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  1. Letter has been posted for over four hours and Mr. Block has dipped into the thread; no answer forthcoming on what the offending conduct may have been. So, I'd guess its never going to be squarely addressed. And in the related front page item, the term "retarded" is used... can't we do a little better than that? That is pretty hurtful to some people and there are all sorts of slurs that could be used instead.
  2. Sad Sure is. Just shows how pressured all the "in close to NYC" maritime businesses are.... like the disappeared Brewer's yard in Stamford. Real estate is so valuable and costs and taxes are so high that all those businesses are at risk. Plus, North is such a juggernaut that its almost surprising Hathaways hung in as long as it did... though yeah, they were more of a rigging/hardware shop than pure loft.
  3. I heard that interview the other morning... when he said "sailing" Mike & Mike exclaimed "Really?" and Berman replied: "I know, I know, it is about as exciting as watching a fly crawl up a drape..." [clearly a line he's probably used at a thousand speaking gigs] to the guffaws of the hosts...
  4. Biggest problem wasn't the boards
  5. Well, F4 and G4 are produced under the same roof so maybe Clean can tap his sources to get a sense of the differing missions of the two boats, both of which are catamarans. DNA website touts the G4 as a cruiser... yah, we've been down this road before.
  6. Interesting... any links to any threads/articles/rumors/photos re this? Thanks +1 That sounds like a beast of a boat Is Clean talking about the new DNA F4? Maybe. But, according to this: http://dnaperformancesailing.com/our-boats/dna-f4-offshore-racer/ that very interesting boat is a 46 footer. Looks like an alternative to the G4 Gunboat or whatever follows it. I do not have a lot of insight into the internal processes of the NYYC. But the boats that they have championed over the years have had at least some dual purpose nature... less so lately, but the theory supposedly was that the same boat could be used for both a race week, and the club's summer cruise. Hard to see how you could "foil up the furniture." But a fast tri still an interesting call. Surprised nobody has weighed in.
  7. Interesting... any links to any threads/articles/rumors/photos re this? Thanks
  8. and then they act shocked when they get sued
  9. Not April Fools (also not a boat on my list but still, wow): It is with a very heavy heart that we have to inform you that the relationship between Bavaria Yachts USA and Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH in Giebelstadt, Germany no longer exists. With a new management team in Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH, the commitment from the factory has plummeted. On October 6th, 2016, ten minutes before the start of the 2016 Annapolis Boat Show, the Mr. Lutz Henkel, the CEO of Bavaria Yachtbau, handed us a termination letter which was effective immediately. Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH’s management was fully aware that our team had worked for weeks in preparation of our market’s most significant and costly sailboat show. Our US company, comprised of experienced boating industry professionals, has committed to ensure our yachts are serviced to Bavaria USA standards which has come at a great financial cost, but we believe providing the highest quality and standards in the industry was worth it because it has been the right thing to do, it’s just good business. For years, under previous German management, we worked in good partnership with Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH to ensure the products sold in the US market were up to the standards fitting the expectations of the American consumer. Over the last five years, the team at Bavaria USA has actively built the Bavaria brand into a respected and very recognizable entity in the US boating industry. We have represented our products with great care and pride, and have provided a level of service to our owners which we would expect if we were to purchase a yacht ourselves. Since Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH has chosen to abandon its commitments to Bavaria Yachts USA, the sole distributor and dealer for the US market for monohull Sailboats and Powerboats, Bavaria Yachts USA is now forced to cease all operations. Best Regards, Team Bavaria Yachts USA This kind of stuff really makes me wonder about getting a new vs brokerage boat. Wess "Lutz Henkel" sounds like a Stuka squadron commander and move at the show certainly is Blitzkrieg worthy
  10. I do race... luckily, on a boat a little faster, and maybe a little more "demanding" than the J/70, a boat I like from afar. Just don't get the bitchiness at the top end of a non-glamor fleet. Total lack of outrage to (I am guessing Mr. Block's) most excellent story, especially compared to past epics like the Greenwald "optimization" tale and the Chicago real estate weasel who sued his own crew. The lack of reaction tells the tale
  11. And its probably because those of us not familiar with the class find it ridiculous that guys are throwing their checkbooks at a small, medium performance boat, poaching pro sailors and hiring Volvo Race winners to get it around a race course... and then bringing bullshit, ill-founded protests. Yeah, yeah, the Melges 24 and 20 went down this road long ago. But one was a novel hot rod, and the other perceived as hyper technical. You want to wave your checkbook at a Melges 32 or Farr 40 or RC 44, go for it. But this kind of weapons race in a J/70 is a joke and turns off so many people that the spiciest front page story in a long time generates nothing but a yawn
  12. Both guys sounded a little embarrassed by either some of the questions or simply the persona of the questioner. Some interesting nuggets elicited, but Sanderson is too much of a class act to really blast anybody "on the record." Its funny, the interviewing style is essentially identical to Bill O'Reilly's: ask a question while insisting on a certain (Volvo needs radical raceboat; almost certainly a foiling multi) answer, and then keep asking it over and over. Only difference is O'Reilly can speak five words in a row without deploying the full George Carlin inventory (f@#k, sh*t, etc). Love to hear his bedtime stories to the bambino: "And then, the big, bad m+therf#cking wolf said to the girl..."
  13. Thank you. Just saw the morning weather brief on the race site; prediction is that wind will diminish before pack reaches BDA, and for majority of boats it will be a light air beat to the finish...
  14. Anybody have a sense of the conditions being experienced by the bulk of the fleet this Monday morning? Tracker shows healthy boatspeeds though down a knot or two from prior 24 hours. Fleet seems split into group hovering near rhumb and one slightly south/west