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  1. Raked Aft\\

    VOR Leg 9 Newport to Cardiff

    i don't see a meetup... the pack of three to the north are going to be well behind the pack of four to the south.
  2. Raked Aft\\

    Sextants in Spaaaaaaaaaaace!

    i would guess if you could see the moon, you'd be able to put an eye ball on the big blue marble too...
  3. Raked Aft\\


    here ya go Woody...
  4. Raked Aft\\

    what is it?

    Turbo'd SC52... whut i winn...
  5. Raked Aft\\

    Switching from Rope Luff to Slugs

    Regardless of your boltrope issues, your safer with slugs. Particularly if you are shorthanded. As has been stated above, in a panic situ, the ability to blow the main hal and move on to another urgent issue is very important. good luck !
  6. Raked Aft\\

    Banque Pop capsize

    I would propose flooding one ama with sea water, adding weight (lead) to take it down. then pulling the unweighted ama over with a surface tow, then pumping /un- weighting the (previously) flooded ama.
  7. Raked Aft\\

    Ever paint a sail? Murder out a Laser?

    go to an art supply and get a bottle of black ink. it's pretty concentrated so you could dilute it... i'd pin the sail to the wall and do some crazy spatter/splash design...
  8. Raked Aft\\

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    Rudder looks way forward. she's going to be twitchy at speed, prolly could 360 in her own length...
  9. Raked Aft\\

    CRW 2018

    i'm assuming Clean is walking around w a cell phone. you'd think he could at least get a few interview comments off the docks in the morning and after racing. common man...
  10. mentor harbor yc has one. also riverfront yacht services on the cuyahoga. I would reach out to Rob the owner of riverfront if you have questions. He knows his shit w cranes...
  11. Raked Aft\\

    Is Clean gone ?

    Detroit real estate... that's funny
  12. Raked Aft\\

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Some bad ass astro photography.
  13. Raked Aft\\

    NYYC Manhattan campus

    completely agree, the skeet guys chase away the riff raff at my yachting club.... achummm
  14. Raked Aft\\

    NYYC Manhattan campus

    Tried calling early Sat and got someone lower on the decision making scale than I needed. Got the msg that lots of hoops would need to be jumped through to tour the model room. that was all the effort I put in. We had a pretty busy sched anyway and had a great time in NYC none the less... Next time, I'll be more proactive in lining up the ducks.
  15. Raked Aft\\

    Black Widow

    can you make BW grey by adding some white tint?