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  1. Rule 17 (dont turn to port) relates to the stand on vessel. And was not a head-on hypothetical (where stb is also general rule) The hypothetical question above was action with respect to a give way vessel in a behind the beam crossing. The hypothetical question had the stand on (crossing) vessel behind the beam, so a turn to starboard by give way would have been right across her bows. Trying to sneak across stand on's bows in a collision situation is rather discouraged. Yes, I agree starboard by general preference, but stand-on's obligation is to prevent the collision as cleanly as possible, and in the hypothetical (as I interpreted it) that was port. You can interpret it differently and come to a different answer - a problem with limited detail hypotheticals.
  2. LB I have you on Ignore . . but to save Whisper the agro of answering you . . . . I was indicating that I thought the reaction of a containership (eg commercial) could be different than the reaction of a Destroyer. The containership will generally react with a turn as their best collision avoidance, while destroyer can combine speed change and turn.
  3. My area here is automated control & (learning) game theory, not force structure . . . but . . . . #1 I am not totally convinced those are exclusive choices. Because (a) just as an example . . . . The main 120mm smooth bore gun on the new russian T14 MBT is in an unmanned automated turret and can target and fire a quite wide range of munitions (including antiair). and (b) a swarm can either be homogeneous or heterogeneous, and (c) with our military budgets we could have all kinds for the price of one aircraft carrier. #2 on size - that can be defined on different parameters - tonnage, manpower, cost, force projection capability, etc. Tonnage is probably the least interesting of these metrics of size. Navy always has three environment . . . Blue, green and brown water. And one scenario/proposal is (essentially) to match 3 drone base platforms to those three environments. Another proposal is just one basic size, which are nested in a hive ship for blue water transits. There are some pros and cons to both extreme, I have a personal opinion on size/delivery which is not quite either of those two, and includes also airborne and undersea capabilities. But IB I expect you might have a more informed opinion than I on those questions.
  4. seems to me they need swarms of automated (drone) smallish vessels. these $xb ships with 18th century manning levels dont make much sense.
  5. ^^ would only take him around 550 days at 1.87 mph. Only half a trip by "1000 day" standards
  6. It does not take long for a modern radar to get course and speed indication - and I can immediately assess its distance (if radar does not show it so close I have time to get plot, more visual information and vhf contact). So, you are hypothesizing that this potential collision/stern light/radar target is very close. In which case, I believe I am give way vessel, I make turn to pass which ever side takes me most away from that stern light. (eg if the light is to port of my bow then I turn to starboard) without getting me in trouble with other traffic. Watch target (visual and radar) to get more information. I try to make VHF contact (but that's not primary action it is really a close encounter). At some point I will pass, see more nav lights, get radar data, or make vhf contact, and I can make further decisions. I am give way vessel. If I were commercial my primary tool would be to turn, probably to port as that gives the situation more time to develop (but would depend on other factors); however as Navy, I do have a real speed option. As Navy my decision depends in part on how far away the target is and if I am in fact trying to get somewhere on a schedule. If it is some good distance away and I need to be somewhere, as Navy Destroyer, I would probably speed up enough to open at least 1nm cpa - if not possible thru pure speed then turn a bit also. As Navy, call if the Captain if situation meets standing orders, I probably am not going to flip on AiS, but there are some serious deck lights I could flip on if I was worried I was not seen, and make VHF call if there is time but still concerned container does not understand situation. But honestly as Navy I dont really care what the container ship knows or does not know. My sensors can tell me when they fart, and I have twice their speed and twice their maneuverability. You can never be sure anyone sees anything. But you do need to follow the colreg framework, working the situation as you best understand it. There's no rocket science here - you stay alert, make your moves early, and do the best with the information you have.
  7. Yea, it is an 'interesting' choice. We chose to adapt our lifestyle to 'the sea', and it sure made a lot of things easier, and was a more common choice when we started cruising, when the alternatives were much worse than they are today, but most today are not willing to. (striving for a run on sentence there lol) I wish you luck with the lithium. Early on our first boat we bought the Gel marketing hype, and they failed pretty quickly and expensively. Ever since I have been pretty leery of new battery tech . . . each time something new is hyped I said to myself "until the majority of golf carts and fork lifts switch over I am not going to even seriously look at it".
  8. over the course of this there have been SAR flights from both hawaii and from tahiti. I imagine it is all tahiti now. The French don't have the resources that the US have but they are damn good. The family has done an amazing job getting SAR resources on task.
  9. oh, I so miss messing about with batteries and charging . . . . NOT lol We had great success with T105's . . . . but we followed the 'minimize demand' philosophy. I never considered adding water (every couple months) to them to be any big burden (gave me an opportunity to inspect things which should be done anyway), but their placement was designed to be accessible.
  10. ^^ It is french SAR zone controlled from Tahiti. JRCC Tahiti Type: JRCC | SPOC, Country: French Polynesia SRR: French Polynesia Tel: +689 40 54 16 16 contact@jrcc.pf I suspect you will get good news soon The sailing weather has been very slow on the approach route.
  11. Are you dyslexic? Hypothetically Vessel A going south, Vessel B going E (or NE). They collide. Which side is vessel A hit on - you think port side - really? Can I offer a simple drawing LOL I really hope you are not assigned ROW or collision avoidance duty. But I have no idea what track Navy was on, only that this makes it look like #1 they could have predicted/expected the port turn by Crystal, and that #2 they may have been in (or near) crystal's TSS lane.
  12. Both Going north? No. The collision happened near (or in) the eastern half of the TSS, with a NE course for the container ship, after making a port turn just exactly per the TSS.
  13. Have not seen this mentioned before. There is a (voluntary) TSS along the Crystal"s track, indicating the Port turn exactly where she made it . . . somewhat suggesting that the Navy should have been expecting it and that navy might well have been in the wrong TSS lane.
  14. It is Accident ID: DCA91MM029 NTIS Number: PB92-916406. I am sure the report is available, but you may have to go thru a request procedure. I used to have a paper copy but it is long gone and all I have not is my summary notes. There 'should have been' a USCG investigation, but as you noted there were 'rumors' of navy playing politics (and something odd about the AP vessel ownership) and the investigation was instead taken by the NTSB (who are very good investigators). ------------------------------------------- On the Navy collision . . . OT but . . . . . yea . . . I can understand how this happened from the commercial ship side . . . . . They are under severe cost pressure likely only one or two on the bridge, likely not strong discipline, possible equipment repaired needed, navy not transmitting ais, commercial ship stand on vessel. Bad, but I can visualize how it could happen. But I have to say, I don't understand at all how this could happen on the navy vessel, even with all the discussion about about stronger or weaker bridge crew. They don't have any of the above excuses. Clear calm night. Fully manned, state of the art tracking equipment - target trackable visually, on ais, and on radar. Navy give way. How can they possibly not know this ship was on a collision course? No matter how many u turns it did, they certainly had the resources to track it 7x24, #1 tracking should have been automatic, alarms going off at some stage in the encounter and #2 should have been obvious to watch standarders who's only job was to avoid this exact situation. I really don't get it. And yes, it has happened before. Can someone describe a plausible bridge scenario how this happens, short of them turning off all their tracking gear and instead everyone watching porn on the big screens?