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    OK, this is gonna be difficult because it requires a Brooklyn accent, but.... A guy hosts a costume party in whch the guests have to dress as an emotion. The first guest shows up dressed all in yellow. The host asks "What da hell are you supposed to be?" "I'm Feah, I'm yellow wit' feah." The next guest shows up and he's dressed all in green. "What da hell are you?" I'm Envy, I'm green wit' envy." The next guest shows up Butt Nekkid! His member is in a bowl of custard. The host says "What da hell is dis?" The guest replies..."I'm fuckin' dis custid!"
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    What does the Starship Enterprise have in common with toilet paper? They both circle Uranus searching for Klingons.
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    Father Brown is teaching Sunday School and asks the class if they know what happened on Easter. Little Susie raises her hand and says "Easter is when Santa Clause comes down the chimney and brings us toys". "Well no, you're close, but that's at Chrismas" says Fr. Brown. "Anyone else?" Little Timmy pops out with "It's when we dress in costumes and go door to door and get candy." "Nope, that's Halloween, little Timmy." Father Brown is beginning to get concerned when little Johnny raises his hand. "Yes, little Johnny, can YOU tell us what happened at Easter?" Little Johnny begins "They put Jesus on the cross...and um...he they took him down and put him in the tomb..." At this point Fr. Brown is getting very encouraged, "Yes, little Johnny, what happened next?" "Well" says little Johnny, "Well, they put him in the the third day...on the third day, he comes out of the tomb and...if he sees his shadow we have six more weeks of winter!"