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  1. Kids raced the whole thing in Offatts with a perfect long stretch easterly seabreeze. November though. Not sure what they've got in store for you.
  2. Coached a HS Nationals there. Awesome venue. Flatish water, good breeze, and overbuilt - we stayed on site and they even sent us an airport shuttle. Not sure what their plan is to use the building the rest of the year when they don't need the capacity for scouts, but I'm happy to take advantage of it. Would make a fun clinic/spring break venue...
  3. Roller Skates

    Craigslist Finds Seems a bit much, but looks sharp still. What's the story on these?
  4. Roller Skates

    Ever paint a sail? Murder out a Laser?

    @Wess Little Tie-Dye action. Been a fun beater sail. Blotches were intentional-ish.
  5. Roller Skates

    Ever paint a sail? Murder out a Laser?

    Turkey fryer and some specialty die, with vinegar as the acid did the trick. Not exactly airtight, but she looks good!
  6. Roller Skates

    US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    I'd be fine with kites, team race, and 49er/fx only. Team racing sounds fun, up close, personal, and makes sailing a "competitive" sport for the viewer. And let's be honest here, the Olympics are contortions of our sport anyway. Why not go all the way?
  7. Roller Skates

    Fisher Cat fleets still around? We bought an ad. Help us find this beauty a home. Pristine boat, needs an owner who will put her to use. Sale proceeds go towards the Mike Plant Center and Wayzata Community Sailing. A matching donation currently covers sale price!
  8. Roller Skates

    Homebrew EVA/PE fenders?

    Living up north, getting real tired of the classic inflatable fenders getting destroyed every winter. Soon as things get cold, they pucker and die. The EVA/PE foam fenders look like the ticket - but seem to be entirely overpriced. Not to mention, I'd like to make a set thicker to meet my class rules. Anyone gone and built their own? Seems to me one should be able to find an EVA sheet, a sheet of PE, and some glue for a whole lot less. Anyone know what they stick em together with?
  9. Roller Skates

    Mike Plant - Project Coyote the Movie

    Last I spoke to Thomas (Dec?) they were on track with a distributor for something this spring. Didn't think to ask theater/online.
  10. Roller Skates


    With most classes slowly allowing more and more GPS info, seems like they're late to the game? Replaceable battery is enough to stomp tactic alone... How is the screen with polarized lenses?
  11. Roller Skates

    Deck Fittings in to cored deck

    Maybe I'm a ding dong, but because the epoxy is harder than the boat around I sometimes get a walking bit (air pockets?) that winds up eating or re-centering to the edge between boat and the epoxy. Even when I pre-drill with a small bit. What's the secret to drilling through the new plug squarely? Seemed like faster bit speed helped a bit last night, but still struggled to keep things straight.
  12. Roller Skates

    J22 Rudderhead - vertical cracks from tiler bolt?

    Well, it's water. Probably not too drippy down and in. Gelcoat was symptom of the wet core allowing it to flex. Off to the boat guru.
  13. Roller Skates


    Flag at 18 looks like a green to me, not yellow?
  14. Roller Skates

    J22 Rudderhead - vertical cracks from tiler bolt?

    Not much, it seems like the core is fairly solid. Wondering if the tiller was loose and maybe cammed off the head in a strange fashion? Compressed the core immediately under? but doesn't scream soggy, and doesn't compress below at all. Felt like a void more than anything, 1/16 of compression, and only right in between the cracks, level with the bolt hole. Guess the way to check is to simply open up one side and prepare for the fun?
  15. New boat, new things I haven't seen. What's the cause & repair for this one?