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  1. Which way the wind blows

    I can see racing without a compass, but not a wind indicator. Of course, I'm just another tail end punter.
  2. AERO’s D Day Liberation Invasion

    Even if it costs more to import them, the target customer - masters sailors with disposable income - will gladly pay the premium to be part of an active fleet. Lasers are also made in the UK, but that is a moot point as none seem to be available.
  3. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    If ISCA doesn't use the word "Sunfish" or the logo, why would LPE have any ground to sue them?
  4. They used to name five sailors/teams for each class. Usually only the top one or two received any funding from US Sailing. My guess is they now only name those who have qualified for funding, and funding is probably harder to get. And I don't mean to suggest that US Sailing is paying for their whole campaign. Financing the campaign still falls almost completely on the shoulders of the sailors themselves, even gold medal contenders.
  5. Sail ID help

    Looks like Mr. Foster lived to be 93: http://www.tributes.com/obituary/show/Lincoln-H.-Foster-86441665
  6. I just bought a 'Mystery Dingy'! What is it?

    Look, Ma! No PFD!
  7. I just bought a 'Mystery Dingy'! What is it?

    It looks quite a bit like a Sidewinder, especially since you mention a roller-furling jib. However, I don't think it is one. A Google image search shows that the Sidewinder has a splash guard while this one has a completely flat deck. Wrong sail logo, too. And I don't think the Sidewinder had a spinnarker.
  8. Future Olympic lightweight-female dinghy

    I think we just found our new Olympic class!
  9. Future Olympic lightweight-female dinghy

    I was never a fan of the Laser becoming an Olympic class. Ironically given the current ownership and management, Olympic class status may be the only thing helping the builder stay on.
  10. There was one guy, Dick Hoover, who was the center of that fleet for decades. I heard he died about a year ago. He helped teach generations of people how to sail. My father sailed with him in the 70s.
  11. Future Olympic lightweight-female dinghy

    I think the 4.7 serves a purpose. Parents have an adolescent kid coming out of Optis who is still a little too small for even a Radial. It's a little underpowered for the boat, but the 4.7 will get them out sailing. Six months later after a growth spurt, the kid can move on to the Radial. The parents only have to invest in a lower spar and a sail instead of a whole new boat. An Olympic class it ain't.
  12. University of Colorado Sailing Team

    I have ALWAYS wanted to try iceboating. I got in contact with somebody online once, and he recounted the narrow range of conditions where it practical (just "frozen" is not enough). There was one regatta where everyone wound up driving from New England to Michigan to find good ice.
  13. what is it?

    Are the foils self-tacking?
  14. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Looking at Google maps, 10 Marshall Street is a building that is a couple blocks from the water but doesn't look too convenient for boat launching. It does say "Maclaren" on the door.
  15. rs aero

    I had to read up on the Sea Star Base. I saw it when I was visiting a few weeks ago and thought it was a condo complex. It's impressive complex, starting as a Sea Scout base with a five-story dormitory. I just wonder about the location, being so exposed to hurricanes and a good distance away from Houston. It looks like it was recently opened up for more events like national championships to increase the utilization.