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  1. Alex W

    ePropulsion and Torqeedo experiences

    I do want to try it (on someone else's boat first) to get a feeling for how motor sailing works out. If a small amount of motor power plus a small amount of wind turns into moving at a reasonable rate then that can be better than diesel. I hate motor sailing with the diesel because it's so loud. The other thing to note is that carcrash's speeds are all at 5 knots, where a most people would probably motor his boat at 6.5-7 knots. That extra 1.5-2 knots probably requires double the power, not a big deal for most diesel-based deliveries, but a lot with batteries. If I didn't care about race deliveries and were just cruising I'd be pretty happy with an electric system over diesel. 30-40nm range at slower speeds would more than cover my daily needs. The big downside there is that I'd end up staying in marinas much more often to power back up (right now we anchor a lot when cruising).
  2. Alex W

    ePropulsion and Torqeedo experiences

    Diesel is 7lbs per gallon, so 140lbs. Battleborn 100ah batteries are 31lbs each, so 124lbs (source ElectricYacht QuietTorque 10kw motor is 65lbs (source That's 27 gallons of diesel. Not bad, but not under 20 gallons. It looks like your range in ideal conditions (1.5KW @ 5 knots) is about 15nm. Bump this to 60nm (a reasonable delivery day for racing around here, 12 hours at 5 knots) and you'd need 500lbs of batteries (20KWh) and the total system weight isn't looking quite as attractive. I'm interested in going in this direction if our diesel ever fails, but it does have big limitations.
  3. Alex W

    V-berth anarchy

    Vaeredil: Some boats have a good setup for that. I've seen ones where the V-berth bottoms fold up against the wall or come out, leaving a more easily organized space. I try not to keep many sails in the V-berth because weight up there doesn't seem to be good for our performance. I can see the boat sit bow down a bit just at the dock if I throw a couple of headsails up there. It's a lot of volume over a very small area of water. I've always prioritized buying boats with good quarterberths since they are nice for storage and for cruising. Our Express 37 has no cockpit lockers which means it has two huge quarterberths that connect across into one queen sized quarterberth for cruising or hold a lot of our sails. 7 years ago I ruled out a C&C 30 that I was looking at because it had no quarterberths, just huge cockpit lockers.
  4. Alex W

    V-berth anarchy

    Put in a bar overhead that you can hang onto and sort of swing in from. It makes a big difference.
  5. That’s an entirely different and much wetter experience than everything else you’ve mentioned. Do you want that level of exposure?
  6. Alex W

    V-berth anarchy

    They vary a lot boat to boat. I do remember having those some questions on my Catalina 25.
  7. Alex W

    new halyards

    I haven’t had as good of luck on eBay over the last two years. I normally buy line at Fisheries Supply. It’s local, they have a big selection, and the pricing is good.
  8. Alex W

    Are mast mounted displays better wired or wireless?

    You probably already have navigation lights, VHF and maybe a wind instrument cable going through the mast step. One more for instruments isn’t a big deal. Wired ones don’t require recharging and thus don’t turn off at inconvenient times.
  9. I don’t think Torqeedo or ePropulsion is using LFP. EP Carry is. You can get good service life out of LiPo by rarely doing a full charge or full discharge. This is how lithium car batteries (also rarely LFP) last so long. For example my electric car has a 22kwh battery but the car only uses the middle 18kwh. Tesla does the same which is why they can “unlock” extra capacity in emergency situations (like evacuations). On my ebike I charge to 4.05v per cell instead of 4.2v per cell for the same reason. Occasionally I’ll do a completely full charge if I need the range.
  10. It’s not that bad to ride without the assist, but I might be late picking up my son from school. The battery is locked to the bike, so Steele would need to carry a huge bike in his dinghy...
  11. Thanks for the offer to try. I’m just going to buy it, I think it’ll work well for my needs. I thought the same at first, but if you read the listing it is for 4 batteries (they talk about it as 2 pairs of 2 batteries). It does look like they’ve probably sat for a long time though.
  12. Alex W

    Help identifying a sail

    Leitch and McBride is in Victoria. Search local racing results for the sail number and you’ll find out what boat it came from. If you advertise is cheaply or for free someone might be interested for using it during practice.
  13. Steele and I keep our boats a couple of slips apart from each other. I think I’ll have the 3rd EP Carry on the dock, a woman across the dock from me also has one. The batteries that I’m using aren’t cheaper, I just already have them. They occasionally get used when I need longer range on my e-cargo-bike. I have two of these 36V 10ah made by AllCell: This is 4 brand new batteries identical to the EP Carry battery for $600. It would be a good deal for two EP Carry owners to split it:
  14. Alex W

    Block Costs and Value for Harken?

    Sorry about the incorrect info and confusion.
  15. Funny IStream, the first thing he asked in his email was if we had met at the boat show and I brought up supplying my own battery there. He might have confused me for you. I do admit it is a niche market that is targeting since the motor is best suited to small rigid dingies — not the most popular choice. The motor should have plenty of power for my needs. My dinghy can’t plane anyway. The main thing holding me back was his small battery, but being able to use my surplus ebike batteries solves that problem for me. I have two high quality 360wh (36V/10ah) batteries that are right at 5lbs each, together in parallel they’ll give me a run time of 3 hours at full throttle. I’ll probably package them in a Pelican case.