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  1. I don't think you guys are taking this seriously? How about all available hull space is filled with helium. This will effectively reduce the boat's weight and improve performance. By releasing the helium on the last leg, there will be no evidence to prompt a protest....save for Spitball sounding like a chipmunk during the post race interview.... Worth a try eh?
  2. A well funded campaign isn't going to come from one person (or family) but it does need an individual, preferably influential, ruthless, egotistical, uncompromising to drive it.. (is there anyone like that in sailing?), then get a sponsor with very deep pockets. My personal favorite would be Lotto... after all we built an opera house that way! First it needs Team NZ to win so the Cup is in the neighborhood, Which as an Aussie is tough as up until now I was rooting for Team Oracle Australia.
  3. Post a pic of it. It is probably cosmetic (bog cracks). I got fed up repairing ours and just cut a slice off! Yep, it looks like just bog cracking. It's really quite minor. Ours was delaminating as well. All the strength is in the steel internals so it should not be an issue to just grind and fill. Whilst you're at it, we'd recommend replacing the OEM bolts that hold the bracket on the stern. The OEM ones are fully threaded which can eat into the fibreglass and allow movement. Replace with shanked bolts. Oh and then there's the bottom pintle the cassette pin goes through... it sees most of the load and the hole elongates. Check for movement there. We've bushed ours and that gets replaced periodically. I hate the barn door...
  4. Post a pic of it. It is probably cosmetic (bog cracks). I got fed up repairing ours and just cut a slice off!
  5. The list of entries for the Super 30 Fleet will be requiring some editing prior to kick off. Some misfits in there. And yes... as far as I know, it will be the first time a C&C 30 comes up against the regular Super 30ers. Should be interesting. Crew for crew, the numbers suggest it will be right in the mix.
  6. For mine, the biggest issue with building and maintaining an OD class is folks tire of being exposed… There is nowhere to hide if you suck. Even if you can build the critical mass to run events, irrespective of the rules (owner driver, pros or no pros…), folks don’t like to just make up the numbers and continuously finish down the pack. Yacht racing is an intellectual exercise, translated into a physical skill, by a group of disparate people, crowded into a confined space… and then put under pressure… (what could possibly go wrong?!). Those that manage to contain and sustain it, go much faster than those that don’t. OD or not. It seems some find easier to drop out (usually suggesting all sorts of nefarious, alternative facts) than look in the mirror, see where the problem really lies and do something about it. The other issue is, there are too many bloody 'OD' boats! Take 30 footers; it seems every other week someone is launching a shiny new one! In my dictatorship, we’d have one designated 30 footer (35 footer, 40 footer…) then every event would turn into a OD race! In the meantime, in my part of the world, if you are brave enough to be exposed to OD, go buy and Etchells…
  7. I am not sure the CC30 is the cool boat. Yes I have sailed it, and it was a fun 30 footer. But, it also has its downfalls such as coming out over weight. Dollar for Dollar, there may be better options. The new G-Force 32 is around the same price point. They don't list weight yet, but it may be the better option. The MC31 could be as well if someone imports one to the states. Best bang for your buck right now in the 30 range is a used Melges 32. Just go ask the ED. MC31... Serious? better do some research on that one... Melges 32 is limited to W/L. They don't carry safety gear weight very well, cant go upwind in waves or Carry reaching sails with out breaking stuff. Been there, done that. Got the t-Shirt. Is there 10 G-Force 32's sailing on one start line anywhere? What happened to the mc31? A few showed up in Aus, and I haven't heard a word since Ill let that one slide through to the keeper. Look at Geelong Festival of sails results in the Super 11 fleet. An MC31 races in the Sydney Super 30 fleet against Farr 30s, Flying Tigers, Melges 32, HIck 30... Pretty handy bunch of blokes and it has its wind range but with comparative crew, is Flying Tiger/Farr 30 pace in moderate breeze. No where near the Melges 32. I know they made it to meet Cat 2 (because we all dream of long distance offshore races on a flush deck 30 footer...) but how they managed to make a smaller, carbon boat weigh the same as a low tech Flying Tiger is a mystery. If you want to be out in front, buy a used Melges for a third of the cost. Want to mix it with the fleet, buy a Tiger for half that again, or the Farr and then you can even dream of going offshore for days too...
  8. We had a F/G box made with a slit at the top that slides over the engine cav plate. Original door bolted to the bottom. The fin at the bottom of the engine leg is bolted to a couple of angles inside the box. It raises and lowers with the engine. Faultless.
  9. +1 on the cabin... +1 on the B Max extending... but a removable underhull rudder would be my pick. Perhaps like the MD35 (tapered box with regular rudder stock/bearings) rather than the more complex (expensive) Melges 32 arrangement. But we're not complaining! We've had 9 years of fast fun... amazing bang for buck. Silencing most if not all of the critics.
  10. I guess there's no chance of them adding DSS/Foils a la IMOCA 60s then?? That could brighten them up.
  11. Melges 32 is the pick but a good one can be expensive. Bang for buck... FE28 is a damn good thing. Or a FT10. Or a Farr 30 with a dick...
  12. A few straggles To come but shaping up as a fun and competitive bunch... https://www.topyacht.com.au/db/aus/entrants_display.php?SeriesID=4041&Task=ShowSeriesEntrants&EventID=648
  13. It is done. Super 30 schedule for SHR... from Super 30 Div Rep... '...it is proposed to include both days of the Sydney Harbour Regatta, instead of just Saturday, and doing two races each day as part of the series. First day 2 x Sprints and second day 2 x fixed short courses.'
  14. I'm confident Very Tasty will not only be out there, it will be honouring Chris by staying up the front. He spent his last months making sure he provided a competitive boat for his crew to continue to race. They'll be doing him proud.
  15. First race is just a couple of weeks off. A few of the usual suspects still to enter. Assume youse'll all be there... Maxstar - Melges 32 ? Jet - JS9000 ? Flying Brandy - FT10 ? Bullet - Bull 9000 ? Krakatoa - Young 31 ? Likalizard - Mount Gay 30 ? Matagi - MBD35 ? Troppo - Elliot 7.8 ? Monkey Business - Shaw 650 ? . . And I have it on good authority that Saudade (MC31) is now ready to join the fray so we eagerly await Andrew's entry. Would also be good to see the FE28r Wildling 2 come along and enjoy its natural home (Conrad?). Bedicked Farr 30, Skeeter (Sandor?). FT10 Hitchhike (Trevor?)... Others? See you on the water.