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  1. Bye bye Artemis Racing

    Very simple answer to this one: Their parents, coaches, sponsors and national sailing organisations all say that fast classes are not the path to Olympic medals. Ironically what is very interestimg is the number who, once they have achieved medals, and professional sailing contracts, then who come to moth worlds for their recreation time off work. Its obvious what the pros want to be sailing.
  2. Paper boat

    And this was my IC only 10 years ago: https://www.flickr.com/photos/72192268@N00/albums/72157601502156525
  3. Paper boat

    I did the same thing 45 years ago. This was the result : Quite a few built in Aust and NZ in the 70s.
  4. Single handed trapeze dinghy design evolution

  5. Single handed trapeze dinghy design evolution

    GBR, obviously group 1, 3 and 4 are wrong, but so is my 5th PITA group, the people who think we are not alowed our opinions. Maybe I should have added at the end of my previous post that fat heavy and clumbsy makes boats slow, but also makes them easier to sail and hence more popular. I agree that the end game in lowriders nearly killed the moth class, but it was the end game in long design development path of fast singlehanders, and I thought that was what the openning post was about. They were shorter and had less righting moment than all the others mentioned here but were still faster so there must be something in them which is worthwhile to the discussion.
  6. Single handed trapeze dinghy design evolution

    Paul Elvstrom started it all with his Trapez. I saw one in a museum in Denmark 8 weeks ago. It did not look a lot different to a Contender, which IYRU picked as the international OD class after trials in 1969? The Int Canoe thrashed everything in the trials but was deemed too radical. I also have some old video of the early prototype Contender sailing in Sydney, about 1968, which looked nothing like the final version. Bob Miller was aparently told that the IYRU would not like hard chines, or fully battenned sails. How things have moved forward, well except for the Contender class rules. The boom droop is because they have not changed the sail dimensions even though they have been sailng with extreme rake for 20 years. All these trapeze boats were slow compared even to the last generation of low rider moths anyway. Fat, heavy, clumbsy, makes boat slow.
  7. DC Designs

    Pre skinning composite panels: If you laminate both sides the panels will not bend enough, you will end up with a boxy boat. If you laminate the inside first the foam will crack when you bend it. So laminate the outside first. Chris Maas built a canoe this way a few years back. I build an NS14 that way 30 years ago, foam/glass skins, got the shape wrong though.
  8. DC Designs

    Volume aft not noticeable exept when going back to put the rudder down, then very useful. I had not realised that was 10 years ago. Zoltan still has the boat, he can report on how it survises today.
  9. DC Designs

    David: my 2006 ply build, 4mm ply plus 200gsm carbon, kevlar would have been better. https://www.flickr.com/photos/72192268@N00/albums/72157601502156525
  10. Sailing Helmets

    I bought my helmet maybe 3 years ago and use it for moth sailing when ever it looks like being over 15kts and/or rough water. Its has lots of scratches on it so every scratch is one less impact on my head, and that alone justifies my purchase. I have been caught out with it on soft days and I only notice the lack of shade on my face as I normally wear a wide brimmed hat in these conditions. The weight is never noticable. I often forget to take it off while unrigging as its so comfortable to wear. Not sure of the brand. I have even worn a beenie underneith on very cold winter days. I bought it from a shop specialising in kite sailing. Highly recommended.
  11. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    I've not sailed a waszp, but several times I have watchwd people launching them. I make no comment about how they sail but they do seem to take a long time get started. It seems to take up to 10 minutes to roll the boat into he water, then get it off the trolley, either get someone to hold it or take the trolley away, try to get the foils down, and usually in the last two steps the boat capsizes, after which they need to swim the boat out to deep waterbefore righting it. It seems to ocupy the ramp for so long it get frustrating for the other people waiting to launch. Any attempts I have observed to get on the boat with the foils up has ended in capsize and reversion to previous procedure. Lifting a moth into the water fully rigged seems like a much simpler and quicker option.
  12. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Yes the Wazsp has 50 boats on Lake Garda this week, how many has the F101 got? Success is about sales.
  13. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    The wasp has a big event at Garda joins next week, and they have 50 entrants. They are working hard at the youth market which was the original target. If it gets kids foiling who might later get a moth I will be very happy. The wasp was never meant to be a moth, it's a really bad moth. It's slow, heavy and not really any easier to sail. The boats which seem to be resold Quickly may well be older buyers who found out that they really were not agile enough for a wasp or a moth. Young people will have a better chance.
  14. 2017 Garda Moth worlds

    Great regatta, but my stamina faded and by the end was making bad decisions so many DNFs. Just a bit old for a full week of multi race days. Big thanks to IMCA Italy, the club, PRO and sponsors.
  15. Bonkers Moth

    Photo is 10 years old. Rohan Veal at Lake macquarie nationals. It's me in the background. Spinacker definitely photoshopped in. It would only be drag on a moth as apparent wind goes way too far forward.