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  1. Try your local and give me the same answer... little guys is getting screwed. LP can’t get parts out the door. Go Sunfish. Laser, take a freaking bite already and tell LP how you membership feels.
  2. Aluminum bottom RIBs

    Doesn't seam separation have way more to do with proper inflation? I feel like there are lots of things that could stress that connection.
  3. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    As a coach - at least 50% of juinior sailors have the same gill smock at any one time. So there's still hope for humanity. Maybe.
  4. Looking for 420's

    C? Z? E? I? Price range?
  5. moving up from a 420

    Take advantage of what you have in state. Get on an E, J22, cats, go sail MC at Harriet, anything random and fun. Get off Calhoun once in awhile and try one of the offerings at another club. Don't just sail with kids. You're not bored in 420s, you're probably bored because you're only sailing 420s. Get a board? M2C
  6. Mike Plant - Project Coyote the Movie

    Sounds like it sold out in the first hour. :/ Hopefully that means another showing?
  7. Mike Plant - Project Coyote the Movie

    Tom has been working hard on this one. Looking forward to seeing it myself! We've been working on getting a second showing (hopefully and evening) while the film is in MN for TCFF. Sounds like it will have a wider release eventually, but not sure what that means for theaters/dvd/netflix. I really can't wait. The footage is supposed to be incredible, open, and a lot of things we haven't seen before.
  8. RS Neo

    Still don't understand why similar youth boats can be cheaper (Tera, Bic) but the "adult" automatically cranks the price up. Good to see someone pushing the cheap cheap but racing boat. When someone can beat the price of a good pair of skis, bindings, boots & a season pass we'll know we're on to something. Excited to see what becomes of the Neo.
  9. 2v2 Team Race Scoring program?

    That's how we roll too, but for regattas it is nice to have tie-breaking set up for those (1,2 vs 1,3 or 2,3) in case of an incomplete round robin, etc. Hoping someone had created something for this. Guess not!
  10. 2v2 Team Race Scoring program?

    Anyone know of a scoring program that does 2 versus 2 team racing effectively? Have yet to set one up in earnest. Regatta Network seems like a pain, as they just want to do it for you (making it impossible to adjust format on the fly). Anyone have a spreadsheet or program that sets it up easily?
  11. Fisher Cat fleets still around?

    Does anyone in the USA still sail Fisher Cats? Is there a fleet? Our local community sailing center is receiving a mint condition Fisher Cat by Howard Boats as a donation. Think She's a 2010. She doesn't fit into our programming and the owner is really hoping his donation can be monetized towards our other campaigns - and we'd love to see this beautiful boat get back out in the world. That being said, we're in scow and J boat country and I have no idea if, and where, these boats are still making the rounds. We don't have much like this around. Yes, planning on buying a SA ad among other things, but where would one list a boat like this? Are their pockets or fleets that may have a connection? Any help appreciated, and again, it's for the kids folks!
  12. Best Laser Hiking Pants

    +1 I love the waist lock SEA, but short leg. Love the back support. Plus, I never liked how the neoprene feels behind the knee on the 3/4. Airprene short layers well too, so no need for warm/cold pairs. Just throw on a 1/2mm neoprene or some zhik layer under.
  13. Radio controlled sailing

    I got two RC Lasers on a whim. They've become my lunch break or post work chill when sailing doesn't make sense (too little time, partially frozen lake, etc.). I leave them rigged in the closet at work and walk right out. We've done a bit of match racing but would love to try fleet racing but can't imagine the confusion.
  14. 16th Birthday Party

    If they aren't able to drive, I'd be more worried about becoming a grandfather. Nothing keeping them from drinking in your house while you're around. Kids are stupid. Doesn't mean they need to do it with your blessing. Just your forgiveness.
  15. Drysuit Seal Lifespan

    Under that logic, so will the zippers. What then? But seriously, I trust the glue more than another temporary system.