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  1. My single favorite tool that is never mentioned is a MityVac brake fluid pump, preferably with the 16oz/500ml reservoir. This has gotten me out of many engine issues. The basic use is to prime the fuel system, but I've also used it to suck water out of a fuel tank (through the fuel gauge hole), get the bilge bone dry after an internal fuel spill, pre-fill a fuel filter when changing under way, or even change the oil in a dinghy outboard. It doesn't weigh anything and I store it under the floor boards so it doesn't take any space. On heavy tools: I currently carry a full socket set, but measured all of the fasteners on the boat (especially key parts of the engine) and figured out that I can get away with carrying a pretty small set of sockets. That'll save a few pounds and space. On my old boat I often had over 100lbs of tools and spares onboard. On the new boat I'm trying to keep that closer to 10lbs.
  2. Why don't you use the main halyard to support the boom while on the mooring ball? You can use the mainsheet to oppose the halyard and the boom won't move at all. This is how my Express 37 is when at rest (and every other boat that I've raced on with a rigid vang). Having said that I'll also say that every Express 37 that I've seen pictures of has replaced the hydraulic vang with a spring-based block and tackle rigid vang. My boat has a Quikvang.
  3. vyacht.net is a similar device for $100 less and a more powerful CPU. It doesn't have the analog inputs for measurements, but does the rest.
  4. With end for end poles there is no forward. The pole flips direction when you jibe. So the ring needs to be centered.
  5. It doesn't have anything to do with BJ style cruising, but I just ordered flexible panels knowing that they aren't well built or reliable. Even if they only work for a few weeks they are cheaper than staying in a marina to get power. At least the crappy panels are cheap! They will only be installed for a month or less per year, which hopefully makes them last longer. Most of the time they'll live in my dark basement.
  6. I found the dimensions on sailboatdata, which is often wrong. They do appear to be for masthead though (typically a fractional would have a shorter J). Standard spinnaker pole length is J length. If you have an oversized kite (larger in girth) you'd typically use an oversized pole. If you aren't sure on the kite you could find the most recent PHRF cert on the boat and see how the kite was measured.
  7. You said the pole is 14.5', and J on that boat is 13.9', so it does sound like the pole is slightly oversized. I can't imagine doing a dip pole jibe without a car that is easy to move. What a pain! I've done dip pope jibes with removing the pole from the mast and putting it back, but that boat flew asym kites so we just flew the kite off of the tack line during the jibe.
  8. I'm super impressed by both WCWO and KMIYC. I don't think KMIYC has slept at all for the last 3 nights to stay ahead of WCWO. It's buried in the WCWO video, but KMIYC did do the buyback. I think this gives them the top possible cash prizes, $1000 for first sub-20 boat and $10,000 for the buyback. Of course they don't have a boat anymore. It also looks like Roger on Discovery might have slept from midnight to 5am.
  9. I had the same trouble with older Harken winches on my boat. Take them apart slowly and take a lot of photos and you'll figure it out.
  10. Properly barely takes more time. Just go one day and drill and remove core, full with epoxy, and go back the next day to put it all together. You probably want a break halfqay through the project. If it is just one fitting with a few holes you can buy a tube of 5 minute epoxy and do it all quickly. I usually give it more like 30 minutes to cure before drilling. In this case it really doesn't take much time at all.
  11. There are two side bets listed this year. One from Small Craft Advisor for first sub-20 foot boat to finish and one from Fisheries Supply for first DNF due to time.
  12. There is no single handed prize. I wonder if we can get 10 people chipping in $100 each to make a "side bet" $1000 prize before they finish. I'll put in $100. Is anyone close to the race organizers who can make it official?
  13. From the last wcwo video I don't think that they want to do the buyback. So they could be putting a lot of mental pressure on kmiyc that actually won't change the outcome. The section of the video that makes me think this is when wcwo said the boat owner wanted to cruise these waters in one direction and used the race as an excuse to do a fast delivery in the other. They are very happily surprised to be doing this well. Go team wcwo!
  14. They appear to be through the shallow stuff, now they are just dodging rocks. Nice move! Tide there right now is around 6.5 feet, so there was decent enough water under them. It still looked like they'd be threading a needle. They are moving slowly right now. Cool that Big Broderna went that way too. Their tracker appeared to be down then, so it doesn't show on the replay.
  15. Ketch Me If You Can appears to be attempting to transit Higgins Passage. I think some portaging is in their future. They'll be there near low tide, but low tide right now is +4 so maybe they'll be okay with some pushing. I wish we'd have eyes on them during the transit!