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  1. ^^ ok, decent argument . . . . but my team mates would disagree (strongly) - for several reasons, but the most obvious they would point out is that there are 6 and 7 figure prizes money in the tournaments we play - that is a 'real' consequence . I don't really care either way.
  2. lol - funny - I specifically/explicitly committed myself to not wearing Lycra until I could do decent pace on a half century . . . (and have converted 15 current pounds to 5 lbs of leg muscle and 10 lbs of weight loss). It did strike me as I was buying this new bike that (despite top of the line components) it cost less than a decent (not top of the line) Hawk mainsail and would last longer than 3 years. If you are looking for growth, you look virtual - esports and such. It is something else I have been doing recently and my gaming team has been ranked in the world top 20 in two games, and there is a hell of a lot of youthful energy there - and more revenues than Hollywood makes. Outdoor and sweat is just not where the youth are today (and that's not a complaint from me - these games are challenging, engaging, skilled based, team based - no worse than wasting you time and money getting blown around by the air).
  3. I dont know how many of you were around in Compuserve sailing forum days, but they had what I still consider a very effective guideline/rule - which was not to engage in 'meta-discussions'. The mods there were happy to have heated discussion of sailing topics, but they pretty quickly shut down "discussions of the discussions" or "discussions of the people". This was a surprisingly simple rule that was effective at keeping things reasonably civil and productive. I to this day maintain that as an objective/aspiration in my posting, but I ofc do stray - as for instance this post is a 'meta - post'.
  4. was looking for something else, but ran across this - last time I had legs and lungs. Full time offshore sailing is very 'healthy', but it sure is not suited to bike fitness. Some of you will be able to date the pic by the bike frame.
  5. But Bob, we all know designers dont sail - something to do with ego's being water soluble. I have told the North guys to be sure to note down that this thread is all your fault. They will charge you double next time you get a price. A good woven Dacron sail, is hard to beat value for a boat like yours. If you want to spend a bit more $ for a bit more 'performance' Go radial for main, and laminate for jib . . . but dont feel you 'need to'.
  6. The info I had, said it was more reliable/durable than Ultegra (which was the alternative). Functionally I doubt I would know the difference in a blind test.
  7. nothing super fancy - Trek Domane frame with dura-ace. Just a nice relatively comfortable bike for long rides on country roads. ^^ and yea, fufkin, the Domane frame has a damping system also - "Front and Adjustable Rear IsoSpeed decouplers" - they felt good on my test ride. ^^^^ Fast, the gear thing has changed since I last bought a bike - I had 3 cogs in front and now only have 2 (11 in the back). That and the disk brakes seem like the big changes (other than the frame refinements). I'm obviously way out-of-date on developments.
  8. I dont think I ever scratched my mast with it, but I'm not 100% sure - my mast was not aesthetically perfect to start with. I did go up at sea a couple times solo with this gear, and it is just all about getting comfortable (and wearing a bit of padding). It is scary the first couple times, and I dont particularly like heights, but you pretty soon realize you are not going to die and you just need to get the job done. If you think you might do this at sea - go up and down a couple times the week before you leave for passage (yea, I know you will be busy). I did get and use a set of the foot ascenders, but I never really felt as secure with them - probably did not use them enough. But they sure were fast at the dock. That unicender is neat - will have to get one and see if it is as good as it looks
  9. jfyi, I saw this "The expected lifespan from the date of delivery is: 5 years for North Panel Cloth Coastal and Radian sails, 4 Years for North Panel Laminate Tour sails and 3 years for 3Di Endurance Sails." in North's Cruising Sail Quality Guarantee What I was looking for was some current detail on how 3di is doing the leach edge detail. qwerty123's comment about the scarf not being a stress riser is really a red herring because panel seams (even very blunt ones) typically dont fail due to stress riser fatigue at the edges. Perhaps a few have, but that is not the majority failure mode - which is that the join simply comes apart (a close review of their warranty data would confirm this. I had a very typical example with a North paneled spectra mainsail. Some abrasion on the stitching from a spreader, and the seam just peeled open for several feet). However the issue he brings up (stress riser edge fatigue failure) is a real failure point on leaches - where the doubled over leach tape creates a hard point which the sail flutter hinges on and weakens the fabric right in front of it. I was curious how this was currently handled in 3di - if that construction solved or reduced it it at all. The photos seem to show that they are still using a doubled over tape (but perhaps a narrower one than normal?) to constrain the leach line - and the edges dont look like they are staggered (as is best practice on 'regular' sails). But it may be that they are able to step the cloth there to smooth the transition and create less of a hinge? It that is actually the case, they would have a detail that is specific honest and productive to talk about (but obviously not if the leach transition is not actually significantly smoothed by the normal tape layout).
  10. another quick thread drift . . . . can anyone suggest decent road bike riding (rides not necessarily racing) forum or sites? I just ordered a new bike - should be delivered sometime next week. Currently doing "3 a days" so I will not embarrass the new bike. Have a suitably balanced life atm - spending some lovely time with my mother, coffee table conversation with bob and North, and the 3 a days (oh yea, and play time with the cat)
  11. LOL . . . I would not be happy if someone sold me a 'seamless' rope or piece of webbing, and I discovered it had a splice in it - even a 'tapered one'. Same with a long piece of teak for say a toe rail - if it was sold as 'seamless' I would not expect to find a scarf join. Also, your (I am presuming you are from North) 3di sails have broken just exactly at these seams - when the adhesive got f&^ked up - opened up, tore clear across - there are public photos. If you only want to compare to a rolled goods simple overlap seam - yes I agree there is less of a stress riser - but there are ways to make a rolled good seam better than that. And at least when I was involved, the 3di seam did in fact add some bulk (to get zero bulk you would have to exactly match a one tape step down/step up by hand placement across the entire width of the sail, which I dont believe you have the qa to do, nor actually would want to do) . I suspect these are going to be pretty decent sails, especially if you keep the price to competitive Dacron levels. But I think we can both agree that a total lack of structural panel joins (used just to avoid the semantic game you are playing) is not one of the benefits. You don't need to be slime balls - you actually have good products.