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  1. Roller Skates

    J22 Worlds t2ptv covered the whole thing, video recaps show it all pretty well.
  2. Roller Skates

    Tips for hiking on a feva?

    Ditto. Singlehanding em after work, at 6‘3”, I just use the far side strap. Works well.
  3. Roller Skates

    J22 Worlds

    Terhune blew his lead with a UFD first race of final day. He spent the (3?) aborted starts before the final match racing Zeke off the course. Race ten real start Terhune carried the flag from the start. Protest disallowed twice, redress was his UFD clearly visible in video from RC and media. Also turned down. He was faster and tried to correct mistakes with protests. Zeke got it clean! All said and done, least it gave us all an extra hour to clean up before awards? Great event and we got super lucky with weather.
  4. Roller Skates

    local knowledge - lake minnetonka

    Coming up for Mallory? Best sailing weather we have all year. Pressure is super easy to see on the water in fall light. Are you guys headed out to the main lake or sailing in Wayzata bay? Some people will get really specific, but it honestly is just a heads up and respond game. Anything with E component will be luck of the draw. NW/W will have larger differences between puff and lull, sometimes just these little bowling balls. Cool temps (under 70) will keep things smoother and more even, over 70 and you'll either get increasing breeze or squashed off in light air. SW is the best direction that time of year, less typical of lake sailing. Don't center in the puffs, ride the edges. We get these diagonal puffs in fall that are really fun to ride the edges of. Hero breeze. Flat water. Practice your pointing game, get a good visual reference for lift/knock, and pick a side to play - don't cross the center. Basics but it matters. Weeds are less an issue than they used to be, and with the 22 you really only need to worry about the rudder. Back down before racing, and don't drop the weed stick! (think they'll be providing for every boat).
  5. Roller Skates

    Someone has been naughty!

    Late 2000’s wasn’t everyone sneakily fairing the 49er hulls because of production/mould differences? That seemed pretty rampant and illegal. At the time of the sail redesign they had to do all new moulds to combat the issue?
  6. Funny, I see it the other way. Kids gravitate to college sailing because it is the only platform with financial support we have in the USA. They love sailing and follow the path of least resistance to keep doing it. Why so negative? Is it everything to prepare a 49er sailor? Nope. Does it keep a metric crapton of kids sailing through a time of complete financial ruin? Bingo.
  7. Roller Skates

    Why are all sailing drills books out of stock anywhere?

    I figured that US Sailing was either planning to update or move to something new - so weren't going to batch out another production run. The SDME needs an update and some contributions from the college programs!
  8. Kids raced the whole thing in Offatts with a perfect long stretch easterly seabreeze. November though. Not sure what they've got in store for you.
  9. Coached a HS Nationals there. Awesome venue. Flatish water, good breeze, and overbuilt - we stayed on site and they even sent us an airport shuttle. Not sure what their plan is to use the building the rest of the year when they don't need the capacity for scouts, but I'm happy to take advantage of it. Would make a fun clinic/spring break venue...
  10. Roller Skates

    Craigslist Finds Seems a bit much, but looks sharp still. What's the story on these?
  11. Roller Skates

    Ever paint a sail? Murder out a Laser?

    @Wess Little Tie-Dye action. Been a fun beater sail. Blotches were intentional-ish.
  12. Roller Skates

    Ever paint a sail? Murder out a Laser?

    Turkey fryer and some specialty die, with vinegar as the acid did the trick. Not exactly airtight, but she looks good!
  13. Roller Skates

    US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    I'd be fine with kites, team race, and 49er/fx only. Team racing sounds fun, up close, personal, and makes sailing a "competitive" sport for the viewer. And let's be honest here, the Olympics are contortions of our sport anyway. Why not go all the way?
  14. Roller Skates

    Fisher Cat fleets still around? We bought an ad. Help us find this beauty a home. Pristine boat, needs an owner who will put her to use. Sale proceeds go towards the Mike Plant Center and Wayzata Community Sailing. A matching donation currently covers sale price!
  15. Roller Skates

    Homebrew EVA/PE fenders?

    Living up north, getting real tired of the classic inflatable fenders getting destroyed every winter. Soon as things get cold, they pucker and die. The EVA/PE foam fenders look like the ticket - but seem to be entirely overpriced. Not to mention, I'd like to make a set thicker to meet my class rules. Anyone gone and built their own? Seems to me one should be able to find an EVA sheet, a sheet of PE, and some glue for a whole lot less. Anyone know what they stick em together with?