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  1. DrBrewHaHa

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Is it safe to assume EYC Open is planning to hold PHRF W/Ls? If so, I would love to drum up some competition for it. I signed up last year and had no one to race against. I could've better used that money towards my beer fund. I have a CS 36 Merlin and we PHRF 134 FS. Anyone up for two days of shits and giggles? I understand that an IRC certificate would allow me to race against more boats more often. However, I race the Hood, 300, LOSHRS and club racing all under PHRF. The money to purchase and the time to prepare the boat for an IRC cert for one race does not make any sense. Looking forward to the season. Already 2 sails in. First club race tomorrow evening.
  2. DrBrewHaHa

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Any news on the Susan Hood? I've been watching for results on the PCYC site, and there's been none as yet.
  3. DrBrewHaHa

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Crewed at ABYC on a PHRF (yeah, I know) boat last weekend....five boats on the course in four starts. We stilled racedd it for shits and giggles. Would've been nice to have some competition but the sailing was good times. Racing on the same boat in PHRF 2 in the Hood. I'm sure we'll have some competition. And looking forward to it. Looks to be cool at night with fair to light winds. No chili this year. I think we're going to take it easy with some flats of za. See y'all on the start line.