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  1. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    +1 Be careful who you callin' Blowhard! I resemble that remark.
  2. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    I'll see your BLOWHARD and raise you $0.50 on FOOL.
  3. Has the dry wall arrived yet?
  4. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    Another link to AIS data with a running commentary. Carnival should call the replacement vessel once it is built the " MV COSTA PLENTI " http://gcaptain.com/...ia-video/?37941
  5. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    The Captains night order book would be the first piece of the puzzle to see if he ordered the courses for the night passage. The second piece of the puzzle would be the vessels squat table for 15 knots. My estimate puts it at 2.5 metrer increase in draft at that speed. The minut he comes into 20 meter water the squat will increase. Should be interesting to find out if pilots were available but not taken for cost cutting reasons My $0.02
  6. What he might want to worry about is the survey for insurance . You know that pesky third person liability shit. So, does he get a home survey or does he get a marine survey. Dilemma !!! I don't think rigging stresses are the main structural issue he should be worrying about...
  7. Great revival thread for this house boat!!!!
  8. Do you think he some how got hold of the secret "Bolger Mega Roomaran drawings." The bow is just begging for two bulls eyes to be painted on them where the series of six foot waves will come a knocking for a visit. This just might be the real version of TORTURED plywood construction.Time for SA to pony up for a name for this craft and toss it his way for consideration. How about BIZZARRO
  9. The 65 x 32 boat might actually make it if this Japanese house makes it to the west coast in the near future. We need some one to rate these two puppies. RACE ON !!!
  10. Any idea what grade of shingles he will be using on the roof oh excuse me the cabin top? Let us know when the train leaves the station. That is one uTube vid I don't want to miss.
  11. ABSOLUTELY THE PUREST FORM OF ANARCHIST, He has offended the sensibilities of both camps. Monohull and multihull. Jeezuz he's gone as far as to offended home builders also. Love the train wreck theme and I hope to see him at least clear the pier. I believe it might be time to send him some life jackets. Dare he be called an "Anarchist"
  12. F-22 Update

    Some fun here. My watch says half past Vaka quarter to Wing sail and 3 elements. The calender now shows 1 year and change to AC Frisco and something tells me no one will be using anything but floats for the race. Gotta love the Dark Side and its followers.Keep your sticks up. . If that's bothersome, then here's a list that ought to really set you to spinning... ;-) http://en.wikipedia...._nautical_terms
  13. F-22 Update

    BINGO I'll second that!!
  14. Mini tug project...

    What the fuck is this . Maestro get back in your comfort zone. The lot of you are crowding my territory. Pretty doesn't cut it. It's all about meat and potatoes. Sell this to Deadly Catch and see how far it goes. Now back into your corners. Flame my ass now!