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  1. Raked Aft\\

    LONQR 2

    probably the same 38% that don't have sex in a yr. they sure do miss the buffet's on the cruise liners though...
  2. Raked Aft\\

    Larry Flynt

    That's a good writeup, learned a bunch about uncle Larry... The American Dream for sure.
  3. Raked Aft\\

    LIfe insurance after divorce

    you didn't an you didn't say whether it was a term or permanent policy, or who actually owns the policy. if it is term, then let it go, your better off buying lottery ticks w the premium. Industry average for term death bene's paid is 2%. Not a good gamble...
  4. Raked Aft\\

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Great stuff from Boris
  5. Raked Aft\\

    Prada Cup

  6. Raked Aft\\

    Prada Cup

    bending the mast and taking on Cunningham do not achieve all of the same results. where bending the rig will flatten in general, move the draft slightly aft and twist off the top. Cunny will also flatten and twist open, but move the draft forward.
  7. Raked Aft\\

    Prada Cup

    The runners were not the cause, Watch from 12 to 16 secs on the vid at 50% speed. the boat is starting the round down, loading up getting ready to launch.. Watch where the runners hit the leech of the main. There is very light deflection for that initial load up. if the runners were preventing the main to go out they would be pressed way in on the leach. by 16sec's they were toast, didn't matter what the runners were doing...
  8. Raked Aft\\

    Prada Cup

    Was just getting the handbag coms and the stern cam. no commentary. anyone else seeing something else?
  9. Raked Aft\\

    Prada Cup

    any livestream links for the presser?
  10. Raked Aft\\

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Some nice speed footage in this one... check out the power slide at the LW mark at 2:00
  11. Raked Aft\\

    Insurance AGENTS

    I'm a P&C agent in the midwest. 35 yrs, a lot of marine work. i've sailed 50... The market is getting hard, actually started a few yrs ago. couple thoughts, Try Gowrie in Annap for the worldwide pickle forks, they have access to some London mkts. to everyone who has a policy now, don't loose it! Pay the premium on time and don't file a claim unless your in a liferaft. Sail Safe,
  12. Raked Aft\\

    Darwin strikes again

    That was a pretty impressive jump! Stuck the landing for sure...
  13. Raked Aft\\

    Supreme Court toTrump

    scotus just took up the TX v PA etal case. PA, GA, MI, WI owe reply by 330 et thursday. let the fun begin...
  14. Raked Aft\\

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    That was an expensive little jaunt north prior to the gybe. looks like they lost ~200nm. and are ~10kts off Idecs pace.
  15. Raked Aft\\

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Nice Southern Ocean ripping... Crazy to think they are going to do that for many days straight.