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  1. Raked Aft\\

    Route du Rhum 2018

    How often do the competitors get updated on other boats positioning? sorry if already answered...
  2. Raked Aft\\

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Super geeky but cool none the less....
  3. Raked Aft\\

    When do you just fucking Give Up ?

    i'd find a second hand finn stick and cut to size... go sailing.
  4. Raked Aft\\

    dorking out super hard

    Similar phenomenon is witnessed by large underwater shock waves, as in sub surface explosions or earthquakes. Anecdotal witnesses attest that the shock waves will temporarily flatten the local surface wave state. i suspect that the current turbulence in the narrow, enhanced by the rugged bottom terrain, is creating a similar dynamic.
  5. Raked Aft\\

    18-19 ski season

    I'll start with a question for the PNW bums, my ski group is considering Whistler in early March, (typically their best base month) never been and it's on the bucket list, but don't want to get skunked. long range forecast is not good for the PNW, El Nino is the call now. question is how bad can it get at whistler if the forecast holds true and conditions look to be well below average? We've got a short window to lock in housing. Thanks!
  6. Raked Aft\\

    Proline Epoxy Bottom Paint

    does proline still make an epoxy top coat. heard it was similar to durepox. this is for a trailer sailor bottom job.
  7. Raked Aft\\

    A big project!

    Bit of thread drift, these guys are on a somewhat parallel path w a new build. Steaming/installing frames is the vid of the day...
  8. Raked Aft\\

    Better than the french toast girl?

    not bad, loses points for not being below in a proper galley...
  9. Raked Aft\\


    Mesmerizing, full screen it...
  10. Raked Aft\\

    Angel Practice

    Take off at 10 min mark...
  11. Raked Aft\\

    Paris is spiriling...

    Had no idea things are this bad, no idea how this iconic city pulls out...
  12. Raked Aft\\

    October Baseball

    Rockies mak'n a game of it down 2 in the 9th, w 2 on, no outs...
  13. Raked Aft\\

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Yyyyyyowwwza !
  14. Raked Aft\\

    stupid trim question CE

    Weather helm is a function of HEEL angle! not as much CE. Depower/reduce sails to reduce heel. That will solve your helm issue. to prove this, go out on a big breeze day and just put a jib up, if you let go of the helm while the boat is heeled hard over, she will round up!
  15. Raked Aft\\

    Refinishing an old teak deck

    +1 teak looks fine! recaulk / rebed anything leaking and call it a day. you'll be chasing your tail trying to flatten all the cupping and ridges. if you want to do something, get a good teak 2 part cleaner system and a stiff bristle brush and go to town. you'll be amazed how good a freshly proper cleaned teak looks.