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  1. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

  2. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    is there live feed up??
  3. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Don't do it!! There is a smear test which is just as accurate, much less invasive and much much less expensive. do your research, Colonoscopy's are not the only answer.
  4. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    So the pundits are saying breeze for the remainder is backing and lightening ending up S-SE. the four leaders are in a line from NW to SE, bru/V11/DF/Map. sailing similar speeds/angles. Tonight they all face a decision on when to jibe as the breeze backs. Do you hold on port taking the lift longer, jibing on the N side of the other three, or Jibe early and hope the backing breeze heads you all the way down to the finish at a fast angle? the winner of the race will be determined tonight I feel...
  5. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    I'm not sure that aerial vid is the best ice avoidance in the first place, I like a kite for propulsion though. for ice I would think forward focused sonar would be the best, bergs are bigger in the water than out. and a sonar could have an alarm setting so that you wouldn't have to constantly monitor it. tricky part would be keeping the sonar in the water on these foiling beasts...
  6. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Actually, if the steering lines of the kite (outside lines) are wider at the boat than the width of the kite, they will fly very steady. This would be easy on a big tri using the two ama bows as steering line lead points. On a kite board, the bar width is much smaller than the kite width which creates the instability and need to constantly adjust the bar for stable flight.
  7. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    agree, i'm actually surprised they sail such high angles at 25+ kts tws. Kenny, you a gorge sailor? my bro lives in Portlnd, big hood river rider. love that place!
  8. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    i don't know, Vestas is starting to show they're a player... consistent competitive speed and angle smart tactician calls (leg 1 & 2 so far) good boat moral and no fuck ups. i wouldn't count them out for the overall...
  9. US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    This probably got a lot of use... No Image Fellows Powershred 220 Salvadore Auctions & Appraisals, Inc. Lot 564 Fellows Powershred 220 More details Live Auction Date: Nov 11
  10. US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    Addl 18% + RI Sales tax on hammer price for online buyers... ouch. wish I could be there live.
  11. powerboat sinks fast as hell getting in FL inlet

    mistake was coming off the plane, never come off a plane in following sea's...
  12. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    Looks like Mapfre will finish ~2hrs behind Vestas, which was the same delta at Prt Santo north.
  13. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    when does live coverage start?
  14. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    you want to put some $$ on this one??
  15. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    red light district... lot's of mermaids i hear...