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  1. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Where he'll be given a new boat and the whole thing will start again. This is Groundhog Day sailing.
  2. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Most small outboards can be mounted around the rudder gungeons, since the outboards have two clamps on the outside edges and none on centerline. I originally had my outboard mounted off center on the Dyer, but moved it to the centerline. I do think 4hp is a lot for that boat. alex
  3. Hard vs soft dinghy

    My Dyer had a motor mount. I saw another out cruising that had a really elegant motor mount, and the owner (now in his 50s) said it was original. It had two pads exactly located for whatever ancient outboard was on there. My Dyer Midget towed terribly, it rarely wanted to hop onto a plane and would just drag a big hole in the water. I replaced it with a Gig Harbor Ultralight and that tows a lot better (but doesn't have nearly the style points). My outboard was a 2hp Honda, I sold it last summer since I just prefer rowing. I've also owned a few rollup Zodiacs and they suck to row, but seemed to tow a little better than the Dyer (guessing based on old memories and pulling on the tow rope as I motor), but take up the least room when not in use and work well with an outboard.
  4. Battery size for instruments

    The depth pulse is very short (ms) and once per second. It is 100W peak, but close to 0W the rest of the time, so it averages out to milliwatts. For that set of instruments (no lights, no VHF) you'd probably be fine with a pretty small battery like the Lifeline U1 at 33ah and 23lbs. Even if you use half of the capacity (16.5ah) you'd get 33 hours of use. There are similar batteries from other manufacturers. Since you have corrector weights to remove and capacity needs are so low I don't think there is much value in going with lithium.
  5. Boom vang load calculator

    If you can find the details on your boom extrusion you could also compute what it takes to permanently bend the boom, and figure that is the upper end of what your vang needs to support. I don't know if it is helpful, but my boat uses a Harken 1546 block for the vang. It appears to be at least 20 years old and hasn't blown up yet, though there are some chips in one of the sheaves. Main is in the 34-35m^2 range. Max working load for that block is 1724kg.
  6. Tether to masthead?

    On dinghies this is called a trapeze. It's pretty exciting when you swing out too far, but at least with a dinghy that puts you in the water and knocks the boat over, and you probably have a sheet in your hand. On a keelboat it would suck to be drug along with no way of getting back onboard. Even worse you'd be pulling the boat downwind, making it heel even further (until it broaches and snaps into irons, which is a new level of fun).
  7. Slightly Obscure But Very Helpful

    If you look at the picture that I posted there is both a tiller (aft) and a midship lever that acts as a remote tiller. You don't need the latter, you could just move the tiller-attached rope by hand and use the tiller when driving normally.
  8. Slightly Obscure But Very Helpful

    This is an example of what dash34 is talking about from a waterman (crabbing) boat on the chesapeake: The mid-ship lever isn't necessary. You see this a lot on these boats there, but this particular one is at the Maritime Museum in St Michaels, MD.
  9. CHS charts available in PDF?

    There are free tools for converting BSB files to TIFF. You can then convert those to PDF or whatever format you prefer. I used this tool about 10 years ago to convert NOAA charts to TIFF (before the PDF forms were available): http://libbsb.sourceforge.net/
  10. Well, if they will sell it for $500 that is a more reasonable price and let's you practice a lot with it. There is something to be said for having a little more beat up kite in the inventory for practice. I'm 4 for 4 on thinking "the right cheap kite is never going to show up", then getting one for a great deal.
  11. That seller can be pretty expensive in my experience. If you aren't in a rush I would watch for a longer period to find candidate sails. Used cruising spins can be really cheap because a lot of people buy them and never use them. As an example I got an unused North asym kite (51' life) with a sock for $800 last year on eBay. It took me about 4 months of watching to find that though, and I was close to giving up. I've had similar deals on these sails for other boats too.
  12. Engine mount replacement

    Not the seal, I have experience with the PSS. A flexible shaft coupling goes between the part of the coupling attached to the shaft and the part attached to the transmission.
  13. Engine mount replacement

    Do you shorten the prop shaft when adding a flexible shaft coupling to keep the prop as close to the strut as possible? I'm also overhauling my prop shaft and wondering if I should insert a flexible shaft coupling (the boat didn't have one installed prior).
  14. Misogyny in sailing?

    This is it exactly. I deal with/ignore the misogyny here because there are nuggets (including your rudder thread) where I learn a lot of stuff. I've also met some people on here who I've had fun sailing with (or competing against) in real life. I'm glad that the recent headline news on this stuff has brought this up as a discussion on here. I've always seen it shot down quickly when raised in the past.
  15. Misogyny in sailing?

    You do control the front page though, and that is often at least as sexist as the forums. Example post: http://sailinganarchy.com/2017/10/29/welcome-to-lisbon/ What is this doing besides objectifying women? How are posts like this supposed to make all sailors feel welcome to this site? Sailing Anarchy is one of the primary (if not the primary) sources for information on competitive sailing on the internet, and having the front page be a major turnoff for over half the population isn't going to help people think that sailing is free of misogyny. Thankfully I don't run into the same stuff in my day to day interactions with local sailors...