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  1. Its should be a 80% nationality payroll! That only 20% of a payroll can be for sailors/builder/shoreteam/admin/design from other countries. It would drive more dollars into each counties sailing industry, while still providing opportunities and a pay check for those in NZ and AUS. It would keep cost in check and allow the top tear countries to retain talent, while still providing a nice pay check (more modest then past) for those willing to travel.
  2. 5 Cup Events, 2 failed LVC Cups, 1 Successful DOG, 1 Successful Defense, 1 Failed Defense and close to a Billion Dollars spent. I am sure his accountants and family hopes he retires from the cup. A-lot of professional sailors will be out of jobs.
  3. More or less I am dreaming here. I do think there are a whole bunch of Americans brands that depend on international markets for growth. Under Armor Kevin Plank Tesla Elon Musk I could see Elon Musk and the Tesla brand filling the gap left by Oracle for the GGYC. If he jumped in now he maybe able poach a lot of team Oracle or partner with Larry. I would love to see Larry out and Paul Cayard jump back in. I would also love to see the NYYC marry the stars and stripes brand with Under Armor if DC could give the blessing to Ken Read to be CEO of that team. Kevin Plank’s Under Armor band is banking on international growth. I believe these teams should partner behind the scenes and rival each other in front of the cameras. It’s clear we will need to create a whole new generation of sailors to compete.
  4. Nytimes, Wash Post, ESPN and CNN none of them have any info on their homepage. The day the US lost the Cup and no one knew about it. I guess that what happens when you sell it out to another country.
  5. agreed! Loyalty to Who! Larry’s loyalty it’s to the dollar and winning. That is what his team values are, and everyone who signs onto that team is in for. Too keep Russell and Tom around Larry may need to bench Jimmy to reinforce his loyalties to those values and make a statement that moving forward he is willing to let go of the past. Jimmy is looking like Dean last go around.
  6. Larry may axe him! This is not longer about this Cup, but rather the next.
  7. Paul Cayard has to be high on that list. Lost two cups in a row and I believe he only won one race between the two.
  8. FACT: Larry needs to loss, so that one day the USA can win.
  9. Nice Job NZ!
  10. If their is a 80% rule I could see Larry and Ernesto moving their teams to New Zealand. Imagine that defenders series. I like the idea of Ernesto winning for the NYYC and blocking Larry from future Challenge.
  11. 80% Rule??? http://www.nzherald.co.nz/sailing/news/article.cfm?c_id=106&objectid=11880760
  12. "This Cup is donated upon the condition that it shall be preserved as a perpetual challenge Cup for friendly competition between foreign countries." DOG "between foreign countries" I think a 51% citizenship rule for the whole program and sailing team would go along way, fulfilling the spirit of the DOG, but still allow top quality racing teams from countries with less of a sailing tradition.
  13. Oracle: SF vs Bermuda San Francisco Jimmy was dialed in on starts and seemed to own Dean at that point Two crews, which enabled them to bench Kostecki and put in Ainslie They had a true two boat campaign model, which is a very different development model. Bermuda Jimmy is not dominate on the starts They are limited in their ability to change the afterguard As of this point they are a single boat campaign they have missed out on true testing while racing. Known Issues 1. They need to adjust responsibilities the afterguard is taking away from the powertrain and not capitalizing on opportunity. 2. Their light wind package needs improvement. At this point it’s worth the risk to mod those foils and rudders. 3. Any other changes need to be low hanging fruit. It unknown how they compare in the upper wind range, but it’s clear their first issue will give them improvement across the board.
  14. I don’t think it will matter what is planned if Team Oracle losses they would prefer to have DOG challenge, which they are 1-0 on opposite to a LVC challenge which they are 0-2 on. Larry has never won a LVC and has an eye for spectacle. ETNZ should be preparing lawyers and a monster design. I think they should make a 12m Cat Class. Marry the spirit of the old 12m class and foiling cats but put more classical boat handling and controls back into the hands of more sailors. 12m Cat (2 boat max) soft sails (unlimited builds, but limited certs) foils but no hydraulics (unlimited builds, but limited certs) no electronics not even a GPS watch. (Swiss/Japanese watch makers will be happy.) Strong citizenship clause I am from the US and I hope ETNZ WINS!
  15. Good Luck Artemis!