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  1. ILYB-Todd

    Ranger 26-2 Gary Mull 1980 Design

    Move forward a few months and a bit of sanding dust and we now have a newly repaired rudder in the making. Bought a sheet of 1/2" Gatorboard from Polyumac in Florida to replace the missing dagger board trunk box. Only need a portion of it but it sells in full sheets so we now have surplus for sale on Ebay or for some future projects.
  2. ILYB-Todd

    Ranger 26-2 Rudder Repair/Rebuild

    OK, Its been awhile but I'm back at it big time. I decided after sounding the rudder and not finding any spots that sounded hollow or dead, to make some templates and work one side down to get a sense of the amount of stock to be removed and maybe to find out what was going on with the cracks and core. Well to my surprise the cracks are all superficial and the core is essentially intact and for the most part dry and sound. Solid foam with a post and at least one torsion arm attached buried inside. So, why the cracks? Well if I have to guess it's because they only used chopped strand and no cloth in the layup schedule so it flexed and the gelcoat cracked and fortunately that's it. I think. So I ground the whole outer skin off and shaped it to a NACA 0014 profile and have just now put the second side of glass on and put under vacuum in advance of two layers of 10 oz S-Glass to finish the lay up. I'll finish shaping with some EZfair after the glass layers are set and then put some barrier coats on to finish it up before anti-fouling paint goes on. Chose that section after comparison to a 0010, 0012 and 0016 knowing the thinner the better but without knowing where the post was going to surface. Compared to what I started with, it will be much improved I'm sure.
  3. ILYB-Todd

    Ranger 26-2 Gary Mull 1980 Design

    I spoke with and corresponded with him awhile ago but never got the photos of the daggerboard trunk I was seeking. if you decide to buy, please stay in touch. Not many out there to compare notes with
  4. ILYB-Todd

    Ranger 26-2 Gary Mull 1980 Design

    37.75' from what I can get off the line drawing
  5. ILYB-Todd

    Ranger 26-2 Gary Mull 1980 Design

    No, I haven't but I would think you could pull it off the line drawing on accurately enough. Do you also own a Ranger 26-2 by chance or have access to one? I'm planning to replace the missing dagger board trunk enclosure and would appreciate any photos I could get my hands on.
  6. ILYB-Todd

    Toronto boat show 2018

    Oddball: Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change? Going to the show regardless. I'm sure it will better the Detroit and Cleveland shows and the beer tastes better too.
  7. ILYB-Todd


    Looks like the Yellow flag, that came out with a whistle at 18 sec. indicating Bavaria shall take a penalty (C5.2) , was possibly due to Rule 15 violation resulting from her failure to allow Audi time to keep clear after acquiring right of way at somewhere around 10-11 seconds and rolled to windward as she sailed through Audi's stern wake. Should she have known not to establish the overlap so close to leeward of Audi under those conditions? At 18 sec Audi broaches, altering course to Leeward and fails to keep clear of Bavaria violating rule 11, remaining on port gybe until 24-25 sec. at which time Bavaria turns to port, possibly attempting to avoid contact. Contact was made. Audi, on starboard from 25 sec violates rule 15 so Bavaria's violation of rule 10 is exonerated, but what about the yellow flag??? Does Bavaria still have to take her penalty and finish the race to win or is the race abandoned at this point?
  8. ILYB-Todd

    Nexus NX2 Multi XL Instrument Display glass

    Have same question only mine are not broken quite so badly only lightly cracked. 1. is there a clear film overlay material that could protect from further deterioration and still be readable? 2. I've got some fog showing behind the glass so I pulled them off this fall and have them burried in dry rice doing the sunken cell phone trick. Any suggestions as to whether this really works or is a waste of time and rice?
  9. ILYB-Todd

    Ranger 26-2 Gary Mull 1980 Design

    Oh yeah, forgot to ask, has anyone tried installing a forward hatch in a nearly flush deck before? This boat desperately needs ventilation in a big way.
  10. ILYB-Todd

    Ranger 26-2 Gary Mull 1980 Design

    Ok back to the Ranger 26-2 again. I centered the rig and tensioned the shroud to a G-sharp and adjusted the lowers but not quite sure what tension to put on them. Any suggestions how to set them correctly? At rest, with zero backstay on the lowers are too tight and cause the mast to bend backwards at the spreaders. I will back them off until the mast is in column with no backstay unless it looks like the main has enough luff curve to handle more pre-bend. beyond that I don't know what fine tuning to do so I'm looking for suggestions. Plan is to go out this weekend and hoist all the inventory, spinnaker included and see what we got. Oh yeah, can you believe the recoil starter spring for a 7.5 hp outboard costs $140! That's almost half what I paid for the boat. Here's hop[ing some cleaning and a little oil will cure the sluggishness of the recoil and we can put that to bed too.
  11. ILYB-Todd

    Ranger 26-2 Gary Mull 1980 Design

    The deck had a 90 degree lip, the hull had a 180 degree lip with about 1/2" radius the outer edges of the two were glued together with some spluge filling the gap on the inside but not very well. We filled the gap outside and inside and tabbed inside with three layers so it should be sound.
  12. ILYB-Todd

    Ranger 26-2 Gary Mull 1980 Design

    Oh outside, ran a Dremel along the joint to clear out old epoxy enough, then a small diameter router bit on a drill to open it up to about 1/4". On inside, chased it with a screw driver and the edge of a right angle sanding disk where it would fit. most of the epoxy was on the outside of the lip so inside joint was not horrible-horrible, just horrible. Not for the faint of heart.
  13. ILYB-Todd

    Ranger 26-2 Gary Mull 1980 Design

    As you can see in the photos it has a 4:1 on a 2:1 split backstay with about 36" of 4:1 travel so maybe 15" of backstay adjustment on centerline. I don't know the angles so just a guess. We hope to have her out again this weekend to evaluate the archaic inventory after doing a rig tune this week. not sure how to set the forestay length so it will be trial and error until we get the helm balance right and the shroud tension where we want it. For now the single sided adjustment will have to do but I understand the benefit of not having to break out the cat as far as crew moral is concerned.
  14. ILYB-Todd

    Ranger 26-2 Gary Mull 1980 Design

    The Mark 2 is a very different boat than the Mark 1 so not of much value but thanks for digging in the old files.