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  1. Had a junior sailor ask me of all the boats I have sailed, which is the most fun. I have never had someone ask me that. I had to think about it. The answer, J24. So, yeah, they are still fun. (and yes, I have sailed just about everything, I even own a NACRA)
  2. I would stick with Quantum or North. Tuning information, assistance at regattas and eliminating variables are just too valuable. If the sticker shock is too great, getting a Quantum or North that is a couple of regattas old is what I did and what I would recommend.
  3. I love that M&M's in Oriental made the list. Great low key sailors bar.
  4. Ditto. I spend a lot of time in the car listening to podcasts, it is cool to have a sailing one.
  5. That is a Balbi trailer. Italian built. They are pretty much the standard trailers for J boats in Europe. I would think of them as the Triad of Europe. They are lighter weight than the American trailers due to Europe's smaller roads and smaller tow vehicles. If it is in good shape, it should not be a concern. http://www.nauticexpo.com/prod/balbi-rimorchi/product-22938-55709.html#product-item_55705
  6. I'll take that bet. You already did, remember? FB- Doug Never been beaten by a Santana 23....that I can remember.
  7. I'll take that bet.
  8. No minimum weight anymore. You can go as light as you dare.....
  9. I totally agree with this. Kid should be in an Opti or a Laser or crewing. Things are appreciated much more when earned. My first race boat was a POS that I worked on myself in the off season, scraping together cash for used sails, racing with friends and taking a beating. It has become a bit of a fad to take a high priced program and put a kid on the helm and then pat yourself on the back like you donated to charity or something.
  10. +1 I wish we could have an intelligent discussion about this. I have seen more and more paid pros on small boats every year. At the same time, participation is dwindling. There is a connection. Once upon a time, guys were paid to sail on boats that could only be afforded by millionaires, Farr 40's, TP52, Maxis, ect. Small keelboats remained the realm of amateurs or a place for pros to sharpen their skills, but not for a check. But, as those grand prix classes died, these dudes still wanted to get paid. I started to notice it when I asked good sailors to sail with me on a J24 from time to time and I started getting quoted "day rates." I was thinking, what? you want me to pay you to sail on a J24, that is crazy. Like it or not, it is becoming part of the cost to compete and that is a terrible thing. Boats like the Melges 20 and the J70 are supposed to be the kind of boats the average sailor can afford. But, when you tack onto that thousands of dollars in "day rates" the actual cost to campaign is out of the reach of many of the sailors for which the boat was originally targeted. IMO, that is why the numbers plummet. KWRW is great proof of this. Look at the J70 class 47 boats, only 13 were all amateur. That reason right there is why I did not buy one. For some reason, I have never really had a problem sailing against a pro driver who is skippering his own boat. But, when a guy who is really no better than average spends a bunch of cash to get pros on this boat and then goes and gets the trophy, that is different and just turns people off. I have a lot of friends who are pro sailors, but the permeation of paid pros into small boats is going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.
  11. http://www.alexthomsonracing.com/hugo-boss-tied-safely-to-the-dock/ Looks like they got her safely to the dock.
  12. I know you said, "dinghy" but have you considered a multihull? If you are just looking to go sailing and not concerned about class racing, there are tons of cheap catamarans out there that would be a lot of fun to blast around on. A guy your size could easily singlehand a Hobie 18, Nacra 5.2, 5.5, 5.7 and many other cats. Just a thought.
  13. What do you guys think of the comments? Any way you slice it, he is throwing the navigator under the bus. Appropriate or bad form?
  14. Rum

    I like this:Well named rum.
  15. It takes a big man to laugh at himself, props to keeldragger.