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  1. Yea, sure, dead easy. #1 google up dyneema chafe sleeve - several mfgs make them and lots of places stock them - like this http://www.apsltd.com/new-england-ropes-dcs-spectra-cover.html #2 Just slide a length of the chafe sleeve, long enough to cover your loop, over the amsteel. #3 make your spliced Brummel loop, either side of the sleeve, in just the normal way. #4 whip/sew the two ends of the chafe sleeve in place, so it will not slide around. It will look just exactly like your samson commercial pic - except the ends will be whipped/sewn in place rather than woven in. This is somewhat commonly done on mooring lines, but not so common with halyards.
  2. I dont really expect immediate perfect logic . . . as I said, this whole thing will take a long time to work thru the system. Now if you could sell boat used price futures short - you might see traders arbitraging this pretty quick :), but it is just not that sort of market. Buyers should definitely caveat emptor, as they may not get the resale value they would hope or expect (based on history). WGWarburton - nice post - yes, exactly
  3. oh, yea, now that you mention it . . . but never seen a big set of results published - has there been? I'm curious about 'the rest of us', not the pro deck apes . . . nor would know how to correlate that to the ability to climb/pull hand over hand.
  4. I do not know the details of the specific insurance situation discussed above, and I do know that details are often mangled by the time they get to SA threads, but . . . . . . if Beneteau will not approve a repair I can well imagine a (retail) underwriter saying "no, not for us, let someone else take that risk". The bigger picture question/issue about this construction technique is how it affects resale value. When all these people bought these boats they probably expected that their resale was going to be sort of in line historically with other boats. Now, with what we know, it should (and seems to be) drop their resale (significantly) relative to boats with other better construction. That will effect the whole value proposition for buying new boats built like this, which may then affect Beneteau's decision about the cost/profit effectiveness on the technique. But that will take a long time to play out.
  5. ^^ technically a bit hard with internal halyards And I wonder how many sailors under 40 actually have the arm strength to do it - 'back in the day' that sort of fitness was more common but now . . . . idk. Someone should do a fitness test at a regatta, with prizes for participation and for winning to motivate people - be sort of interesting. Has anyone used the Rope Wrench? I like the look of the Unicender, have one on order. But I dont really see where the rope wrench would be an upgrade to the ID - seems clumsier?
  6. ^^ perhaps - I like rowing - but I dont know any 'youth' invested in it . I am the only American on my e-sports team, so I do have a small worldwide window into what they are doing and talking about - we coffee chat all the time - on encrypted voice comms 100% - NSA must hate us My father has apparently (according to the Harvard rowing club) rowed more miles in a single shell than anyone else in history. For most of his life he rowed 'the year' (eg in 1950 he rowed 1950 miles and in 1980, 1980 miles) on the Connecticut river. It was only quite some years before our sailing miles passed his rowing miles - and we were no slugs on the sail boat. I grew up with the Geer sisters (successful Olympic rowers) - if you ever want to talk about strong women (in every way, but just physically they cowed the college football team) - wow. And your user name . . . . my wife would like to do horses . . . .soft selling but would jump if I gave an inch . . . .she grew up with horses and never got over them. I learned to ride/jump but never really developed any affection for it. It is a total aside (as if the above was not already) . . . but I hope Will (BJ's son) has a clear eyed honest sense of what the 'outlook' for 'yachting' really is. He seems like a terrific smart focused guy, launching a career into a declining niche of a niche might prove to be a frustrating choice later on for him. There are much more vibrant areas (even within NA), with more potential for creativity and making your mark. just rambling this AM . . . .
  7. I suspect they will be good for you - I did a couple 'beta purchases' and they all worked out well. It is good tech, and North tends to look after those sails really well. But do you have a Delorean (time machine)? Hop in fire up the anti-mater fluxes (or whatever it was) and tell us - what we really want to know is what they will look like in 5 years By the way, the Hawaii loft guys are pretty cool. I had an mainsail emergency flown in there (after a 3dl let go) and they handled it quite well ( . . . . expect getting the spreader patches a little off, which I fixed myself at sea).
  8. ^^ ok, decent argument . . . . but my team mates would disagree (strongly) - for several reasons, but the most obvious they would point out is that there are 6 and 7 figure prizes money in the tournaments we play - that is a 'real' consequence . I don't really care either way.
  9. lol - funny - I specifically/explicitly committed myself to not wearing Lycra until I could do decent pace on a half century . . . (and have converted 15 current pounds to 5 lbs of leg muscle and 10 lbs of weight loss). It did strike me as I was buying this new bike that (despite top of the line components) it cost less than a decent (not top of the line) Hawk mainsail and would last longer than 3 years. If you are looking for growth, you look virtual - esports and such. It is something else I have been doing recently and my gaming team has been ranked in the world top 20 in two games, and there is a hell of a lot of youthful energy there - and more revenues than Hollywood makes. Outdoor and sweat is just not where the youth are today (and that's not a complaint from me - these games are challenging, engaging, skilled based, team based - no worse than wasting you time and money getting blown around by the air).
  10. I dont know how many of you were around in Compuserve sailing forum days, but they had what I still consider a very effective guideline/rule - which was not to engage in 'meta-discussions'. The mods there were happy to have heated discussion of sailing topics, but they pretty quickly shut down "discussions of the discussions" or "discussions of the people". This was a surprisingly simple rule that was effective at keeping things reasonably civil and productive. I to this day maintain that as an objective/aspiration in my posting, but I ofc do stray - as for instance this post is a 'meta - post'.
  11. was looking for something else, but ran across this - last time I had legs and lungs. Full time offshore sailing is very 'healthy', but it sure is not suited to bike fitness. Some of you will be able to date the pic by the bike frame.
  12. But Bob, we all know designers dont sail - something to do with ego's being water soluble. I have told the North guys to be sure to note down that this thread is all your fault. They will charge you double next time you get a price. A good woven Dacron sail, is hard to beat value for a boat like yours. If you want to spend a bit more $ for a bit more 'performance' Go radial for main, and laminate for jib . . . but dont feel you 'need to'.