air is light, but you won't catch the tillers when gybing. Upwind just unclip the carabiner.
  4. Have for 25 years and still do in dinghies.
  5. Having dealt with So Cal PHRF the statement "One of the paid sailors on the boat wrote a letter to PHRF, essentially saying that their boat is the best prepared, best sailed boat and should win, therefore PHRF should give them a rating change. And PHRF So Cal fell for it." has me confused. I'd like to hear how that actually happened. I've tried twice over the last few years to get them to do a fresh review of my boat and stop using a ridiculously low provisional rating given to the PO back in 2011. Both times they said pay the annual dues, follow our cumbersome, months long bureaucratic rating review process and we'll get back to you. To that I said to myself 'fuck that, have a nice life, I'll race with my San Diego PHRF rating that is reasonable'. So is it true a pro sailor can work around their rating review system? I know they have an anonymous review process if two members request a review, was that the process used? I'm sure this thread will go off the rails within 10 posts like every other PHRF thread, but it's worth a try.
  6. I only wish now I would have drove out. Looks like I missed a great day of racing at Maasapoag last weekend. Hoping for a good turnout and breeze at Sail Newport. You should grab one of the 8 charter boats from RS and come up to the gorge for several days of racing 8/12-14. Downwind race followed by 2 days of buoy racing. Charters are only $50/day. I'm also planning to leave the weekend before and go through Sacramento for the Dinghy Delta Ditch.
  7. I'm curious, why then only 10 registered for Wickford 6/11-12 (including myself)? DWD Are you driving all the way out to RI or are you flying out and chartering? I was going to drive and go to all 3 regattas, but the time between MA and Newport was too long to hang around so I decided to use some of my bizillion American miles and fly out for Wickford and Newport (first class even!). Plus the octet trailer RS is bringing for charters/demos made the whole thing a no-brainer. Hint to RS for the future - look at what the Laser Master class does with the 3 regattas in FL over a period of 10 days every February. I drove out for that a few years ago and it was great. A lot of people make the drive each year from all over the country because it's such a great bang-for-the buck with respect to travel.
  8. I'm curious, why then only 10 registered for Wickford 6/11-12 (including myself)?
  9. No opinion on the bulk of this story, but having been a Kona Kai slip resident for three recent years (and close to this slip), I can definitively call bullshit on this part of the story. The Kona Kai harbor master office is very short on customer service and would only contact you when the corporate office tells them to contact you because your monthly slip payment is past due.
  10. Rather than sanding I use a 3M red scouring pad on a sanding pad block. Works great, easy to use and seems to do a good job burnishing (smearing the paint smoother). I recall the Baltoplate documentation says to burnish the bottom before splashing if it has been exposed for 1-2 weeks to improve anti-fouling. I think it was due to the high copper content oxidizing. I agree with rolling it versus spraying. Last job was rolled by the guys in Baja followed by me doing the burnish thing after they were finished.
  11. So let's get 4 more of those 70 to sign up for the Alamitos Bay YC Memorial Day regatta! NOR In Regatta Network sign up under Portsmouth Ocean Course and put RS Aero in Boat Name. Get 5 in there and we have a start. Doug 1242
  12. Your link in post #12, click on Features then scroll down to options.
  13. Bill, Back to the minimum crew question. The standard course NOR allows a DH entry (4.3), but the short course NOR does not? Also, the registration page has a selection box for DH for both courses. Perhaps the short course NOR is a typo?
  14. Do you have a gyro in the system? It appears it is an option with this AP. When I installed a gyro on my Raymarine it was a huge improvement downwind.
  15. Good calls on the short course, using PHRF-SD and amending all of those USSER requirements to recommends. I'm in. How about reducing the minimum crew to 3 from 4 currently and creating a DH class as SWYC does for the fall SD-Ensenada?