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  1. arcpix

    Older J/30 galley update

    Agreed 100%. We have hull #25 built in ‘79. We race and entertain. The minimalist galley has been fine even on distance races lasting several days. Like any older boat, it’s going to have issues and will be a work in progress. That said, the J/30 is a rock solid boat.
  2. arcpix

    Tides Marine Mast Track System

    Our J/30 came with the Tides Track system. Hoisting and dousing are a breeze. It had been on the boat for a few years and we are headed into year seven with it. Absolutely zero issues with it. bought a new carbon main and Light #1from Quantum last fall. Sailmaker said track and hardware all looked good enough to reuse the fittings and continue with the track. Didn’t reference any issues with a carbon main. We will find out very soon as the boat goes in the water Tuesday.
  3. arcpix

    ANZAC Day 2020 - Lest We Forget

    Very moving. With respect.
  4. arcpix

    Random PicThread

    My father was a Navigator in a B 17 in WW2. His position in the plane was right up in front with the bombardier. Needless to say, this wasn’t his plane. those guys were just kids handed one of the most incredible set of responsibilities ever. We’re all mildly inconvenienced right now. They were laying it all out there. We have nothing to complain about.
  5. arcpix


    Now that is funny.
  6. arcpix

    Sunset pictures

    Cabo. Grand Solmar.
  7. arcpix

    Sunset pictures

    So not a sunset but a sunrise instead from this morning. Somewhere around 0630.
  8. arcpix

    Lake Michigan Sailors - Road Trip Ideas

    Milwaukee! More music and ethnic festivals than you can imagine. Virtually all on the lakefront. Great zoo, museums and other fun things to do. More great restaurants than you can ever go to and excellent hotels to stay at in or near downtown/lakefront If if you want to sail there are 2 Yacht clubs that have Wednesday night beer can races. Almost a guarantee that you can get on a boat at either club. If you are interested, PM me and I will get the connections done.
  9. It’s a perpetual project. 1979 J30 - previous owner had done deck core work, rebuilt engine and Awlgripped top to bottom as well as numerous other fixes/upgrades (thank you Mark!) Year 1- upgraded all lighting to LED, added shore power and charger. Swapped out fuse panel for breaker panel, Facnor Flatdeck furler Year 2 -new radio, new throttle control, magnetic compass, .5 oz chute Year 3 - new chart plotter, upgrades on ALL safety gear (required for long distance race on Lake Michigan), new galley gas cooktop Year 4 - all new Garmin instruments, gas grill Year5 (this winter) - new Quantum Fusion main and light #1. Itching for the season to get here to see what we got. Oh yeah, and CONTINUOUS maintenance on an older boat. Taking really good care of a boat pays off. Better performance, more fun to be on with family and friends, SAFER!!!, headaches are few and far between when you pay attention to the boat.
  10. arcpix

    Don Imus. DTS

    Apparently died today at age 79. anyone have him in this year’s pool? never listened to him but sounds like he was something less than “inclusive”.
  11. arcpix

    Replaced all cabin lighting with led pixels

    We replaced all of the running and interior lights with LEDs on our J/30 6 years ago. New fixtures everywhere. Haven’t had a single bulb fail or any other problem since then.
  12. arcpix

    Winter book recommendations for sail trim

    Pretty much anything by Bill G is worth the investment of time.
  13. arcpix


    Did a grad school project with Brooks Stevens back in the early 90’s. He was the designer of the original Weiner Mobile. An extraordinary guy who was totally engaged till the end. One of the events in my life that I will forever remember and be truly grateful for. Spent almost two years working with him.
  14. arcpix


    Was there three years ago. Stayed at Grand Solmar. Went fishing. Caught a marlin. Locals were friendly but persistent about going fishing and cheap jewelry. Friendly response of no thanks or just letting it go was enough. Several decent restaurants around the waterfront were fine. Going back in February. Seemed safe and fine then. Friends who own a condo there have had no problems ever.
  15. arcpix

    Random PicThread

    Possibly the BEST photo of the day. These “kids” did something remarkable. Thank fricken God for them.