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  1. they should be sending in military right now!! the island will loose control quickly without power.
  2. JFC, StC is going to get blasted. so sad... they may not be taking the direct hit but they're taking the N quad w huge surge. Total devastation.
  3. There's a sailing foundation here in Cleveland with two T10's now. I shot the director an email on Dred. hopefully they can grab and save her from the glue factory...
  4. All the boats that rolled south before Irma are gonna get their shot on this one.
  5. she's spooling up! not looking good...
  6. I would make a strong assumption that any owner of a J70 who sails at any regional, national or international event knows of what just went down. Give that, one would have to assume that any work/modification to their boat would be in full purview of said owner.
  7. to me OD means same tag on the main and no clock... done
  8. Given they were both in their 70's, odds are their gene's were already spread. unfortunately disqualifying from Darwin award... Steak knives are on order...
  9. How about instead of measuring all boats prior to the event, you measure the top 5 after the event. zero tolerance expulsion for measurement infractions. have a chief measurer available prior to the event for participants who want to voluntarily verify compliance of their boat beforehand.
  10. it is funny that people have this conception that there is an 'acts of god' exclusion on insurance policies, hear it all the time. Fact is there isn't one. Sure there are exclusions for things like floods or earthquakes, but certainly not a blanket exclusion for all of her 'acts'!
  11. Not to drift the thread, but Jose has ramped up to Irma size and is lining up. 12 08/0900Z 16.0N/55.3W 125 150 WNW 16 957 Hrricn 12A 08/1200Z 16.1N/56.2W 125 150 WNW 16 957 Hrricn 13 08/1500Z 16.3N/57.1W 150 180 WNW 18 942 Hrricn 13A 08/1800Z 16.4N/57.7W 150 180 WNW 18 940 Hrricn
  12. so a question about storm surge. when Irma runs into the easterly flow of the gulf stream around the fl keys, does the storm surge increase additionally due to the gulf stream essentially piling up in front of the storm?
  13. She's slowing, westing and building recently. not a good sign... 37 08/0900Z 21.7N/73.8W 155 185 WNW 16 925 Hrricn 37A 08/1200Z 21.8N/74.7W 150 180 WNW 16 927 Hrricn 38 08/1500Z 22.0N/75.3W 150 180 WNW 14 927 Hrricn 38A 08/1800Z 22.0N/76.0W 155 185 W 14 925 Hrricn
  14. T&C up next ! looking right in the cross hairs of the northern eyewall! Stayed at a beautiful place on long beach last Jan. It will be obliterated!