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  1. Raked Aft\\

    J22 Worlds

    That may be true about most of them, Not Skip D. upstanding dude... i'm guessing he was against all the post regatta antics.
  2. Raked Aft\\


    I have two thoughts, on Wednesday eve/night, there was an eyewall replacement cycle starting, with the eye loosing shape and starting to wobble off center. At the same time there were 2 or so injections of dry air bands . The storm seemed to lose intensity and grow in diameter. On thursday, the storm track progress slowed from ~15 kts to ~5kts. This caused a churning in place of the surface and upwelling of some colder water, further degrading the storm. Either of these scenarios is difficult to forecast in advance, other to say it's a possibility. The NHC would rather error on alarmist side.
  3. Raked Aft\\


    new flag though, so it's either old vid or someone replaced the flag... by the looks of the current Sat images, the platform should be experiencing much worse conditions than shown. i'm guessing archived vid rolling.
  4. Raked Aft\\


    Looks like the storm has come to a stop! right in the Carolina Pocket. Ouch...
  5. Raked Aft\\


    Ole Betsy Ross is hang'n on... figure a couple more hrs and she'll make it.
  6. Raked Aft\\


    anyone for an over under on the flag making it through? i'm taking the under...
  7. Raked Aft\\


    https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=41013 here's the Frying pan tower Noaa data. let's see if she makes it through...
  8. Raked Aft\\


    So say i'm out fishing and i don't want to catch a Sub hiding from a hurricane, how deep should my hook be??
  9. Raked Aft\\


    Can you grace us with a number? or is that top secret...
  10. Raked Aft\\


    How shallow? That's interesting the surface conditions propagating below sea level
  11. Raked Aft\\

    Managing my Retirement Nest Egg

    Diversify some of your nest egg in insurance! you can move qualified funds into a whole life or Annuity with guaranteed returns, while taking max advantage in Tax minimization. the Bears are lurking in the equity sector...
  12. Raked Aft\\


    Looking like Flo's planning to inhale the remains of the gulf TD before she visits the states.
  13. Raked Aft\\

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Anyone notice the shark under her left breast?? i didn't think so. She is stunning...
  14. Raked Aft\\

    First boat at age 50

    T, As important as learning your boat and how to sail her, is the weather. you should make it a daily habit (whether you're sailing that day or not) to know what's going on in the atmosphere. what's the pressure, wind direction/speed, fronts approaching, what do the clouds look like, are they changing. Immerse yourself in weather information, evening news, web sites. etc... you will find the more comfortable and better you are knowing what the weather is doing the more you will enjoy your sailing future...