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  1. Polish, again w all due respect, this is starting to sound concerning. Do you know what your getting into? The questions you are asking should be coming from people three levels down from the owner of a 60 footer. Please pull off the gas and step back for a macro view of your project. Spend your money wisely on people who know what they're doing on boats like the one you just bought. Your concerns should be which champagne to buy and how many checks are left in your wallet. Get some help!
  2. Anyone tried this paint yet? was going to give it a shot on my 33' fresh water racer. thx...
  3. I've been on these boards long enough to know there are some of the best riggers and sail makers in the biz chiming in. That being said, there is a big difference between replying to some questions and photos from an apparent novice owner, to actual on hand sound advise from said pro's. Sassy is a powerful handful even to experienced sailors, and given she is going back in service with relatively unknown systems and rigging, proper supervision of the commissioning and sea trials should be undertaken. Online advise by the pro's lurking in this joint is no substitute.
  4. Polish, I envy your determination and drive to get up to speed w your new boat, but w all due respect, you should be asking these questions to pro riggers and sailmakers, not interweb trolls like us. your boat is extremely powerful and in certain conditions dangerous to the people on board. Based on the questions you are asking, you need some pro help! you should be interviewing experienced captains and BN's to get you up to speed and assure you're running a safe program. Btw, yes, a runner is a spinnaker!
  5. any ideas on why the announcer switch today? i want Kenny back. the play by guy was a hammerhead today. Insisting on translating every knot to mph.
  6. that's right, i always do turns, running jibe first, beating tack first...
  7. Here's an interesting piece by a NY Venture cap writer, A VC Musings of a VC in NYC Being Transparent About Your Long Term Strategy More Recent Articles Being Transparent About Your Long Term Strategy Elon Musk famously posted Tesla’s long term strategy in 2006 and ended the post with “don’t tell anyone.” That has led may entrepreneurs around the world to follow suit and be transparent about what they are up to and why. I think its a great practice for companies to follow. It helps the outside world understand your company and it helps with recruiting as potential employees can better decide which companies they want to work for and why. Our portfolio Coinbase has been doing that for a while now and Founder/CEO Brian Armstrong just posted the latest version of their “secret master plan” to use Elon’s words. You should go read the post as I think it does a nice job of explaining where they have been and where they are going. But if you want the quick summary, here are the four steps: First, we will make it easy for consumers to invest in digital currency by building a retail exchange (Coinbase). The differentiators for this product are trust (security, compliance, etc) and ease of use (access to convenient payment methods, intuitive interface, etc). This will allow more people to own digital currency, especially non-technical people. Second, we will enable professional traders and institutions to trade digital currency (GDAX). This will support the investment use case in step one, but also scale it by driving larger trading volumes. More liquidity in the markets will reduce volatility of the underlying assets, which is important to enabling the payment network. The differentiator for this product will also be trust (security, compliance, etc) to encourage larger, traditional investors to enter the market. Third, we will create a mass market consumer interface for people to start getting value from the payment network (Token). Now that a critical mass of early users have been drawn in by the investment use case, the industry is ready for its “Netscape moment”. This product will make it dramatically easier for consumers to use digital currency as a payment network, and for developers to build applications that utilize the payment network. Fourth, by lowering the barrier to create new digital currency applications, we’ll see an explosion in the number of ideas tried. We’ll invest in, partner with, or build a number of new applications in this space, including replacements for many of the services people use in finance 1.0. Some examples include merchant processing, remittance, loans, fundraising, venture capital, escrow, credit scores, and more. If you have a secret master plan for your company, think about posting it publicly. I think it will do a lot more good than bad for you and your company. USV TEAM POSTS: Albert Wenger — June 6, 2017 The Biggest Danger of the Trump Presidency: Abandoning Science and Rationality • Email to a friend • View comments • Track comments • More Recent Articles Crypto Token Reading List There Is No Free Lunch Getting Hacked, Lessons Learned Video Of The Week: Ted Livingston Interview At Token Summit Fun Friday: More Cavs Warriors
  8. They were all tapped out of hydro. in high winds the wing sheet is trimmed in much larger cycles as well as foil adjustments. it seems that it would make better sense and safer to take the wing trim off the hydro and put it on a hard connect dedicated winch and grinder. letting the rest of the grinders only provide hydro for the foil...
  9. Been watching this market for a bit and recently jumped in on Stratis @ ~$4.20/coin. bought $1k worth. this morning it's just north of $8 Anyone else following this? With the recent explosion of bitcoin, seems the whole sector is getting some new eyes on it.
  10. Nice going ! bout time someone stood up against this run away train of a farce. anthropogenic global warming is an anthropogenic hoax!
  11. Nationalism on the crew/skipper side is becoming less of an issue. the boat has become a 2 up program in the brain dept. and a 4 horse engine. Which could be any half decent cyclist... In four yrs there will be a whole new stable of young foiler drivers able to hit 100% airborn races consistently.
  12. They should kick the windward pin forward a few more degrees and take a bit of the leeward pin advantage away. this may lead to more middle of the box sparring and less advantage to first boat in...
  13. Are you not paying attention?? There is NO proper course in match racing!! The right of way boat can fuck w the give way boat any way they fucking want! with the only exception of running them out of bounds.
  14. are they racing now? i should be seeing it on NBCsports but they're showing nascar at the moment...
  15. Just found out I've got a bad one! Long story short, lost hearing in my right ear a few weeks ago, went to a local urgent care to get it checked out. They thought I had an infection in the canal and/or eardrum, prescribed steroids, antibiotic drops. After weeks no improvement... Finally went to an ENT ear specialist and he said it was a bad case of Surfers Ear! Basically a lifetime of watersports in cold water/wind causing the bone around the canal to grow and eventually closing it completely. Shit! Looks like the only remedy is surgery. Either going in behind the ear with a drill and mining out the bone or chiseling it out from inside the canal, fun times! anyone out there w any experience with this?? Thanks in advance.