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  1. Back in the day Vanguard did build Finns.
  2. The Laser is an Olympic class boat. At my size and physical condition I can easily sail and race a Laser. I may not be competitive, but that is mostly lack of skill. No one would look at me and mistake me for an Olympic athlete. If you even want to consider sailing a Finn, you have to have skill AND be an athlete. To me, that is more appropriate for an Olympic class.
  3. torrid

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Wins the internet for today, tomorrow, and all of next week.
  4. torrid


    What every Laser secret says to itself - I coulda been a Contender.
  5. torrid

    US Sailing OD Survey

    Oh no, not Survey Monkey again!
  6. Does anyone know what has become of the LPE Laser factory in the UK?
  7. I think the net result of staying in the Oylmpics is one or two builders will stay viable, and the ILCA will be able to continue to hold championships with builder-supplied boats (including youth and masters). For grass roots level sailing, they Olympics is not much of a consideration. It will continue its general decline, but used boats and fake parts will keep it going regardless of Olympic/builder/class shenanigans.
  8. According to their ad, C-Vane is acting as their representative in North America. Obviously used charter boats will be available, don't know about new boats.
  9. torrid

    Tokyo 2020

    There was that Stanford sailing coach who took bribes to help get less academically qualified students accepted. He did a day in jail.
  10. Nothing but trolling clickbait.
  11. Been modified beyond the construction manual.
  12. I see it narrowing down to two builders. One in China who will probably do nothing but make fiberglass hulls. Various importers will source hulls from the Chinese builder and kit them up to complete boats. PSA will continue as a lower-volume boutique builder, selling at a higher price due to the perceived better quality/performance of their hulls.
  13. torrid

    Peeling Gelcoat Project - Laser

    Lots of things it could be, but it is definitely 40+ years old.
  14. Being realistic here, but what sort of time frame are you on? First, consider how long it will actually take to bring a builder online. They have to iron out all the legal agreements with the class, WS, the trademark holders etc. They then need to get tooling going to actually make hulls. They need ILCA to audit and verify the hulls are made in compliance with the LCM. They also need to establish supply chains and distribution. How long do you think all that will take? I think a year would be extremely aggressive. Then consider this - do you really want to be the guinea pig who buys a brand new boat from an unproven builder?