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  1. WTF is this thing?

    Look at the balls on it. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/qlnhYVo
  2. Nah. Even a few closeted homos plugging each others buttholes is far different than what's going on now.
  3. no, it's not a strawman at all. It's a legit question, probably before it's time. Right now there's so many different genders they're giving heinz ketchup a run for their money. Obviously it's made up bs, but that's what they claim. With testosterone levels dropping, the lines between male and female are becoming blurred. I know 2 trannies, one I'm good friends with, just friends. They're transwomen, meaning male to female change. The one I'm close to is now a lesbian. Seems like a pointless switch to me, but whatever. My theory is they were molested for a period of time, which is why she/he/whatever hates penis'. The sexual evolution is underway.
  4. That's 100% correct.
  5. Trump To Release Opioid Plan Monday That Includes Death Penalty

    Yes, being that as it may, my statements ring true. The world is not what you think and claim it is.
  6. Trump To Release Opioid Plan Monday That Includes Death Penalty

    ACLU has become a joke. Trump's policies are similar to the war on drugs that "set back American drug policy decades, and codified harm to black and brown people," the ACLU argued heroin is largely dealt by mexicans and blacks and sold to white people. I personally think the powers that be view it as some racial justice thing. There's a reason why those caught selling it get no time, meanwhile meth sentences are often mandatory. holding minorities accountable for their behaviour has become racist, laws are for white people. And to question any type of culture issues within black and mexicans makes you a racist. You need to look no further than pa to see this and the gas bags here continue to make excuses for their dark skinned pets.
  7. meh. cleveland mayor frank jackson said we (white people) just dont understand their (black) culture. sadly, he was mistaken. some of us understand it all too well.
  8. Next up - Mueller?

    Weren't you the moron who predicted the whole family, including the cat would be in prison by last july?
  9. Trump To Release Opioid Plan Monday That Includes Death Penalty

    So kill them too. What's your point?
  10. Next up - Mueller?

    You need a "happy place". A place, even if it's only in your imagination you can go to anytime you feel scared, or threatened.
  11. Ed seems to be projecting, or something which none of want to know....
  12. Next up - Mueller?

    I hope he does. He needs to for the mental health of people. It's been a fun year watching losers live in a bizarre world of delusion and hope, chewing every bit of nothing that comes their way. But it's becoming just sad. Time to move on with your lives. There was no collusion. Accept it. You, your family and your brain will be the better for it. Every story the nytimes and wapo ran with their secret informers was a lie.
  13. There's a reason why testosterone levels are plummeting in the west.
  14. What if there's a taco stand where the sausage shop used to be? Post op.
  15. the jews are at it again. i knew it.

    No it isnt. Prejudiceness is a resultant.