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  1. Cement_Shoes

    Sore Losers in Michigan

    Alcohol is a hell of a drug.
  2. Cement_Shoes

    Man and Woman's Best Friend

    Half the cats I have owned and known wouldn't wait for you to die before starting dining on you.
  3. Cement_Shoes

    Jameis Winston 2nd tier QB 1st rate asshole

    Apparently, Jameis Winston can't complete a pass inside an Uber either.
  4. Cement_Shoes


    Did you UV protect the new carbon fiber pole? Yup!
  5. Cement_Shoes

    Bode Miller / Tragic

    Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Error code: 2C171/1
  6. Cement_Shoes

    Verne Troyer DTS

    I wonder who will be his pallbearer.
  7. Cement_Shoes

    Craig Sager, Damn This Sucks

    I was glad to see that the networks could figure it how to get him to broadcast a NBA finals last year. Seemed like a genuinely good guy as well as an entertaining announcer. 65 is definitely way too soon.
  8. Cement_Shoes

    Real result coming in

    Ohio just called for Trump. smh.
  9. Cement_Shoes

    Real result coming in

    . I just heard most of Dade and Broward are in I heard Broward still hasn't reported most of the today's voting. That most of Broward's reported results are early voting.
  10. Cement_Shoes

    Real result coming in

    FL has Dem votes coming out of Dade and Broward still to be counted for Clinton but it is going to be very close if she can make up the ground.
  11. Cement_Shoes

    Real result coming in

    NBC news predicts Rep holds on to control of the House.
  12. Cement_Shoes

    Real result coming in

    NC too close to call still.
  13. Cement_Shoes

    Real result coming in

    or out of office for another four years.
  14. Cement_Shoes

    Real result coming in

    Rubio retains his Senate seat.
  15. Cement_Shoes

    Real result coming in

    Trump takes S. Carolina. First state that could have gone either way. Though expected to have gone Trump.