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  1. Seaferns

    FE28R Tuning Guide anyone?

    many thanks GJBike
  2. Seaferns

    FE28R Tuning Guide anyone?

    just a few observations on the inhauler arrangement and a shout out to the older and wiser to weigh in with their obesrvations (1) the rule permits 4:1 purchase but no one seems to be using it (2) as MS mentioned it makes sense to cross sheet the inhaulers so the active one can be trimmed from windward (3) with no blocks at all in the entire arrangement it looks rather high friction in comparison on the Platu (cross sheeted inhaul) we had a turning block at the base of the mast for the windward inhaul control line and a block with a simple SS ring on it - the latter may be redundant with the low friction Antal fitting but the remainder of the arrangement it seems to me is very high friction
  3. Seaferns

    Infuckers on the Fareast 28r

    i would like to echo the inhauler question. request to please share your info on how you have executed this on your boat and also observations on performance improvements post installation. indeed i am reluctant to drill the coach roof and deck with more holes than absolutely required.
  4. hey from bombay - india

    keen to understand the retractable keel assembly on FE 28R

    my boat will be arriving any day now - but the official FE 28R site has precious little info

    thanks in advance for any tips you can share on do's and don'ts while taking the boat out of the container

  5. Seaferns


    thanks to everyone on SA and to the incredibly helpful community at Royal Varuna Yacht Club for literally moving efforts across continents - thanks to which the Skipper now has a point of contact in the Colombian navy. please see the following by way of update: Hi ***, I spoke with my brother (he’s a Captain in the Colombian navy), who contacted the San Andres coast guard. They know the case. The “landing” happened about 12 miles from a small navy outpost in Serrana Cay. The coast guards have taken them to San Andres, and have tried to rescue the boat, but apparently in the attempt there has been more damage done on the hulk. My brother’s comrades think the boat may be lost. I have asked him to stay in touch. If they need anything they can reach him on +57***********…His name is *************. Regards,
  6. Seaferns


    US7070 the location you have posted is correct. Sorry about my mistake on location relative to San andres. I assume the island is where they are currently waiting for coast guard. Does anyone have tidal info for the area? Yes the boat is all steel and very sturdy. But prolonged exposure and impact on reef may puncture the hull. Water ingress from rudder bearings and centre board case may also be a concern. As well as pilferage while the crew travel to San Andres to requisition help.
  7. Seaferns


    Yes that is the same reef As for reason - it could be that the current was too far zoomed out If you're at 10nm zoom the reef does not show up on my navionics
  8. Sailing Yacht Orion owned by fellow anarchist Orca99 and 2 times Thai F-18 champion ran aground at 14deg 24.728N / 80deg10.543W at approximately 2100hrs local time in the vicinity of the Serenna Banks in Columbian waters. Skipper and 1 crew who were on board waited out the night on Orion and were rescued by fishermen in the morning. Both are now on an island (maybe called Majuli) approximately 12nm south west of Orion. Attempts by the fishing boat to pull Orion off the reef were unsuccessful. The boat is 40' and weighs approximately 18 tons - Van De Stadt Cumulant 40 built in the Netherlands in 1995. The Coast Guard station at San Andres has been alerted and is possibly on scene already. This is call for help from the Anarchist community. Advice on plans to float Orion free of the reef. Advice on local tides. Anyone who may know of possible local assistance available in the area please PM me. thank you in advance for your help.