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  1. Laser rigging upgrades

    I believe there is a wooden block there that gives the screws some bite.
  2. Elevating the rig on a Laser

    There is reinforcement as the base of the mast tube. Raise the base of the mast up above that, and you will need to follow Alan C's advise.
  3. Out of Control Laser

    You simply cannot steer a Laser out of a situation like that. The rudder stalls out and you have no helm. Ease, hike, trim.
  4. Sailing Helmets

    I once tried putting rocker patches on the back of my life jacket with my home state, but I got beat up by a bunch of Sunfish sailors who said it was their territory.
  5. Sailing Helmets

    Outlaw Harley riders don't like to wear helmets either. Maybe I should put a 1% patch on my life jacket.
  6. Sailing Helmets

    I see no reason why they couldn't design a helmet cam with a flush-mounted integrated camera.
  7. Sailing Helmets

    I think they kind of look dorky, but I'm sure people used to say the same thing about life jackets. With all the recent research into sport-related head injuries and concussions, I'm sure there will be increasing usage in the sailing community. I used to feel the exact same way about bike helmets until I started mountain biking.
  8. Intensity MK II Laser Sail

    The Intensity sail had done more for grass-roots Laser racing the last few years than anything I can think of.
  9. I guess you haven't done much Laser master's sailing.
  10. I never really see that. If the winds are that light, the good sailors are out in the full size regardless of sailor weight. I've been racing Lasers for a long time, and I don't recall ever seeing Radials beating full-size at the front of the fleet.
  11. It's a specific range of wind, weight and skill where using the Radial rig really becomes an advantage. For the most part, the rule is there to allow people to keep sailing when the wind comes up.
  12. Maybe not so in terms of Corinthian yacht racing, but let me say this. One, from my observation sailors at the front of the fleet are not swapping rigs. Two, masters regatta for the most part are a social affair. Rigging swapping is way to allow lesser sailors - be it age, weight or skill - to keep sailing when the wind comes up. The alternative is to be segregated in the Radial fleet in a separate start with two other boats.
  13. Every master's regatta I have ever attended.
  14. Need to settle it one way or another.