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  1. They're saying they will register the whole existing district for you (probably not a good idea).
  2. Sounds like an Astroturf operation being run by LP.
  3. It's not officially until it comes from my favorite Canadian blogger.
  4. The reaction could be that they are stiffer and faster, or the reaction could be they are better quality with less variance. As said above, you can read into it just about anything you want. The truth is these days if you want a new class-legal boat, there is only one place to go.
  5. Wasn't the huge judgement in regard to the use of Kirby's name and not the Laser trademark?
  6. torrid

    Jury awards $6 million in favor of Bruce Kirby

    Gotta find somebody to file the appeal against.
  7. torrid

    Apple Watch for Dinghy Sailing

    How waterproof is it? If it is waterproof, I smell a market for an app. And the potential re-writing of some class rules.
  8. As far as the cost of a PSA boat, building in Australia and exporting will never be cost competitive. Look at what GM just did with Holden. Shuttered the plant a couple of years ago, and now they are pulling out completely.
  9. This is real? I thought it was all a joke. I bet BK himself never thought he would get a $5.6 million judgement when this all started. And on the trademark issue, not the convoluted contract issues. Do some sort of treble or punitive damages apply? Anyway, good luck in actually collecting that money Bruce.
  10. torrid

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    ‘’cause I think no one really gives a hoot any more.
  11. Anyone know why they stopped? Too much class drama?
  12. That really depends on the durability of the new composite Radial lower. Which reminds me, has anyone with the new composite upper had any experience with capsizing in shallow water and getting stuck in the mud? That was always a good way to bend or break an upper spar. I'm curious if the new upper is more durable in that aspect.
  13. Don't forget the international Laser Union, part of Laser Performance United.