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  1. Roller Skates

    Towing with a rental truck?

    How big is the boat? Cheaper to stick it inside the box?
  2. Roller Skates

    Robotic Marks

    Were you at the one I was at, when the kid shouted "Is that how marks are made?" as the windward mark repeatedly mounted the offset mark in its best discovery channel impression? They're fine, but still lots of redress for marks driving into or away from sailors at the events I've attended.
  3. Roller Skates

    Foil repair - small chips

    Not that I've seen? The foils seem to live with the kite crew up here, as you get both seasons out of your "sails". That and the milfoil on inland lakes has scared off the boat racing sailors in the rest of the state. The dingy fleets have been steadily dropping here in the metro, think the people with the money and space don't have the time or drive. Catch 22. Wonder if you could flip the UFO rig over to an iceboat for double duty...? Have you looked around in the other UFO thread? Can probably DM designer himself for an answer. He's super helpful. Almost bought a IC kit from him and was humbled by the enthusiasm.
  4. Roller Skates

    Ground transportation from East Coast to West Coast

    All the rental companies have different rules for business rentals. Way easier to find one with a hitch under those programs, if you've got access to something like that. Don't even need the commercial DL.
  5. Roller Skates

    Feedback - VIRTUAL REGATTA, shit rules

    My account isn't paid but I have an odd glitch where I can always get the 4 green coins I need to get all the assists. Does make it a bit more "even" for me in the public races. But it is very nearly a different "game" than actual sailing.
  6. Roller Skates

    From the FP of the "other" Sexy Sailing Magazine

    Still a free boat... Wonder what revelations he'd have if he bought his own boat. Used even.
  7. Roller Skates

    E Sailing World Championship ?

    I used to play virtual regatta on my PC. Enjoyed it - mostly cause we sailed together as friends all winter. This app - jesus, I've never seen so many in-app purchases in my life. You can't have any fun in it without money. I was looking for a sailx something with HS practice on the rocks. This doesn't appear to be it.
  8. Roller Skates

    E Sailing World Championship ?

    So. How much we need to set up on the kickstarter to get sailx up and running again?
  9. Roller Skates

    How has the coronavirus COVID-19 affected your sailing?

    Well J22 midwinters just got called off. Won't stop me road-tripping to do something fun, but yeah, looks like things finally dropped last night.
  10. Roller Skates

    How has the coronavirus COVID-19 affected your sailing?

    The Saudis are making spring travel easier, love seeing gas prices tank just before a big road trip with the boat. Looking forward to seeing the covid-19 tank the airline prices too, hoping to grab this year's flights for a bargain. As they say - buy low, sell high? I'm in. Total Covid-19 deaths (worldwide, 2019-2020 season): 4,373 Total flu deaths (in USA only, 2017-2018 season): 61,000 Flatten the curve, identify, and stay home if sick. Not freaking out. The fact that the entire world can change their work and travel habits on this, but not climate change, is arguably hilarious.
  11. Roller Skates

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    Snagg and his damn internet sourcery.
  12. Roller Skates

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name
  13. Roller Skates

    Crew memberships required for racing at yacht club?

    Our club has a crew membership. It’s great. Brings people in, is loosely enforced, and gets you free beers (till the two kegs run out) on Thursday and Sunday after racing. Even have a crew parking lot and sticker. All for $105. Nothing but helping our club right now.
  14. Roller Skates

    New Comedy Boat for 2020

    A less explode-y one? Still not seeing the damage to justify a $xxx,xxx purchase to replace instead of repair. Or is this a bad juju purchase? Has insurance totaled it? Twin outboards will be 50k for motors alone.
  15. Roller Skates

    best new foiler for beginner?

    Based on his comments.... Weeds and puffy breeze make the windfoil tough to get the hang of things. Sure the kite is easier, but clearing the foil still sucks. My experience learning to windfoil on an inland lake has been... well let's just say the fiberglass work is more frequent than I'd like. Cheaper yes, but only if you already own the sails and a capable board. and like swimming.