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  1. Scooped

    I was wondering the same thing. I cannot imagine any way of doing it that wouldn't be a major operation.
  2. Home Built Boats

    https://www.facebook.com/Mojos-Boat-Shed-1070116019702480/ This is my beast
  3. Home Built Boats

    From a financial and time perspective it's hard to justify building a boat at the moment. Second hand boats are relatively cheap whilst the cost for raw materials and fittings remain high. Having said that, I'm currently building a boat. I am doing it because that's what I want to do. I can build it how I want it and to fit my purpose. You asked about replacing cedar strip plank with ply strips. It can easily be done, but cedar will be lighter and stronger for the same thickness. This is my 3rd homebuilt boat. Insurance thus far has been easy enough. They want a survey report. Owner designed may add more difficulty. Cheers Mojo
  4. Surf to City 2017

    Putting some serious thought in to sailing down, depends a bit on the weather though. Will make a call on it closer to the date. I love the look of your fat bottom Pogo. I'm building a smaller version at the moment. It's a new version of the 5.5m boats by Barry Colson. 2.5m wide. Built from foam/epoxy. Should be ready for Surf to City 2018. Cheers Mojo https://www.facebook.com/Mojos-Boat-Shed-1070116019702480/
  5. Surf to City 2017

    Purebred Mongrel (modified Hartley 16) is entered for inshore. Still figuring out how I'll get the boat there and trailer to QCYC. Not sure if I'll tow or sail/motor. Cheers Mojo
  6. They could do the fin and you get the bulb made locally. I gather you only just bought the boat, but I was speaking to someone on the weekend who is interested in buying it if you are interested
  7. Foiling sportsboat

    Weren't there plans to trial foils on the Seascape 18?
  8. http://www.fastcomposites.ca/site/marine/foils-a-z/?doing_wp_cron=1481284593.2432200908660888671875 They're not local, but do have a great international reputation. I'm in QLD and have ordered some custom foils from them before. All arrived as it should, when they said it would. Cheers Mojo
  9. Anyone have any info regarding this boat? Called Shinobi. Looks like a custom job, maybe a converted skiff. Cheers Mojo
  10. What weight re-glassing decks???

    It sounds like the glass will be non-structural and only there to protect the ply. Given this the glass could be pretty lightweight say 200gm or potentially even lighter. At 50:50 resin/glass = 400gm/ Sqm. Say there is 24sqm of area on your boat that is less then 10kg for the whole job. Use peel ply to save weight and labour. Cheers Mojo
  11. Catching the kite on forestay through gybes

    Thanks for the responses folks. I'll trial the options and see what works best. Cheers Mojo
  12. What sort of methods do people use to attach kite sheets to the kite? I do inside gybes, but particularly in the light breezes have dramas with clew catching on the forestay during gybes. At the moment I use bow lines taped up. Any suggestions to help prevent it getting caught up? Cheers Mojo
  13. Seascape 24 in the works

    Not likely. We tried the concept on two 18s competing in well developed 18 fleet to get some real life result not just that bullshit "oh, it sails so great, so awesome ... (but never wins a race)" and results just never justified the extra hassle and expense...so Wingscape 18 was converted back to classic setup. Self standing rig had a weight penalty, sails were more expensive... On top of everything it exhibited some new handling challenges like you can't feather the sail as it rotates around center of effort so it is prone to flutter in high winds, mainsail blocking forward vision (and passage forward) when going downwind, etc... To cut long story short, "cons" strongly outweighed "pros" to keep the program on life support. But adding some lifting foils on the boat, well, that is an interesting idea for winter projects.... Would love to hear more about the plans for the foils!!!
  14. Furler systems

    Thanks guys