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  1. Roller Skates

    Olympic I Foil

    If the build of those dinghies was anything comparable to boards, it wouldn't be! Can you imagine what a laser would cost if it was built to the same standard? My experience getting into Windfoiling over the past two summers - the money comes back to you. Their boards are built better than most dinghies, sails are better designed, and the whole system comes with built in tuning guides, and sails are test fitted on the proper mast and set to tune with guides before they ship. I get my money's worth! Not so much for my "laser like dinghy".
  2. Roller Skates

    Olympic I Foil

    Can't believe that's going to hold out for long with the Laser in the US since the new market has been so slow... Keeping my fingers crossed that's not the case.
  3. Roller Skates

    Olympic I Foil

    $8800 USD Seems reasonable? Likely to all be black sparkly new bits. Doesn't even appear to have much of a WS markup on it? Market rate: $2500 Board $880 Boom $500 Mast $3000 Fancy Foil w/ 2 masts $1000 non-foil race fin $1000 Sail $200 Extension = $9,080 I'd push back on the "laser money" argument. $8000 in a laser gets you stock with no trailer, covers, carbon tiller or extension, correct lines, etc. Buying off the shelf today for a new boat has got to be into the five digits. Plus this thing is fun.
  4. Roller Skates

    suck my balls

    I have mixed feelings about public shaming, but its up on the event page for all to see anyway. Besides, you could be these kids...
  5. Roller Skates

    New imoca boats

    ATR teaser showed some interesting hull lines in the rear though. Look at the concavity by rudders(?) and the convexity near keel linkage(?).
  6. Have a donated Standard Horizon GX2150 that I'm trying to get running as a shoreside base station for a sailing school. I got an MMSI number for it, despite it being a land station, to get that alarm to shut off. But I'm still getting constant position alarms because I haven't (and don't plan to) set up a GPS input for it. I manually entered my position, but every 30 minutes or so it panics without new input. Any way to simply turn off the alarm or the need for GPS input on these radios? Can't seem to find it as an option in manuals. We're on a small inland lake so DSC and position are relatively unnecessary anyway since its mainly communicating with old handhelds.
  7. Roller Skates

    Best Place to Live for a Sailor in the USA

    He did include "best place to live" in the thread. I'd make a fair argument they have that covered well, if not better, than a lot of others. Also, their weeds have gotten drastically better with the new invasives, hybridizing, and such. Odd, but not as bad as it once was.
  8. Roller Skates

    New imoca boats

  9. Roller Skates

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    I feel like it was just the opposite. I bought a nonlegal HS fleet with the infusion construction in 2012? (they do last longer, they look two years old and are still stiff despite summer camps). The construction format was in place to build them well before the cheater boats came off the line. I'm sure someone just said - well - we're building some this way anyway. And its better.
  10. Roller Skates

    What was the sailing moment you will remember forever?

    2007 Collegiate singlehandeds. Coast guard was practicing dropping a swimmer from a helo nearby. Got a bit close to the course and took out half the mens fleet. It was hysterical. Dinghy racing can be so uneventful, but that was just such an off the rails moment.
  11. Roller Skates

    Sustain-ably Stupid

    Certainly reads of green-washing. But if the message is bringing the conversation higher to the public eye is 11th hour successful? Didn't see anyone whining about their part and message in the VOR... Positive reinforcement seems to go farther than bashing, and reducing trash/waste isn't a black and white process. Grey is
  12. Roller Skates

    code flag "Y"

    Tend to agree aggressively, street/relaxed biking I'm adamant that helmets are a scare tactic to making biking look unsafe. We don't wear car helmets... and unless you're fracturing your skull I'm not sure what it gets you other than feeling safe. Concussion is going right through. Think the main argument for Y is that in most outdoor sports (climbing, paragliding, mountain biking are good examples) our combined access can be ruined by one accident. And while I trust myself - our actions do control outcomes of another. The dumbass falling off the boat in 10-15 with a head injury that could potentially ruin my YC's ability to get a permit... well... that's why we have Y I guess. I hate its implications on my personal choice. But in some ways it gives me a bit of choice too and makes sure my sport stays there. But it is a grey cultural line to be sorted and adjusted. And allowed to be stepped over considering its been made clear. For example, our club flys Y all the time. Nobody has ever been protested for not following it or wearing a bouancy aid as I can remember. And there's a lot that don't follow the rule to the letter.
  13. Roller Skates

    Siebel Sailors: Southern Yahoos Need Not Apply

    Think it was $3 million.
  14. Roller Skates

    Siebel Sailors: Southern Yahoos Need Not Apply

    More transparent than you think. Idea likely came to fruition, was RFP’d basically by creating example hubs to pitch to the donor. Donor bought in. Hubs as advertised. Donor gets the say as it’s earmarked donation. End of story. Just be glad it wasn’t sunk into a house or giant motor cruiser!
  15. Roller Skates

    Craigslist Finds What’s the history on 505 in Wisconsin? Actually looks in decent shape.