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  1. Thanks RM... I missed that part...
  2. Is anyone familiar with the orientation of that picture... It looks to me like the bow is pointing back towards the sea; or do I have it all wrong... Did they get spun on the reef when they hit?
  3. Olmix hit by lightning; skipper Pierre Antoine is OK but has been airlifted off the boat... water ingress in main hull.
  4. The rankings on the tracker don't appear to match positions on the water... As I write this, the front page of the website shows rankings at 20:00 but the tracker appears to display positions at 21:48... It shows Peyron in first place in Ultime standings when he is well behind on the tracker... Does anyone have any insight?
  5. Reminds me of another major event that also runs every four years that can't get their act together when it comes to TV coverage... Many lessons to learn here!
  6. Looks like to RdR website got a bit overwhelmed... I can't even load the front page anymore
  7. Clean, I was able to get the France3 feed to work on the iPad!
  8. I also get video doesn't exist on both the RdR feed and the FR3 feed (running in Safari/OSX)... Interestingly, the RdR feed loads on the iPad; i only get static image though...
  9. Agreed... this is not the Farallones incident.
  10. from AC website: America’s Cup organizers have confirmed that this summer’s events remain on track. In parallel with completing the final arrangements for the America’s Cup, a highly experienced panel of sailing and safety at sea experts has been appointed and charged with reviewing the training and racing of AC72 yachts in the 2013 America’s Cup. The Review Committee will make its recommendations following the loss of Artemis Racing crew member Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson (GBR) in a training accident on San Francisco Bay on Thursday of last week. Members of the Committee – download bios here – have strong backgrounds in the sport at its highest levels as well as involvement in other reviews where an incident at sea has claimed the life of a competitor. Iain Murray, the Regatta Director, will chair and lead the Review Committee comprised of: • Iain Murray (AUS, Chair) • Sally Lindsay Honey (USA, Deputy Chair) • John Craig (USA) • Chuck Hawley (USA) • Vincent Lauriot-Prévost (FRA) • Jim Farmer QC (NZL) The U.S. Coast Guard supports this approach and will assist as appropriate. Lt. Jon Lane, with 26 years in the Coast Guard and 10 years experience as a marine casualty investigator will serve as liaison. Tom Ehman, the Vice Commodore of the Golden Gate Yacht Club (the America’s Cup Trustee), said, “The America’s Cup will go ahead this summer. We will see the world’s best sailors racing at the highest level on one of the most iconic race tracks in sport.” With regard to the Review, Ehman added: “The Committee brings immense experience and expertise to this Review. At a meeting in San Francisco this morning, the teams expressed unanimous support for this Committee and this process.” The Review Committee will report as soon as possible, given that racing starts in seven weeks.
  11. Susan Hood Trophy Race on Friday! Who's going? Temperatures look favorable for a change!
  12. ...regularly club raced at PCYC. Recently joined by Zone, a new J/35 addition at the club...
  13. The weather looks promising for the Susan Hood Trophy Race this coming week-end, a nice start to the overnight racing series at the western end of Lake Ontario. Who's all going? Following a BBQ dinner and info session at PCYC racers will gather for the start on Friday night at 8:00pm; boats will be returning mid-day on Saturday after completing a 76 miles offshore course. PCYC will have an all-day breakfast available for returning crews on Saturday, followed by flags and trophies to be awarded later in the afernoon. The event is good warm-up for boat and crew in preparation for the offshore racing season. As a bonus, it sounds like we won't have to wear winter clothes for the 2:00am shift this year...
  14. Eve of Destruction is now at the Oakville Yacht Squadron; she was in the Lake Ontario 300 last month http://lo300.org/yachts_participants.php?event_id=192 Also, I am the proud new owner of Wild Thing (hull #31); she is now living at Port Credit Yacht Club in Mississauga, alongside Rhumbfront.
  15. One more... Rhumbfront at PCYC (Port Credit Yacht Club) in Mississiauga, ON (just west of Toronto)... Sail #32732. New boat to the club last year... I'll try to get the owner to chime in with details...