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  1. harrygee

    FFS power tools

    First thing to try is, with the LEAD UNPLUGGED, grab the router chuck and rotate it. Then fire it up and see if it goes. Same with any power tool that has a commutator motor. Cheers
  2. harrygee

    New Stuffing box

    Whatever system is used, I'm in the habit of clipping some big cable-ties loosely over the tube so that, in the event of catastrophic failure, plastic bags can be shoved around the tube and shaft and cable-tied in place, without the drama of trying to fit cable-ties around the shaft with water lapping at your nose. Cheers
  3. harrygee

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    I just spent two hours trying to read faster than you blokes can write. Thank Christ someone started a new thread. It's like running up the down escalator. Plenty of wind here now, NW gusting forties. I see Tasman Island had NW gusting 66 knots earlier. That must be fun around Cape Raoul.
  4. harrygee

    Launceston to Hobart yacht race 2018

    Where else do you find the atmosphere that Hobart has every year? Would money make it better? Seasons greetings all round.
  5. harrygee

    Melbourne to Hobart / Devonport 2018

    Tempting fate. Have a Plan B for that coast. Nice boat, fair winds.
  6. harrygee

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Bucc. Don is an alpha male, born with the collective knowledge of the human race. Alpha males don't make mistakes. They don't learn from them either.
  7. harrygee

    Handheld GPS for backup

    Navionics on a cheap water-proof phone (Sony have been waterproof since the Z1, light-years ahead of the rest.) Works offshore, forget about the "no signal" stuff. I wasn't keen on my Garmin 78 CSX (bought for paragliding, which it handled well) and it drowned eventually.
  8. I race my two boats (24' cruising mono, 30' racing tri) single-handed against fully crewed boats and do okay, especially when it's light. Communication is quicker between brain-cells (not much) and there's no hand-brake. Both boats are set up properly. I can sail off the mooring in either boat in 8 minutes, main and jib. I used to have good crew but club polititions moved them on. Good luck with your proposal, hopefully it will spread and I'll have a chance to race other single-handers.
  9. harrygee

    making a bigger hole

    It's not that hard if you have a bit of space to work in. Us a holesaw of the size you want. Hold the edge of the holesaw against the edge of your existing hole and angle your drill so that only the edge is in contact, acting as a guide. Probably 20 degrees or more but I've never measured it. Hold your drill firmly and, at low speed, start drilling. The holesaw will soon create a groove and you can start to reduce the angle if you want a round hole. The new hole will be off-centre from the old, if that matters.
  10. harrygee

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    If he can afford the loss of one of his poles, he can use one as a "spreader". Clipped to the shroud on the "vulnerable " side, strapped to the spreader forward of the mast with a knotted halyard through the other clip and anchored at the toerail / chainplate, it would reduce movement at the lower spreader. It limits overlapping headsails and makes rafting up a bit challenging but that's the least of his worries. I'd send a picture if I knew how.
  11. harrygee

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Ours was a two-tonner, 42 ft. For Pacific cruising I'd prefer one of our multis, with 2 ft draft, rather than the 7 ft plus, a bit limiting.
  12. harrygee

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    You may be right Jack (again). We had Mercedes V as a cruising home for a few years. We chose to cruise in conditions that we could handle but the boat felt bomb-proof. Olaf, I have to agree. I used a heavy No. 2 on a furler and a staysail. Single-handed her a few thousand miles, big three-speed winches made it easier.
  13. harrygee

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    An interesting discussion and this is a lot easier than the school of hard knocks. The consensus seems to be that boats of the IOR era, even if they weren't IOR boats, were a handful running, regardless of the keel. I've sailed "offshore" (out of sight of land, for lack of a better definition) in dozens of full-keel boats of this type and a similar number of fin-keelers but I didn't go looking for trouble. Without pushing the boats, they were squirrely running in moderate to big seas and IMHO, the boats built to the later IOR distortions were the worst of them. I'd have to be happier running square in one of these long-keel clunkers than a late-design IOR of similar size, especially if I had to do it with a windvane. I think they'd be more forgiving for longer, less prone to broaching (I expect Heede broached, I think Don misunderstood him) until they reached the point where they start nose-diving, a point that they would reach before an IOR boat would do the same. The formula that produced these "race" boats makes some sense. Affordable, known attributes and weaknesses, load-carrying, agricultural to maintain and repair. They just have a habit of falling over.
  14. harrygee

    Stripping Paint from Hull interior

    Be very careful if using powerful paint-strippers in a poorly-vented area. A friend of mine suffered multiple heart-failures on the way to hospital after doing just that. He had access to some evil stuff from work. For grinding work inside a boat, I use a plug-in speed reducer to reduce the amount of dust that gets flung around.
  15. harrygee

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    I have to agree. Hopefully, after the event, some information will come out so that we can all learn from it. I'd be interested to know whether the tactics varied and, especially, whether any tried the tactic mentioned way back in the thread, of running with small headsail / staysail, sheeted hard and flat amidships, and, if so, did it work? Did they tow warps? There are other boats in the same area and we're not hearing much about them so what sets these almost-one-designs apart?