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  1. Foiling Week Sydney... Speed comparisons?

    I was told one UFO will be in Aust in a week or two, and another 18 will be here in a month or two.
  2. Foiling Week Sydney... Speed comparisons?

    Foiling Week Sydney: Friday's race around the harbour. 15 to 17kt NE. 2 Superfoilers launched, one crashed before starting, other one with Outteridge, Ashby and Jenson, got upwind to Manly and had two big crashes in moderate waves on the way back to Woollahra. 4 moths and 2 ACats atarted a half hour later and sailed the course without incident. 3 moths convicingly beat the ACats, including Stevie Brewin, the other moth pulled out. Some Waszps were out sailing, mostly taking beginners out for a ride, did not race. AMAC was fastest moth in about 54 minutes for I think 21NM, mostly upwind/downwind course. There are no other foilers at FW. The UFO did not make it from US in time. Saturday, one superfoiler launched early, drifted about and came home before the big 35kt westerly hit. No moths. A couple of Waszps out before and after the big winds, some joy rides and some beginners. Sunday, not there, no ide,a but its blowing 25-30 in Sydney so I doubt anything is happenning. There are 5 Superfoilers at Woollahra, three were ready to sail on Friday but other 2 were still being assembled. Last one will come from the factory this week. They have 3 weeks before their first regatta in Adelaide. They are going to be very busy, building, training crews and then dissasembly, transport, rebuild in Adelaide. There were about 20 people working on them Friday but only a few on saturday. There were 7 speakers presenting at the semnar. Some intersting stuff but nothing new or revealing.
  3. Bangin the corners cup 2018

    Chris, you obviosly have not seen a fleet of Waszps and Moths in light winds. Punters want action not still life. In the winds they had last saturday all the waszps would be low riding. Might as well use Opis.
  4. SuperFoiler Grand Prix

    Interesting first race today: http://www.mysailing.com.au/latest/superstars-stack-super-foilers-on-sydney-harbour
  5. Bangin the corners cup 2018

    These guys would be love to be doing this more often. Randy and Beau fit it in between real work. But its a very low cost show compared to the Extremes or SuperFoilers. They just need a sponsor to fit out 10 std Mach2s (pelnty of used Mach2s around at bargain prices) with identical gear and sponsors logos. It could all fit inside one 40ft container and ship to multiple venues. Cost would be only a few % of the big boats and with a mixture of stars and local sailors it would make a better show. Go to Bangin the Corners on FB if you want to contact them.
  6. Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    No bolt ropes Jethrow, if the sail attaches along a spar the spar area gets added on.
  7. Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    GBR posted while I was writing. I totally agree with everything he has said. If you are not already doing 18 upwind and 29 downwind as well as nailing every tack and gybe plus all the shifts, just do not bother. Go sail your moth, keep learning and most of all have fun.
  8. Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    1. The KA decksweeper rigs used at Malcesine and Wangi have the mast shortenned by about 250mm, 100 off the top and 150 off the bottom from memory. In Malcesine they had weird boxes fitted to the deck which sealed the foot. These did not fit in for the return trip, so they were not used in Wangi. There are only 4 of these sails/rig built so far. They are not yet commerially available. 2. Last year we changed the way the luff limit is measured. Previously it was band on the mast at 5.185m now we measure the sail with a 5.185 max. So previously stretched, now in relaxed state, so new sails are being made longer by about 150mm. Same area limits, but now slightly higher aspect ration. The KA sails with the boom between a double skin measure to this luff length. The newest Norths and Lennons are also built to the new longer limit. 3. AMAC says the endplate effect of the deck box was significant, but he did not bother making new boxes and the boats went pretty well at Wangi anyway. 4. The 4 boats with these rigs had previously had the stumps lowered. (AMAC's and Harry's are teh same boats at both venues, but Peter's and Scott's at Malcesine were different boats to Nathan's and Scott's at Wangi.) Not sure to what extent. Lots of M2 have had these modifications. You can apparently cut up to about 40m off the bottom of the stump and just bend down the comp struts, sounds dodgy to me. many cut off more and then cut and shorten the comp struts and rebond them. These look like the later version of the fork/wing bars sold as upgrades. A few others, like Scott, have lowered the stup to the foredeck level and moved the comp struts to the hull. A smaller number have strengthenned the main tubes and deleted the comp bars. 5. A few people are making big efforts to close the gap between boom and sail. Not just the double skin but also some soft panels with shockcord fitting neatly to the boom. 6. Lowering the rig seems to be more advantage to small people. Bigger people appear to suffer more in lighter air. 7. Lowering the rig shortens the leach of the sail, considering we still need space to get under the boom quickly. Some aerodymacists consier leach length more important than luff length. The deck sweeper component of these sails only extends back less than half the foot length, again the aerodynamic theory suggests the end plate is more beneficial at the back of the sail/wing.
  9. What Is It? Foiling Ghost...

    No Terry, the aerohydrofoil one was a US navy reserach scientist.
  10. What Is It? Foiling Ghost...

    At least Bernard Smith actually built his fantacies and tested them: http://www.oocities.org/aerohydro/designframeset.htm in the 1950s too. Some people do not learn from history.
  11. Moth - adding bladder to tramp

    The last day of our nationals we foiled out to the scheduled 1200 start where the wind dropped and we waited for 3 hours until it returned, just before the lime limit expired, thenhad a very nice short race to close out the event. Having generous floaties made the wait bearable. Too much and the boat can invert and not be rightable.
  12. Moth - adding bladder to tramp

    I used to use what we call pool noodles which looks like you call swim floaters. 2 plus one split down the middle in each wing seemed to give enough support. Mach2 floaties give a little more.
  13. Moths at Wangi

    WE do not have low riding races at regattas. By the time the wind settles in direction enough its usually at least 8kts and the lightweights start to foil. Even the lowriding heavyweights with foiling boats beat Ian around one lap. He is slighty slower upwind and heaps slower downwind compared to the narrow boats, even with added foil drag. Ian does not pretend to be as fast as the champs from peak Scow era, but the scow era ended when the narrow boats were simply faster, adding the foils slows them a bit while low riding but not much.
  14. There were 45 Australian at the Malcesine worlds, but at Wangi last week I found no one saying they were definately going to Bermuda. Its getting pretty late now to be starting the planning. Our association is not getting any feedback from requests to Bermuda about freight or accom. From local enquiry freight seems to require double handing via UK or US and double the cost and time for anywhere else. So do not expect much Aust participation if any.