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  1. Someone on SA once mentioned that he had been looking at the Aerodyne 38, and every boat he looked at had hull coring issues. And I know of one Aerodyne 38 that had extensive core work in the hull. There is a website, http://www.aerodyne.fi, but I don't think anything has been added to it in years and I don't know if there have been any built since the early 2000s. I have an Aerodyne 38, know the owners of 3 others and an A43 as well.... none have core issues. When we were shopping I came across 3 that had some core issues. The 47 would be my ideal sail off into the sunset dream boat.... although nightmares are dreams too...
  2. My retirement dream boat....
  3. A friend is looking at an Aerodyne 43, formerly Dulcinea from Texas. I believe it was listed on SA for quite some time and there was some chatter about the boat. There appears to be a significant repair to the structure just forward of the keel/mast frame in the bilge. Does anyone here know the history of this boat and/or know of a grounding that might account for the glass work? Also, I can find history of the boat back to KW race week in 2003. The sail number is RSA 2. Was she originally sailed in RSA before Texas?
  4. Looking for a source for a couple of these stanchions....tapered with welded brace. Boat is an Aerodyne 38.
  5. Battery powered 4.5" grinder with extra disks. Sawsall with carbide blades. Extra batteries. Mast may not snap clean and could break at lower spreaders. Masts are full of halyards, wires and electrical conduit. A carbon mast may have an aluminum sail track and significant extrusion inside. An aluminum furler, furled jib and headstay is a bitch to get through. Big rod cuts in seconds with grinder. Aluminum etc better with Sawsall. Order of cutting depends on how the spinnaker, main, staysail, furled jib are dragging in water and where the mast is bashing a hole in the hull.
  6. I am not a fan of the abandonment with 2 hours of daylight and 6 hours left on the time limit. Several boats were within a mile of the finish and many were sailing in good breeze near Alki. I am trying not to be biased as we were in a good position at the time and I am sensitive to the fact that voulinteer RC does not grow on trees but it seems like a lot of folks put a lot of effort into the day only to have the plug pulled prematurely by the RC. End of rant....
  7. Is that a tanning light under the boom?
  8. Many of the Seattle-area ex-Olson owners are currently in Melges 24s. It's not a fluke. Really?
  9. Was there over the holidays. Saw "Weatherly" and "Ozone" on trailers. Someone was working on Ozone. There used to be an "Ozone" in the Seattle area. Not sure this was the same one. The graphics seemed to be different but then it could just be memory failure. there are two boats named ozone. the HI boat is active and the other one i am not sure. That is the same Ozone that was in Tacoma.
  10. I owned hull #29. Originally Barnestormer, then Thinman, then Ozone and finally renamed Barnstormer. Chuck Queen won Nationals at Whidbey Island in 1999 with her. I then purchased Hoss from Long Island...formerly Garuda. She was originally an inboard boat that had been converted to OB. I named her Ozone. We won Nationals in 1999. She is now at Nawiliwili YC.... I Can't remember the hull number but I believe it was in the 100's
  11. Was rummaging through the liquor cabinet and came across this bottle of beer. A couple of us rabid O30 fans brewed a batch of beer for the 96' nationals...George signed this bottle and a T-shirt. I had a couple of good conversations with George over the years. He was always a bit shy about the"Fame" he/his designs had achieved. Sail on....