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  1. Cement_Shoes

    Nick Buoniconti, DTS

    I still watch football. Though these days, it is with diminishing enthusiasm. The high price the athletes and their families pay to entertain me lessens my enjoyment of the "game." Clear path to the QB, Nick.
  2. On today's episode of guess who the Marines rejected and the Coast Guard took.
  3. Cement_Shoes

    1000 ASSault weapons seized from house in LA

    Jeff will do what Jeff does best, beat off to Ruby Ridge fan-fiction with a tissue at the ready for his tears.
  4. Cement_Shoes

    Kentucky Derby, correct call or robbery?

    Any more of a foul and they would have to rename the horse Scallywag.
  5. It may seem like a lot of work to accomplish in one night, but it was made possible because the thieves did not take any brakes.
  6. Cement_Shoes

    Trump 2020

    So do you drink the Kool-Aid because you're a Billionaire or a Racist?
  7. Cement_Shoes

    Barge much? (FP)

    I have yet to see any video of the incident that makes me think that Scallywag had any reasonable expectation of starting cleanly. There simply wasn't room between where the 52 was going to be at the start and the buoy for them. It isn't a simple case of the wind shadow causing the 52 to pop up and the rigs coming into contact. Scallwag absolutely was going to hit the 52 with hard hull to hull contact if the 52 didn't bear off to give room that Scallywag wasn't entitled to. At least a minute from the start and probably much earlier it should have been clear to Scallywag that they were not going to be room at the starting mark for them. This was the start of a round the island race against much slower boats. It was foolish tactically to try for that start. And by sticking to it when it was clear that it wasn't there, Scallywag endangered both property, but, more importantly, the crews' health and lives. These boats are too big and powerful to be playing bumper boats with.
  8. Cement_Shoes

    Barge much? (FP)

    Even minus the contact it appeared that Scallywag committed a foul with that start. What were they thinking? There was no reason to be that aggressive at the start. There was literally no competition to keep them from getting off the line cleanly and being able to do whatever they wanted to do tactically in 2 minutes no matter where on the line they started. "Don't be early, don't barge," were their only two concerns. Yet, they only managed to get it 50% right.
  9. Cement_Shoes

    Game of Thrones

    Based on the theory that writers make themselves the heroes of their work... Samwell Tarly is going to end up on the Iron Throne
  10. Cement_Shoes

    Guitar Player Anarchy

    still a little flat... hey let's try tuning up 2 octaves.
  11. Cement_Shoes

    Man strangles attacking mountain lion

    It could be because humans are easy to catch for an inexperienced mountain lion hunter desperate for a meal.
  12. Cement_Shoes

    Sore Losers in Michigan

    Alcohol is a hell of a drug.
  13. Cement_Shoes

    Oh dear Honda out trucks Toyota, Chevy and Nissan

    Cute dogs. Boy are they lucky they aren't Jack's dogs.* *Because of the climate he lives in.
  14. Cement_Shoes

    Oh dear Honda out trucks Toyota, Chevy and Nissan

    Real liberal class on display. Liberal: Someone who says something Jack doesn't like uHJ believes the entire rest of the world is one monolithic mass (now liberal) led by Nate Silver out to get him. Luckily he has the ultimate vehicle and can outrun (in comfort) the evil forces out to get him. Is Trump still above 10% chance of winning the election? Is Trump going to lose Utah to a third party candidate?
  15. Cement_Shoes

    Oh dear Honda out trucks Toyota, Chevy and Nissan

    Typical liberal. Gay is good politics but you down on them otherwise. Hypocrites the lot of you. but judging by the looks of his girl friend I think your gaydar is broken. Rockdog is against gay marriage and IIRC thinks the lifestyle is disgusting. He is neither a Liberal nor a hypocrite. That's the problem with your bigotry. When you are not cherry picking your evidence you are just making it up. It is hard to tell who is more upset and insulted at uHJ's calling Rockdog a liberal, the liberals or Rockdog.