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  1. grperrin

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Susan Hood Trophy Race on Friday! Who's going? Temperatures look favorable for a change!
  2. grperrin

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    ...regularly club raced at PCYC. Recently joined by Zone, a new J/35 addition at the club...
  3. grperrin

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    The weather looks promising for the Susan Hood Trophy Race this coming week-end, a nice start to the overnight racing series at the western end of Lake Ontario. Who's all going? Following a BBQ dinner and info session at PCYC racers will gather for the start on Friday night at 8:00pm; boats will be returning mid-day on Saturday after completing a 76 miles offshore course. PCYC will have an all-day breakfast available for returning crews on Saturday, followed by flags and trophies to be awarded later in the afernoon. The event is good warm-up for boat and crew in preparation for the offshore racing season. As a bonus, it sounds like we won't have to wear winter clothes for the 2:00am shift this year...