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  1. sadolph

    Weta anarchy

    Wow, I had a ride today on a Weta... I was impressed with this. Makes it really easy to sail very fast.
  2. sadolph

    waterlogged laser question

    weighed the boat... need to lose... 30 lbs of water! wow!
  3. sadolph

    waterlogged laser question

    update, I picked it up and it feels normal weight.... so I adopted it. Hate to see it in the landfill...
  4. sadolph

    waterlogged laser question

    to be honest, as a proud owner of a pearson laser... even a waterlogged frozen boat might have a better deck than came with my pearson!
  5. sadolph

    waterlogged laser question

    Hi Folks, I friend recently discovered an old beater laser under his cottage and he wants to give it to me for free. Hull number is 102xxx, so later Hawkesbury I think. "ZFS" He said "feels like it weighs 300 lbs". I think this means that the boat must have soaked up a lot of water, and deck core must be completely waterlogged. I myself cannot pick it up because I broke my leg skiing... another story! In Canada... so, must have frozen. The hull deck seam is about 50% split open. Here is my possibly idiotic question: If I accept this free boat, with all the parts, and dry it out for some number of years, and repair the deck-hull seam.... will the resulting boat still be scrap because the foam cored deck will be delaminated? (freeze thaw etc) I really don't know how waterlogged foam behaves below freezing. Think free boat, useful in the dinghy progression from open bic to byte to laser.... not a regatta winning rocket. cheers.
  6. sadolph

    Laser 2 spreader advice/help please

    Hi, On my laser 2 there is a plastic insert that fits into the spreader tube, to capture the diamond wire. This one looks like metal. Does anyone know a part number for such an end cap? My boat is missing one. thanks.
  7. sadolph


    MMmm SHay LARen NEVer ANOTher LIke HEr.
  8. sadolph


    separate thread for this candidate? name?
  9. sadolph


    wow that woman is very lovely. who is it?
  10. sadolph


    Is this really Shay?
  11. sadolph


    this lady is quite gorgeous....if this is from someone's family album then I say well done!
  12. sadolph


    bounce! been waiting a while for this...