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  1. the_abandoned_brane

    Things to do in IOWA

    I have a cousin who owns a pig farm in iowa. I have no plans on visiting. We visited the family there once in the early 80s. They were nice. Everyone but this particular relative moved out. The driftless sounds nice. I fish it regularly in wisconsin and minnesota. Lots a corn in iowa. I like corn.
  2. the_abandoned_brane

    Cheetahs chase tourists

    Oh yeah. I get that. I think that happens a lot. Especially with whales when they're playing with people.
  3. the_abandoned_brane

    Should I Be Worried?

    just wait till their battery runs out. that kind of motion and energy requires a lot of power.
  4. the_abandoned_brane

    Cheetahs chase tourists

    i want to touch one.
  5. my experience is minimal at this point, but im unconvinced there is a spot.
  6. Just so you're aware, a fake vagina has nothing on the real thing.
  7. the_abandoned_brane

    Like fucking an icecube.

  8. the_abandoned_brane

    When did No. 6 get banned, and why?

    I liked that dude. Didn't he and Scott have issues?
  9. the_abandoned_brane

    Plane Engine Explodes Kills Passenger yes. Curious where the maintenance on this place was done.
  10. the_abandoned_brane

    Friendly PSA, Trump is till you're president if you're an american.

    You kinda proved my point. If the race were today, he'd probably win again.
  11. the_abandoned_brane

    Friendly PSA, Trump is till you're president if you're an american.

    Not clinton so much anymore, she's just a sad empty she'll of a person who should be in prison. I'm mocking her supporters who've crossed the line into severe mental illness and continue to believe their own delusions about trump. It's like a schizo talking and believing the voices in their heads and not engaging in reality.
  12. the_abandoned_brane

    Black in America

    Holy shit, more stupid white people who've little to no experience with darkies screeching about racism. I think you should all move out of your white enclaves and into the inner cities to be closer to your new BFFs.
  13. the_abandoned_brane

    Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    You got us beat. We had about 18" here in nw wisconsin, the bluegrass festival was a bust this weekend. This was my first winter here, and it was a doozy, the snow I'm used to. Grew up in a snow belt, so it was no big deal, though not this much this late in the season. The cold was brutal. Weeks with highs barely hitting 0, if at all and nights at 15-20 below. I guess it was a record setting year, top 10 coldest and snowiest. We still haven't seen a 50 degree day.
  14. the_abandoned_brane

    F@#%ing Mice in car anarchy.

    I had an apartment with mice. It was a really old apartment, I lived above the lobby, which wasn't heated, and neither was the small kitchen, which also was above the lobby. Every fall the mice would flee the kitchen and make their way into the rest of the apartment, this bugged me to no end. I didn't mind them in the kitchen, they lived under the sink and never left their little presents anywhere other than down there. Anyhow, eventually I bought an aquarium and caught the mice, putting then in there for the winter, and releasing them back into their native habitat, my kitchen. Some got really smart and friendly and would sleep on my knee as I watched tv.