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  1. Mike Plant - Project Coyote the Movie

    Last I spoke to Thomas (Dec?) they were on track with a distributor for something this spring. Didn't think to ask theater/online.
  2. prism

    With most classes slowly allowing more and more GPS info, seems like they're late to the game? Replaceable battery is enough to stomp tactic alone... How is the screen with polarized lenses?
  3. Deck Fittings in to cored deck

    Maybe I'm a ding dong, but because the epoxy is harder than the boat around I sometimes get a walking bit (air pockets?) that winds up eating or re-centering to the edge between boat and the epoxy. Even when I pre-drill with a small bit. What's the secret to drilling through the new plug squarely? Seemed like faster bit speed helped a bit last night, but still struggled to keep things straight.
  4. J22 Rudderhead - vertical cracks from tiler bolt?

    Well, it's water. Probably not too drippy down and in. Gelcoat was symptom of the wet core allowing it to flex. Off to the boat guru.
  5. Rules??

    Flag at 18 looks like a green to me, not yellow?
  6. J22 Rudderhead - vertical cracks from tiler bolt?

    Not much, it seems like the core is fairly solid. Wondering if the tiller was loose and maybe cammed off the head in a strange fashion? Compressed the core immediately under? but doesn't scream soggy, and doesn't compress below at all. Felt like a void more than anything, 1/16 of compression, and only right in between the cracks, level with the bolt hole. Guess the way to check is to simply open up one side and prepare for the fun?
  7. New boat, new things I haven't seen. What's the cause & repair for this one? https://imgur.com/r4vxEZ1 https://imgur.com/OghJiUp
  8. J/22 hiking straps?

    Anyone ever sailed with the straps allowed in CR 5.17? Seems like a removable set would make big breeze less of a balance feat.
  9. Try your local and give me the same answer... little guys is getting screwed. LP can’t get parts out the door. Go Sunfish. Laser, take a freaking bite already and tell LP how you membership feels.
  10. Aluminum bottom RIBs

    Doesn't seam separation have way more to do with proper inflation? I feel like there are lots of things that could stress that connection.
  11. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    As a coach - at least 50% of juinior sailors have the same gill smock at any one time. So there's still hope for humanity. Maybe.
  12. Looking for 420's

    C? Z? E? I? Price range?
  13. moving up from a 420

    Take advantage of what you have in state. Get on an E, J22, cats, go sail MC at Harriet, anything random and fun. Get off Calhoun once in awhile and try one of the offerings at another club. Don't just sail with kids. You're not bored in 420s, you're probably bored because you're only sailing 420s. Get a board? M2C
  14. Mike Plant - Project Coyote the Movie

    Sounds like it sold out in the first hour. :/ Hopefully that means another showing?
  15. Mike Plant - Project Coyote the Movie

    Tom has been working hard on this one. Looking forward to seeing it myself! We've been working on getting a second showing (hopefully and evening) while the film is in MN for TCFF. Sounds like it will have a wider release eventually, but not sure what that means for theaters/dvd/netflix. I really can't wait. The footage is supposed to be incredible, open, and a lot of things we haven't seen before.