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  1. Unfortunately there aren't many options around Boston to store a dinghy rigged. When I owned an F18 we kept it in my driveway in Cambridge or backyard in Arlington and just trailered to events. Most of the other Boston area F18 guys keep their boats at Sail Newport. I just finished up grad school at MIT- you can't really keep a boat there. The Nacra 17 that is on the dock is a current MBA student's, and it is just there for a short period this fall (sailed it the other day, fun times). Some of the team members also keep Lasers, but that is about all. If you are interested in racing dinghies in Boston I would recommend a racing membership at the MIT pavilion- Tech racing and team racing all summer long for a very affordable price. My wife ran the jr sailing program at CPYC for a couple summers, and it is a great club with great people. We also sailed Interclubs there for a winter. The problem is the tidal swing is very large, so no ramp launch option. You need to either store the boat on a cradle on the dock (not sure if this is available during the summer), or hoist launch. Space on the pier is also extremely limited. Another option to consider is Eastern in Marblehead. I remember the storage rates being very affordable, but it's a bit of a drive depending on traffic.
  2. At MIT we have a fleet of Fireflies that have been updated with cassette rudders, Gnav vangs, and an improved jib sheeting setup. I think they are a fantastic boat for team racing. Here are some photos from the Charles River Open Team Race: http://sailing.mit.edu/gallery/index.php?/category/90 You might also want to look at the Zim 15 for inspiration, the design brief is almost exactly what you have described: http://www.zimsailing.com/zim-15.html
  3. I'll be between Postdocs then, could be fun. I might have some contacts with a motorboat down there, will look into it. -Jeff Dusek
  4. I would expect it to look underpowered with Gunnar and Peter on board!
  5. Is this targeted for the ISAF youth worlds boat? Otherwise I don't see the goal.
  6. US dinghy market..........What US dinghy market??? Newport RI, heck Narragansett Bay - sailing capital of the US - Total # of active adult Dinghy classes = 0.0000 From NYC to Marblehead, they are hard to find There are pretty good 505, A cat, and F18 fleets. I had a V15 for a while when I was interning in Newport, enjoyed the Tuesday TRing but underwhelmed by the boat itself. I have an F18 now and love it. Edit: missed the post earlier about 505s etc.
  7. Who says you need to use the self tailer?? You absolutely don't have to, and for distance or short handed racing having the option is great. Just my personal preference, not a criticism of the boat.
  8. Got the Raw 30 launched Saturday here in Singapore, sailed her yesterday. I'm in town for my graduate work, so offered to help Scott and Alice get her on the water. My impressions- very nicely built- everything is carbon, even the companionway ladder! The sails are also very nice, although we need a stiffer top batten for the main. Didn't get to use the screecher yesterday, but the top down furler on the kite is very nice. Layout was straightforward, although I might not have chosen self tailing winches for the kite sheet, just from a safety perspective. The Marstrom mast and boom are gorgeous. We had 12-15 knots of breeze when we headed out, sailed from Raffles Marina upwind to Johor Bahru, then back. Upwind the boat tacks easily, and we saw 12-13 knots of boat speed. Setting the kite is simple with the top down furling, and gybing is easy as long as the trimmers time the ease/trim correctly, just like any big assymetric. I thing we saw around 17-19 knots downwind, but we were using a gps app on a tablet for speed, and that was with current. Got to helm for a while both up and down, and the helm is very light upwind. Downwind she accelerates easily and can load up quick, so you just need to stay ahead of her. Overall, very sweet ride.
  9. Had the club recovered from Wilber/Kuhn induced hangovers? Good seeing you last weekend!
  10. Been up in Lucas Valley with family the last couple days, headed down to watch the races tomorrow. Thinking Marina Green or Chrissy. Stoked to see the boats in action!
  11. More recently he was 14th out of ~300 at the Opti New Englands. Lots of talent.
  12. Can you move it to the weekend before when I am in town for Rugger's wedding? (kidding of course)
  13. I think the last couple sentences make a valid point. I grew up sailing PHRF on Lake Erie- it was a lot of fun, and I met some awesome, awesome people. That said, I have very little interest in that sort of sailing anymore, and I think that a lot of young adults would rather sail small boats where they are more involved in the racing than just riding the rail on a keelboat. For me the solution was an F18- sharing the cost with someone makes it affordable, we don't pay storage, and we race in 20 boat one design fleets at 20 knots. If you want to keep the younger generation involved I think the answer is dinghies and sport boats, not large PHRF boats. More fun, less expensive. The other thing that works really well in Boston is the community sailing centers. If you are a young professional in the city you can race every night of the week in large one design fleets (Rhodes, Techs, J24s, Solings, Mercuries, Firefly team racing) and never own a boat. Yes the boats are not the greatest, but it works really well.
  14. Awesome! Everyone should try to attend this event- Ian is a great kid and has some serious talent!
  15. Huge props to Ian Moran, 29/200 at Opti Team Trials. Beast.