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  1. 6 meter Worlds

    Alright here are a few observations from the event. 1. Despite its usual lackluster efforts, RVYC actually put on a good show this time, notwithstanding their kinda 'interesting' sailing venue (freighters, etc..) Considering all the elements of an event like this, the fact is that Snapper could find nothing to complain about other than a few rich folks being asked to pay for their own coffee. That says quite a bit. 2. My observation of the redress was that the marks were set way too late. Race should have been tossed, which is probably what the New Swedes expected. The weird 2 point correction made no sense, especially since there were a few other boats hung out on the same port layline by then. 3. One of my personal highlights was after the redress, hearing the words "I am a professional sailor for 25 years; I can not lie". Just run that sentence through a few times and really soak it in. Now imagine that it is uttered by the Italian tactician guy off that Swiss boat that Snap was busy sucking the dick of on the front page. 4. The boats were really cool. 5. The front page article was written by a paid pro who sailed the proven fastest upwind 6 in North America to a very mid-fleet finish. 6. That blonde that organized the whole event looked like she was 25 or so - and I think she sailed. Impressive. Where did she come from and why didnt she ask for my number?
  2. Commercial sailing school in an amateur race

    Lets get to the crux of it. Sailing school in question: 1. Had a Beneteau 36.7. Smacked it in to so much stuff that it had to be sold (to a newbie fresh out of this very same course) and replaced with a new 36.7. Nobody else in town would touch this boat. 2. Simultaneously running a J/29 for the same classes. Sold that to another unsuspecting class alumni, subsequently found to have totally soggy/rotten rudder, etc etc, currently awaiting new mast... 3. That first 36.7? Oh yeah, it burned to the waterline shortly after selling. Probably better than waiting for the bondo to fail at holding the keel on. 4. Owner/operator gets into bar fight in Port Hardy of all places, and the ultra-preppy fashion boys off a nearby J/109 pretty much take down this "tough guy"... how embarassing 5. Same 36.7 spends the next two years getting in the way of every 30 foot cruiser racer in the next division back, despite typically a 5 or 6 minute head start 6. Now they must have stepped on MAxx's toes recently. Too bad.
  3. What sailcloth is this?

    Two pics below, different local sailmakers but I think it's the same material and I don't recognize it - the J35 has it on both sails, the Bene just on the main (that jib looks like 3Di) https://janpix.smugmug.com/Events/Round-the-County-2015/i-mMx23LD/A
  4. Farr / Infiniti 53 from FP

    So, the hull shape on this thing would indicate that Farr are pretty happy with the performance of the F400 / VO65 / F280? huh.
  5. PHRF PNW handicappers

    There WAS some seriously bad blood when the two split. 90% of the people involved are no longer involved, a few maybe still are. Using the 'bad blood' excuse at this point is just that, an excuse, for not doing the hard work of harmonizing all the base ratings between the two areas. These guys should really get this done. At least one or two of the handicappers I have spoken to were in favour, but I'd be surprised if they spoke up without knowing someone else was going to have their backs.
  6. How is a santa cruz 27 for an inexpensive Phrf boat??

    There was a SC27 with a huge prod at one point - anyone know what happened to it?
  7. How is a santa cruz 27 for an inexpensive Phrf boat??

    Great boats but not quite as good as the Olson 30, which can usually be had for a good price also. Couldn't go wrong with either.
  8. newbie bowman tips

  9. newbie bowman tips

    That's what the owner's wife will tell you, anyways.
  10. newbie bowman tips

    The first rule of the Union is you do not talk about the union. The second rule of the Union is you DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE UNION. The third rule of the union is that you MUST leave a puddle of love in at least the 0.5oz runner with either the owner's daughter or wife. The fourth rule of the Union is that failing the third rule, you must toss a quart of throat yogurt to the aforementioned daughter or wife. There are more but too many skippers or owners could read them here.
  11. newbie bowman tips

    I think in this situation I would either tell the afterguard that the next peel has to be on the other jibe, or if we're trying to lay a mark/waypoint, we're probably reaching anyhow and won't suffer much from a 15 second change back down to a jib top. Remember in short races a peel is a last resort maneouvre as it restricts your mobility for some time, offshore you should be able to jibe away for a minute or two without any great loss.
  12. newbie bowman tips

    I would say you're on a one-way trip to the forestay at that point whether you have the sail clipped to the pole or the guy. Obviously some level of understanding is required. I find the guys at the back are usually fairly wide awake while I 'm at the end of the pole.
  13. newbie bowman tips

    Not sure who you're asking? I always and only attach the guy to the bail of the sheet. As discussed above, apparently some people attach straight to the sail. The handcuffs attach to either the guy or the pole itself at one end, and the sail at the other end. Then the new kite takes the place of the old one on the end of the guy (actually the shackle for the lazy sheet). The strop would attach to the weather clew (for now the tack) of the kite, and either the tack point of the jib or just around the forestay depending on conditions/length/etc.
  14. newbie bowman tips

    I generally refer to the ones for a "on the pole" peel as handcuffs, usually 6" or less between them, whereas a strop would be a longer line used for a peel without the pole, or what I would call a 'strop peel', this would be longer than a pair of handcuffs. But that's just my own terminology,there is no standard.
  15. newbie bowman tips

    I don't usually attach the handcuffs to the guy. I go for attaching to either a ring on the pole (old IOR boats usually had these) or around the end of the foreguy, where it can't ride up. Each boat is often different, most have handcuffs that are a few inches long, some are shorter, some longer. Good luck.