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  1. Bash24

    J/24 - Tillotson-Pearson vs Performance Sailcraft

    I have owned several J24s. I had a Performance SailCraft boat and I can say they are a better quality than the TPI boats. They were built slower with a little more care. The keel was max forward and minimum thickness from the factory on a 1979 boat. They took some time to fair the keel. The boat was much more symmetrical than others I had been on. It was also dead on minimum weight with no correctors. Although I eventually pulled the verm, it never got soft around the keelbolts. Don Trask was the builder of those boats and he was very proud of them. He told me once that they were selling a lot of boats to San Fran so he wanted to make sure they would hold up.
  2. So, over the last year I have seen a new trend emerge, teams using GoFundMe, Facebook, Pateron or other social media outlets to ask for people to donate to cover expenses for big regattas. These are not community sailing groups or youth teams. These are privately funded teams owned by regular folks that have cars, houses and their own racing sailboat. It never occurred to me to ask others for money to fund my hobby to supplement the disposable income that I spend on racing. On the one hand, I think, no big deal, if you don't like it don't donate. But, on the other hand, I wonder if it is appropriate and actually clouds the landscape for actual charitable teams that need assistance. So, what do you all think, is soliciting for regatta expenses for everyday privately funded campaigns cool or not cool?
  3. Bash24

    Sail or Bail?

    Bail. I love ads like this. Look, if you love your 1980s battlewagon and want to drop $100K on it, enjoy. But, don't ever expect to get that money back.
  4. Bash24

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    Nope, it is legit. Here you go:
  5. Bash24

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    Glad no one was hurt. Am I the only one seeing the humor in the fact that the powerboat propped up so nicely on top of a J105 named, "Levitation?"
  6. Bash24

    eX 24 Class are repurposed J 24’s

    Why not just have your local fleet sail the J24s in the Pan-Am configuration? That is what they do in Argentina. Seems a lot easier.
  7. Bash24

    Fucking TeamWork Video

    It takes a big man to laugh at himself, props to keeldragger.