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  1. Team NZ

    haha true dat. must be beer o'clock right
  2. Team NZ

    In the dock in vid, lots of interesting bits
  3. Team NZ

    It wasnt just that... they were slowly deteriorating over the course of racing after that day vs artemis when they had to use them out of range. Testing showed they were getting weaker by the race. Lucky they didn't explode during a tack or something!
  4. Live Racing Thread

    Re the video, did you hear the bit about how the gull wing/bat foils were slowly breaking over the course of racing?? They were worried they were about to give up at any moment! Amazing
  5. Team NZ

    The wing was inverted... trying to get the nose down and flow attached to the wing so they can accelerate
  6. Team NZ

    Love this start sequence!
  7. Interesting angle at 4:30 in that last vid... lots of platform twist. I wonder if they're going to push their platform structure harder than they have been. It came up in the a measurement ruling where one of the teams suggested that using the full rudder differential to increase righting moment might be unsafe structurally.
  8. More great video from Jason, lots of practice tacks, and checking of wing trim
  9. Race Replays

    ^ 10:06 you can see ETNZ hit something with their rudder... no biggie at the end of the day though. Race 4 has been posted in the same channel too but the audio is a bit messed up at times.
  10. Race Replays

    In case this hasn't been posted.. The NBC coverage with Draper and Outteridge. Might not be up for long
  11. Team NZ

    Jason is back! Sailing with the repaired wing I think
  12. Team NZ

    Did we ever find out what Weta's other secret 'P' was?
  13. The winning foils

    TC, link seems to be dead.. Where was it from? Any chance you could point me to a live one? Cheers
  14. Uptip Foils

    If you could find an actual picture that would be great. I've sifted through a lot and not seen one. Not interested in the TJ video, I understand how cant works. Need to see an actual pic! I'm curious how (and how much) the teams can adjust the toe angle of the boards. I know this isnt adjustable during racing, but it must be an important part of the setup.