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  1. I don't do the dauphin island race, only once was enough. I do not do it in my own boat or as guest crew because of the "booze cruz" makeup of the race... even in good weather the start can be a nightmare..... I was asked to do it this year again as crew but I had work I needed to do on my boat. I live in ocean springs, ms about 40 minutes west of mobile bay. one of my crew was helping me replace a transducer so we had to empty out the cabin to chase wire. about 1300 it started looking like the gates of hell to the west. we got done just in time to drag all the sails, etc back into the cabin. we sat down to have a beer and looked at our phones weather radar...holy shit!!!! fifteen minutes later it started to rain hard...then the shit hit the fan...sideways rain and wind gusting so hard I thought one of my dock lines would snap... the wind speed from the anemometer was busting to 60kt, and OS harbor is protected by tall bluffs and tall trees for 360 degrees... then, I remembered the DI race was going on and I knew they were going to get it. I called my foredeck guy that was supposed to sail it in a 5ktsb to worn him...he answered calmly and told me they decided to bail before leaving the dock... man was I glad to hear that. then the news started coming in.... I also know Lee Creekmore and highly respect him as a boat designer and sailor...I had just done a 3 day regatta 2 weeks earlier which he pretty much cleaned house with Scoundrel.... I also met the crewman who died at the skippers meeting. I feel bad for Lee knowing he was trying to do everything he could to protect his crew and boat... i'll add one more thing that I know from sailing many boat races on mobile bay...the bay makes it's own weather. when you throw in a major bad storm system on top of that, it just gets worse.
  2. at what fucking point does cursing become gratuitous??? sort of like the conundrum; when does flotsam become jetsam...or vice versa??? which came first? the fucking chicken or the fucking egg???
  3. hobie.... absolutely correct.... fuck'em all in the bum..... carry on
  4. I remember the plugs for the cockpit scuppers. When I bought my first race boat (sj 24) i was going through the boat with the owner. I noticed a pair of plugs tied off to a plug on each side of the cockpit...what the hell are these for??? the owner smiled and said if you sail it hard enough you'll find out...i did... raced the boat offshore 3 times for the annual Gulfport to Pensacola race...two of them were nice kite carries and one was a power reach...those plugs came in handy... loved the boat and raced it hard for several years and then it was time to move up... last time i saw it was maybe 20 years ago at Dog River marina in Mobile, and it was beat up...i hated to see it like that because i always kept it up and had more damn fun on it than the law would allow....
  5. pix? I have a few that are framed...i'd have to scan them. The negatives and slides were lost in katrina. it was fire engine red. It also had a hall 60\40 mast and a hall boom with internal out haul and reefing lines. it got trashed in 91 during the farehope to pensacola race. lower shroud pulled out of the swedge which was all new rigging. weather was bad with wind in the 25kt range and big, square waves. the spreaders almost beat a hole in the hull before we could cut it all away. insurance totaled the boat so i bought a j-30 (swmbo wanted one). i'm glad i did but i miss the ranger.
  6. i owned a ranger\mull half tonner with sail number 129.I bought it in 1983. The rig was taller than the normal ranger 28 and also had much deeper fin. my morc sheet had it at a displacement of 5600 with keel weight of 2800 pounds...a good 50-50 ballast ratio. the boat was extremely fast in light air and very fast in heavy air. we were doing a major upper gulf of mexico regatta (1986) out of gulfport ms. just after our our ten minute gun we smacked a submerged object hard enough to open a crack betwen the keel bolts. water started seepin in so we headed straight to the boat yard and got picked up. found out the hull was weak around the keel and you could actually swing the keel back and forth. the yard guy proposed a fix nbut i didn't like it so i took a major flyer and called Mull at his office. Surprisingly he took my call. i told him what the issue was. he said he'd send me the scantlings for a proper repair. he also told me that the 28 was his favorite boat and he owned one he could look out his window and see. he told me the boat i had was one of a few he built to be light with a 50-50 ballast to weight and a deeper keel with a taller rig. he said all the boats built in this configuration had the floppy keel problem. and all of this while he was working on his '87 ac 12 metre program. i got the info from him a week later and made sure the yard guys followed his instructions to the letter. I sailed this boat for years and picked up more silver with it than any other boat I had. the 28, 32, and 37 are some of the prettiest boats i've seen. i love the tumblehome and the spring in the shearline...
  7. This is a super old post to quote, but... Any idea where this Aphrodite is now? I know of one in Hamilton ON. They seem to be pretty rare in North America. The Hamilton boat is the only one I have ever seen. There's one at the Sequoia YC in Redwood City, CA. I'll dig out the name next time I'm there.there's one down here on the ms. gulf coast... the original owner was the late jack haviland.... i used to crew on it from time to time... jack died and the boat sat in the slip going to hell and even sank a few times. an attorney contacted me a few weeks ago because he needed some info on the boat for the new owner....
  8. my brother bought the farr 40 "wild side" from a guy down in st. pete back around 1998. it was an interesting sail with just my 2 brothers and me back to biloxi... he was in the middle of a major refit at the boat yard in biloxi when hurricane george hit... the boat was knocked out of its cradle and the mast was turned into spehgetti along with a lot of other damage... had to start from scratch on the refit....we also moved the motor from amidships to under the companionway... he finaally got a new stick and and standing rigging and was having the boat repainted when katrina hit... the boat was never seen again...probably ended up the same place my old j-30, hull 197, did.... it was a pretty boat though and a rocketship up wind.... tim
  9. yeah... you're right.... i woke up at midnight to take a piss and remembered.... didn't get a chance to make a correction... thanks... tim
  10. i could tell you some rather amusing stories about buddy friedrichs....but this would not be the time or place... he was one hell of a partier...a bit of an asshole (understated) when on the boat, but a fine sailor... i believe his gold medal was in the old fish class...... tim
  11. this boat was out of southern yc in n'awlin's....owned by buddy freidrichs (we called him buddy asshole) the boat was raced extensively on the northern gulf coast from p'cola to all of the ponchatrain events... i had the opportunity to race aboard her one time.... the owner had a bit of fun with nose candy, fast women and dropped dead at the commaders resturant in NO at breakfast...major heart attack... it's been 25 or so years ago so i can't remeber the owners name.... tim
  12. i have some piled somewhere in the stuff i salvaged from katrina.... lee creekmore design....i believe the owners name was geaorge rodgers....been a long time ago... it was a beautiful boat and surprisingly fast... the owner was killed in a car crash on the mobile bay bridge coming back from a phrf meeting.... the boat was sold for scrap and cut up... tim
  13. That is definitely the Morgan build of the N/M 36. Interesting that it has the race rig (3 spreaders) but the cruising cockpit. Larry, do you have any more photos of the '83 Morgan N/M 36's? They are excellent boats that still are performing at the top of their fleets. Sailed against Insight in the northern gulf coast many times over the years. Can't remember her hometown, but she was always at the big regattas. I always likes the lines on her. home port was gulport yc in gulfport, ms. i sailed against insight when she was up in mississippi all the time.... for the life of me, i cannot remember the owners name.... we were doing a steeple chase out of pass christian yc one year in some heavy stuff....main sheet boom vale parted and a friend of mine named tim kirkman (regular crew) was almost killed.... i crewed a couple of times on the boat when i wasn't sailing my own... it was one hell of a boat and was fast down wind with a kite and a blooper... tim
  14. i owned a san juan 24 for several years.... loved the boat.. hated the seagull.....
  15. Clearly you are a young fuck who was not around in the heydey of IOR. Kialoas III to V were IOR designs, and damned good ones. Ondines III to V were IOR as well, although they were not great designs and not nearly as successful as the Kialoas. Before you young shits spout off about the lame IOR designs, I should remind you that many, many international race records were held by these "pigs" for decades, beaten only by $25 million canting keel supermaxis (10 to 20' longer than their IOR counterparts) with full professional crews in ideal conditions. Most IOR Maxis were 78 to 82', had amaeteur goons as crew, and were things of beauty. Beasts to sail, especially downwind, but they were not glorified powerboats like the 30m supermaxis of today. Remember the days of 6 to 10 full on maxis at any given international regatta? Remember the days of a dozen or more 50's lining up against each other during the day and their BN's smoking weed and fucking whores all night long? No? I didn't think so. Piss off. Who really gives a shit if a leadmine goes 15 knots or 25? It's all slow anyways. What matters is how you achieve the speed you do, and the IOR boats did it in bling bling bitchin' style. Everybody, and I mean everybody, had fun in those days. Full stop. absolutely!!!! you nailed it....