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  1. smokeandoakum

    GPSmap 78

    unbelievable garmin actually programmed it that way. I guess I'll be returning the one I bought.
  2. smokeandoakum

    GPSmap 78

    Am I the only one who can't make the GPSmap 78sc follow a route properly? My YC has 5 fixed marks that we race around. I have the marks stored as way-points in the GPSmap 78. But when I create a route the unit doesn't navigate to the first way-point on the route, it navigates to the waypoint that happens to be nearest to me. And there doesn't seem to be any way for me to change which way-point in the route it is currently to navigate to. If I change the routing to "manual" then I can change which way-point it is navigating to but then it won't switch to the next way-point automatically. Am I missing something?
  3. smokeandoakum

    Simple Drogue for Towing

    Perfect. I think that will provide all the drag I need. Thanks for the idea.
  4. smokeandoakum

    Simple Drogue for Towing

    In the next few weeks I have to get my boat from the yard back to my club. About a 2.5-hr sail if there's a good breeze. If there isn't any wind I'll have to tow her behind my power boat. Anybody have a suggestion to make a simple, home built, towing drogue so I don't have to have a person in the sailboat steering while under tow? The boat is a light 28-footer. Something to keep her behind the power boat. Last time I tried she kept trying to "sail" past the power boat.
  5. smokeandoakum

    Rhodes 19 CB

    I've thought of the launch. I think I can put the boat on stiffly inflated dock fenders and then kedge off the beach using a small winch. The coresounds certainly are excellent boats. I just don't think I could get one cheaply.
  6. smokeandoakum

    Rhodes 19 CB

    Everglades challenge. Daydreaming and wondering how I would compete. One option is getting a cat, like a used Tornado, and trying to win - however unlikely a win would be. The other is a slower mono-hull and enjoying the ride more. My thought with the R-19 CB is that I could ride down in reasonable comfort and sleep on the boat at anchor when I need to rest. I don't have time to build my own boat or significantly modify one. Looking for something I could pick up used cheap and minimally modify. The R-19 has the advantage that I could tie it up to my dock behind my house for my son to use when he's just a little older.
  7. smokeandoakum

    Rhodes 19 CB

    Will the centerboard version of a Rhodes 19 plane? If so, what conditions would it take. I'm talking about a well maintained version with two competent sailors with a spin. I'm open to making the spin a masthead. Otherwise I don't want to do too many mods to 'turbo' one. I'd want to make it class legal once the boat has completed a very specific job. As a youth, I sailed a club owned keel version which was not well maintained.
  8. smokeandoakum

    EC2018 Thread

    I assume all competitors must check-in at the checkpoints? I.e. they can't just start and go all the way to the finish?
  9. smokeandoakum

    25'-30' Sprit Boat For $75k

    There is an Andrews 28 for sale on the Sailing Anarchy web site. I believe that boat has been for sale for a while, I've seen it on other sites, so maybe they are negotiable.
  10. smokeandoakum

    opti's (sic) rule

    I never sailed Opti’s (as a youth) but I was a coach in a few programs that used them. Some of the sailors I coached went on to become college All Americans. I think the Opti bashers are being unfair to the boat and maybe even to the class. First the cons – the boats are slow. They are not technical. At least in America too many sailors ‘weigh out’ before they ‘age out’. And as pointed out above, there’s no room for a sailor who is happier being a crew than a skipper. On the plus side Optis are simple and relatively cheap. They hold their value: A well maintained $1,500 boat with a new sail is likely to be just as competitive as a new boat with a new sail. They are very robust, bordering on indestructible. It’s easy for a coach to rescue. And an Opti can be sailed by a relatively young sailor in extreme conditions. I routinely held practices in 25 gusting to 30 with 11-year olds sailing. I’ve escorted a team of 5 through a pass in which two powerboats flipped over including the RC finish line boat which was a 22-ft Mako. Three of the five sailed through the pass without any problem, one actually tried to go back because she was having so much fun surfing the waves. I towed the other two through. In what other boat could a 11-12 year old handle such conditions? Try towing two Lasers through 8-ft following seas. What are the alternatives to the Opti? Sabot: Don’t know enough about these to comment. Laser: Too big for small sailors. Boat’s don’t hold their value. Not much more technical than an opti. Difficult for coach to rescue in strong winds / big seas. Euro dingly: Too expensive. Too big for the really small sailors. Open Bic: Maybe, but I think it has a fatal flaw, how many of you can spot it? As for the Opti Class – yes there some A-hole parents. But it’s a huge class with a lot of members; most of the parents are very nice people. It’s not fair to indict the entire class because of a few jackasses. An nobody forces all the kids to compete in the top level events like Lake Garda. There are plenty of low-key regional regattas – which is all I envision doing with my son. I mentioned the college All Americans I had the pleasure of coaching. But I am just as proud of the kid I coached back in the day who never once won a race in the Opti class. He is now a very competent club racer. I have complete faith that he can handle is 32-ft boat in any conditions I could – he learned those skills and independence in an Opti.
  11. smokeandoakum

    Sailors Powerboat

    What's the mission? Limit on $?
  12. smokeandoakum

    Fun in Florida in January or Februay?

    Nice looking boat, and a lot better than anything I could build with my two hands, but not sure you're going to find too many races for that. What type of place to you want to stay? Camping? Hotel?
  13. smokeandoakum

    Rule 17 Question

    Your friend argues that, Well, not really. The PC will listen to testimony from both sides, including witnesses, and determine for themselves what the leeward boat's proper course was at the time. To answer your first question, in the protest room I would ask the leeward boat why they came up when they established the overlap. Assuming they lie (a breach of rule 2) and say something like "because the wind got light and I had to head up to maintain VMG" you might point out how convenient it happened right when the overlap started. Obviously witnesses might help. Hopefully the PC has some racing experience and can see through BS. For the second question: The leeward boat came up because their spin collapsed. Why did the spin collapse? Because of the windward boat. So the leeward boat would not have sailed that higher course in the absence of the other boat. I agree with the PC. BTW, remember that proper course is defined only by the other boats referred to in the rule using the term. For example L & W are running down wind and L established an overlap to leeward and from astern of W. Down the course are several boats coming up wind and L decides that he should head up to avoid a potential wind shadow from those boats. This is ok, because it's L's proper course. L would have headed up to avoid the wind shadow of the other boats even if W wasn't there.
  14. smokeandoakum


    Garmin 76. When mine crapped out a few years ago I bought a Garmin 78 which is the current version of Garmin's hand-held. The problem with the Garmin 78 is that I couldn't get it to follow a course properly. No matter what I tried it would automatically jump to the closest way-point. I even talked to Garmin about it and they didn't seem to understand why that was a problem. If Garmin has updated the 78's software so this isn't an issue any more, please let me know. My spare 76 gave up the ghost and now I'm down to one unit only.
  15. smokeandoakum

    Marklayers get too much shit from coaches

    I coached in the US for almost 10-years and I never saw or heard of anything like that happen. A few terse words or conversation; but nothing like that. Many coaches are young and consider themselves rock stars who think they know all and are infallible. They don't have the wisdom to understand that our sport depends on volunteers. As pointed out above, the RRS provide a means to deal with this. Another option is for the club to ban the offender from their property. If I was an club Officer and something like this happened, I certainly would.