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  1. Phil S

    best new foiler for beginner?

    I can not argue with someone who has all his expertise from not doing the very thing he is talking about.
  2. Phil S

    best new foiler for beginner?

    Gybing is heaps easier than tacking on foils. Not unlike any planing boat: go fast, turn steadilly with confidence, cross the boat before the boom moves, pop the battens and hike early on the new tack. Boat speed makes it easier as the apparent wind gets softer and eventually comes around the front. But windage is minimal. The battens must pop easilly, so excess sail depth will have you in the middle of the boat shaking the boom and this is SLOW. Unlike planing boats you are going faster than the waves so just do not do it when climbing the back of waves, as the sail pressure comes off the bow will lift a little riding too high in waves leads to crashes. With gybing there is only a half second where the sail is not driving the boat unlike tacking where there are several seconds of no sail drive and huge adverse windage. So gybing is mostly about technique, while foil tacking is at least 50% about equipment.
  3. Phil S

    best new foiler for beginner?

    Tom, you are setting a very high target. Foil tacking is a rare thing. At the recent moth Perth worlds less than half the 120 boat fleet could consistantly foil tack, you can see the differenec between the footage from the front of the gold fleet and the footage of the silver fleet. Only the best, fittest moth sailors with the best kit do it well. I manage one occasionally to great excitement, my excuse is I am too old and do not spend enough money on my boat. All the videos of Wazsps foiling I have seen are by people out of this elete moth group. Its mostly technique but good kit makes it much easier to learn. In moths it generally requires low drag rig and foils, to get the most glide time when the rig is not driving the boat. The unstayed wishbone rigs and fat aluminium foils fall well short in this area. These might make for slower speed take off and easy rigging but do not help with foiling tacks. We know its possible on a Waszp but not consistantly. The UFO does have better carbon foils but as you say the ergonomics are an issue, it also has much more hull windage. The Wazsp, Skeeta, Nicki, (KA and Glidefree) all have alloy foils with plastic tips. We know nothing about the NZ Fly foils yet. My criteria for a successful foiler has always been that the boat must sail upwind consitantly significantly faster on foils than a similay boat would without foils. We see that the WASP and UFO achieve this, I suspect the Skeeter and Nicki will also, the foiling laser does not even with the same foil sections, but I am still dubious about most of the other new designs with multiple foils sticking out in all directions and outrageous claims.
  4. Phil S

    best new foiler for beginner?

    Yes, the FLY will be less stable than a UFO or Nicki, but it is shown floating in the pool with mast up and its not falling over. All three boats are good value and seem ideal for small newcomers to foiling. Each can serve local markets. UFO is well ahead, Nicki has not taken off yet, maybe the market is not as big as some think. Its going to be a tough year for anyone trying to sell anything.
  5. Phil S

    "High Performace" Stitch and Glue Kits?

    More like this Jethrow and Simon, 45 years ago I did sell paper plans but well before anything digital.
  6. Phil S

    "High Performace" Stitch and Glue Kits? Some interetsting projects here.
  7. Phil S

    2020 JJ Giltinan 14-22 March

    What a dominating performance by HONDA today. Hard to see them not taking series #3. Aside: The NZ team all competed today, so have accepted the NZ government ultimatum that all NZ arrivals after today will need to undertake 14 day self quarantine. These guys are really dedicated to their sailing. (The Aust govt have just implmented the same reqirement for arrivals in Aust.) This virus is really messing up our world.
  8. Phil S

    Buying a Moth

    Advancing to the top is not what most moth sailors aspire too, the top is a very rarefied environment occupied by olympians and professional sailors. Most of us are content with mediocraty because the thrill of racing a moth is just so much better than anything else.
  9. My new boat is older than my old boat but its worth half as much money and I enjoy sailing it more.87036234_3129117510466114_7508031612878061568_o.thumb.jpg.f4f5ab296c4f58b0319179cb9206984f.jpg

  10. Phil S

    Buying a Moth

    Contact Andrew McDougall at Mach2, he will know all the moth sailors in Melbourne and all the Mach2 boats for sale. He sails at Black Rock. There are also some at Sorrento. Mach2 is the most numerous Moth in Australia. Been about now for 10 years. Used ones range from $30k to $10k depending on age and state of foil and rig upgrade. The older ones will need work to ensure everything functions properly, expect worn systems and slower foils and rig. There are also plenty of older Bladeriders, Prowlers and even Hungry Tigers but you have to be pretty careful to get one which is fully functional. Not many in original condition and no real parts supply available. But I do know one in Sydney going cheaply if $8K is all you have. Message me if you want. AMAC might try to sell you a Wasp. There is an active WASZP fleet in Melbourne but at the price of a new WASP you can buy a much faster used moth. I know of a UFO in Sydney but have never seen it sail, no idea about UFOs in Melbourne or how they will handle Port Philip waves, but they certainly win on price. Jim French is building Skeetas and Nickis in Melbourne too. But even with a $8K moth you can join the moth circus and race against all the champions and their glammor boats, they do disapear soon after the start though.
  11. Phil S

    Buying a Moth

    If you plan on winning a moth worlds suggest you win a gold medal in an olympic class first. Seems to be a pre requisite in the last 6 years. If you want to sail the most exciting, most rewarding boat available then forget about winning anything and just get a moth and go sailing. Whereever you finish in a moth fleet you will have had a fantastic day. Find a fleet of moth sailors close to where you live, talk to them and find a boat which they think is good enough and fits your budget. You will need help from experienced moth sailors to choose the best boat, set it up properly and to learn the new techniques requied to actually get sailing on foils. Be prepared to upgrade it, not that expensive if you use other people's last generation gear, foils, sails, masts. Be prepared to spend a lot of time maintaining all the mechanical systems which do not work properly if there is slack or slop in the system. Dediacte lots of time to learning how, and listen to advice, watch all the videos and go to regattas and see what the hot shots do. Building your own boat might sound easy but a moth hull is about 15% of the moth build and most experience builders have no idea about foils, and control systems, and also greatly understimate the time required and especially the rig loads involved. Buying a reasonably good second hand and fully functioning boat is much better value Persevere and it will be worth it.
  12. Phil S

    Can someone identify this boat?

    A Leader, not the same as the UK one. Vague memory it was Joe Adams design from 70s.
  13. Phil S

    Boat of the year?

  14. Phil S

    wtf Australia what is yall doing??

    We all know that you can give the same set of data to a pair of statiticians, economists or polititions and get conflicting opinions, results and conclusions from each pair. So forget conspiracy theories about climate data manipulation and look at the big picture. Its hot, just how hot we can argue about. Its also very dry and we know that most of Australia had been in drought for many years. Hot and dry vegetation makes fires burn easilly and if you add wind they spread fast. The fires in the 2000km between Brisbane and Melbourne started in September and now by the first week in January have burnt an area greater than some mid size European countries. Over 20 peole have died and about 2000 families have lost homes, plus more have lost businesses, livestock and vehicles. This has been despite an amazing effort by firefighters using modern equipment, aircarft, tankers and reticulated water supply. Without these people and their efforts and equipment we have to believe that the fire damage would be at least doubled. Few people have been trapped becuse we have modern vehicles and modern roadnetworks to allow escape to safe area. The movement of people has been amazing, but organised enough that no one has been trapped while escaping. We can expect another few months of the same, it started 2 months before summer started so expect it to go till at least April. April used to be a rainy month, we can be hopeful. There is still a lot more dry bush out there waiting to burn, some of the areas already burnt still have fuel and will burn again. This is the first time in Australia's european history that anything like this has happenned over such a huge area. We all remember some disastrous fires but not over thousands of km. If anything like this had happend before european settlement the native people would not have been able to fight it and would not have been able to escape. It would have been a catastrophe. The animal and the human population would have been wiped out and if not it woud have been recorded in the stories or dreaming of the native tribes. There is no anthopogical evidence of either so we have to assume it has not occurred in the 10s of thousands of native Australian history. They did use quite small controlled fires for land management, and maybe some got out of control, but the continued existance of the Aboriginal people must be evidence of no disastrous fires on the scale of today. Regardless of who we choose to blame for the hot dry weather we do know what to do to help reduce the problem. People who study this stuff have been telling us for 20 years that this sort of thing was going to happen, as well as the bigger than normal floods we had in northern Queensland just 12 months ago. We all need to use less energy from sources which polute the sky, pretty simple. And after the smoke from these fires we are now well below any targets set but scientists or politicians over the 20 years they have been arguing about it. Its time to do something serious.
  15. Phil S

    2019 Chandler Macleod Moth worlds

    Negligible tides in Swan/Melville Water, (until you get down past the courses towards Freo.) Not much traffic either, the river is very organised. We had times when the river was allocated for local yacht club racing and we needed to finish our races early. The inverse is we never had any other fleets racing on our course, and except for weekends very few motor boats either. A glorious place to have a regatta.