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  1. Can you run the spin sheets to cabin top winches instead of to your secondaries? If not can you swap the location of the primaries and secondaries? That is a lot of work, but they probably need reversing anyway... Otherwise you can put a second block forward of your existing one that tweaks how the spin sheet runs along the rail. You may also need this to sheet off of cabin top winches.
  2. We have one like that which we call our sunshade and use when cruising. I want to make another one out of heavier material for when the boat is just at the dock that directs most rain away from windows and hardware. Last year I used a cheap poly tarp, but something nicer would be great. Has anyone made a second "boom" put of PVC that lives over the flaked sail or under the real boom to hold the tarp up?
  3. I mostly use charts in Canada, so NOAA charts don't help me. I know the US waters around me well enough that I mostly use paper charts. Canada doesn't give away their charts like NOAA and is in fact quite fond of them. Navionics charts are a bargain in comparison (and I like them). I've used AIS with iNavX just to try it out, but don't like the iNavX UX very much. I did it using a homemade NMEA 2000 to WiFi gateway, but now you could probably do it with the Signal-K stack more easily.
  4. That was a fun day and nice to meet so much of the cruising group. I did see DDW's boat sail both Saturday and Sunday. We sailed to the party on his boat, and on Sunday I caught up with him on the water and took photos or Anamoly sailing. Having a racing boat has made cruising here easier. I think we were under way for about 70 or 75 hours of cruising in July and motored under 30 hours (I know that from the hour counter). That isn't an awesome ratio, but it's a pretty good one for July in the Salish Sea. We rarely saw other boats sailing, even in perfect downwind conditions. Even racier boats like a C&C 115 would motor near us with their sail cover still on while there was a 15 knot breeze. I'm not sure why they bother with a sailboat vs a trawler.
  5. I do it, but have a Raymarine plotter (below decks) and use their software to show AIS on the iPad above decks. This isn't that cheap of a solution, but it works well for us and the plotter is useful with the autopilot and other instruments. It can be pretty cheap if you buy an older used unit (a65 or e7 for instance). I don't know of any way to get AIS onto the iPad Navionics app, and prefer Navionics to iNavX (though I should re-evaluate that next time my charts expire).
  6. Hope Island is great for a hike and covered in huckleberries at this time of year. I've mostly kayaked down there and can't review too many other spots. Hope Island has state park buoys on the south end.
  7. In the last 5 years I also had better luck with Seaview West than CSR. This was for a rolled on cruising bottom, I'm glad to hear that they'll also do a racing finish because my current boat is due for a big bottom job.
  8. The sound goes away if you support the boom with your main halyard when at the dock. It also keeps the main halyard from slapping against the mast and driving everyone nearby crazy...
  9. Its a furler. The head swivel likely has a 5 or 6mm hole, way too small to tie a bowline through.
  10. ^^^ true enough, the area around Coupeville has good wind and that is why they Whidbey Island Race Week there. The rest of Saratoga passage is often pretty drifty, though I did have a nice couple hours of downwind from near Cama Beach to Langley while coming home from my summer cruise this year. This was taken there: Whidbey is great for cycling, I actually prefer the riding there to the San Juans. Langley is also a nice little harbor to stop at, just don't do it at low tide.
  11. Whidbey is a beautiful place but puts you in the wrong area for good sailing. The harbors are along the windless east side of the island. Anacortes is a trivially short drive to the north end of Whidbey and a quick sail into the San Juans. It's a nice town too with lots of services and good marinas.
  12. The advantage of a super light topping lift (2 or 3mm) is that it flies out of the way of the sails leech in pretty much all conditions. It'll handle normal sail shaping and boom storage loads just fine. I spliced a 18mm ultralite Harken block in and used 3mm double braid along the boom for adjustment.
  13. My boat came with a pair of Lifeline AGM batteries that were 13 years old. The only charging source was a tiny Hitachi alternator with no external regulator. There was a battery combiner that dropped the charging voltage by half a volt or so, enough to keep from coming the batteries. One of them held a charge (and has since moved on to keeping the lights working on a friend's Merit 25), the other was kaput. We used the good one for cruising last summer.
  14. I misremembered the length, which is easy to do since the boat is also sold as the First 34.7.
  15. If you sell it you can always get another one again. Craigslist is just a stream of items to add to or borrow from as you see fit. I just sold my Honda 2hp after not using it for two years of cruising (I had it as a dinghy motor), I just like rowing. Cool little motor but it didn't do anyone any good just hanging out in my garden shed.