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  1. more 'only in FL' classic... http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/08/14/florida-couple-transporting-grill-injured-after-suv-explodes-when-woman-lights-cigarette.html
  2. Let's play guess the $pend... Orig PPrice: ______________ New Sails: _____________ Hull/rigging refurb: __________ I'm guessing $425k $190k $250k
  3. +1 on that, I would add that getting a boat under control starts long before the mob or line squall. sailing at night on any big body of water like lk Mich requires situational awareness to the weather. There is no reason to get hit unexpectedly with a 40+ kr line squall w a big kite up in the first place. I live right on lk Erie and have sailed through and watched many such squalls come through both day and night. Aside basic knowledge of the conditions at the time, (obvious unstable forecast for the chi mac) there are tell tail signs that an immanent squall is coming through. Most notably is a precipitous drop in pressure. If you can't feel quick changes in bar pressure I would suggest getting a digital barometer w alarm ! They are not that expensive, and would provide precious minutes to get a kite down or take a tuck in the main. This is most important at night where the visible signs of a squall are not as available. I have sailed with them and can attest they work!
  4. Bob, Looks beautiful. How many man hrs in hull 1 upto now?
  5. daily dollar cost ave in for the next 18 days. X(invst amnt)/18 per day. unless of course it starts taking off prior to the eom...
  6. Pretty cool perspective on a 2+ mi shot.
  7. it's actually amazing that more sailors didn't peril. the water ingress must have been immense. you could drive a semi through that hole...
  8. I get it, but your problem isn't a track issue as much as a toppinglift issue. if you were at the dock without the topping lift on, and the pole at max height inboard, holding the outboard end of the pole, you could swing the pole over the pulpit, under the headstay and back over the pulpit, right?? So again, while jibing, ease the toppinglift to the point the pole clears the headstay, have the bowman catch and lift the pole over the pulpit on its way in, then make the new guy, then help lift the pole over the pulpit on the other side. If you want to give the bowguy a break then get a hotshot pit guy to show you how to lower the pole as it's swinging through the jibe so that it clears the pulpit and the headstay and goes right back to trim height all in one smooth arc...
  9. I'm not understanding your geometry... Sounds to me if you raise the pole on the track high enough to clear the pulpit it will clear the headstay as well. Is that not the case? I'm assuming when your talking about raising the pole up/down 6", your talking outboard end right? if so, when you jibe, raise the inboard end to the top, ease topping lift to clear headstay, bowman guides the outboard end over the pulpit as it comes through, bob's your uncle... What am I missing?
  10. Overtaking??! Not a chance. ACX was clearly stand on vessel. On the starboard side of converging angles trumps! Overtaking has to do w rights of ships in line, parallel coarses with the boat behind going faster and needing to pass.
  11. Had the Pleasure of family owning one of Doug's prettier designs, the Tangent One, built and trimmed out by Tartan in '82. Named 'Toucan' She was basically a turbo'd Serendipity 43. She slipped through the water in the light stuff and charged in the breeze, also beautifully finished below to typical Tartan standard. She was designed in the transition period to IMS from IOR. Just loved the boat! Rest in peace DP...
  12. 7 deadly zins is a great cheap zin ~$12-14 toasted head chardonnay is tasty as well @~ $11
  13. Not a clue, certainly a mystery. As has been said, the ACX's bridge and telemetry data will have the answers. Question is whether that or anything concrete will be released. My guess is that we will never hear what truly happened that night...
  14. exactly, and why they probably switched fuels during the day, prior to the accident, while in open water and not in the TSS of Tokyo...
  15. Canal, They were within 5-8 hours of port, why would you assume they were running heavy fuel at the time of the incident?