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  1. Phil S

    18ft Skiff Cuff Luff

    CTech had a sleave luff about 3 or 4 years ago. The Danish boat may have that rig. It had zippers to enable the pocket to go on with the spreaders in place. There were some Cam type attachments, I do not remember whether it had a bolt rope or not. Small correction, 18s normally pull the mainsail down the mast track from the top.
  2. Phil S

    Oz Music

  3. Phil S

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    If the boats went to Canada on a Carnet, as anounced, the Australian Business Solutions organisation are holding the customs duty already prepaid by PSA and 6 months after the promised return to Australia date the money will be forfeited and transferred to Canadian Custms. Thats how the system works. See: At least north america has some new boats to vitalise the fleet.
  4. To obtain a Carnet for temporary export/import to another country, you have to prepay a deposit equal to the import duty of the value of the boats into the country where they are going. So PSA will have already paid the duty. When the boats are not returned to Australia by the nominated time, the funds will be forfeited and the Canadian customs will claim the money. The rate varies from country to country, 15% to 30% range. We do this every year we fly Austrailian moths to an overseas world championship. They keep the money until about a month after our boats and the properly endorsed Carnet paperwork are returned to Austraila. I have done it maybe 5 times. Its a lot of money for 20 moths but there is no way around the system. The first time I did it was for the Chochi Japan worlds in 2001. I went to the Sydney World Trade Centre office with about $20K of other people's money on the morning of Sep 11th, and watched the replays of the New York World Trade Centre attacks on TV, wondering if we would be even leaving the country or if the world was going to go to war. But we went and Japan put on a great show as they always do.
  5. Phil S

    Bitching and Whining About Laser Shit

    I am a complete outsider with no wood in the fire but am completely entgralled with this whole Laser shit fight. Its pretty hard keeping up with now 5 different threads on SA and I do skip quite a few posts out of tedium. I see several different and concurrent disputes interweaved together: 1. PSA and LPE are still fighting their 6 year royalty dispute in the US courts. 2. ILCA and LPE are fighting over factory inspections over 5 years. 3. PSA and LPE are fighting over design and rig upgrades over several years. 4. US and other LPE area Laser people are fighting LPE over poor supply of boats and components. 5. WS want to open up supply of boats to satisfy an EU or IOC Frand policy. 6. ILCA want to drop the Laser trademark requirement so boats can be sold out of present areas, and so to satisfy WS. There is a big international vote to decide on a rule change to impliment this. 7. EuroLCA like LPE and want status quo. They want a No Change vote. 8. WS is threatenning to drop the Laser from the Olympics if it does not get its way next week. They also fear that any other boat will not satisfy the IOC requirement for number of countries participating and so the whole sport might get dropped from the Games. A big dilema for WS who always take ages to make decisions anyway and usually change directions several times before finalising their position. The Aero and Finn people would love to take its place. The whole EU Frand thing seems to have came up because Devoti, the dominant Finn builder, stirred it up, maybe intending to get the Finn back in in place of the Laser? Now it seems that the EuLCA who has the majority of ILCA members has not communicted its position well and not many of its members may even vote. So the vote can still go either way, we are in suspence. ILCS say a Yes vote will allow new builders, supposed more competition and cheaper boats. I think it will quickly end up with one chinese builder with component suppliers in other cheap labour countries and all the existing factories will get priced out. LPE are in the box seat here as they already have a chinese factory building Sunfish. (or maybe they are already building Laser components there and just assembling bits in UK?) A No vote will embarrass the ILCA management and give WS a big problem. Their bests option to retain the Laser in the Olympics is to allow all competitors to bring their own boats. Most top level sailors travel to the areas of the three existing builders every year or so, and are free when there to buy new boats. They can take these boats to any regatta in the world, just like sailors in all other classes to, and apparently even some Lasers sailors do already. This is in effect allowing free and reasonable access to boats from a choice of 3 builders. OK it will cost heaps more to go to regattas so maybe only the big budget countries will do it. The poor countries can still hire local boats the way they always have done. So not all is lost, and no matter what which way the bun fight goes, all the club sailors with their old beater Lasers will still be having fun every summer weekend. The Laser Class will last for a long time with their enthusiasm.
  6. Too much waffle here but I think I have the story. In summary, WS will retain the Laser /ILCA boat in the Olympics only if other new builders can builds boats. ICLA consider Olypmic status important, are desperate to retain Olympic status and are organising several new builders to replace LPE, the biggest builder who owns the trademark in most of the world , and by changing association rules and the class name etc LPE do not want to give up their trademark to others and seem willing to sacrifice Olympic status to win. They have indicated they will continue to build Lasers without WS or ILCS branding or endorsement. They seem to know their market. Laser sailors in Europe are happy with LPE, Laser sailors in their other countries are not. Europe has a big number in any ILCA vote. So ILCA's plan may not pass the members vote and succeed anyway. If ILCA win, they will retain WS endorsement and control the high level racing in the ILCA class along with the Aust, JPN and new builders. While LPE will continue to sell Lasers without ILCA or WS endorsement and most likely dominate the club level racing and recreational market at least in Europe. Except at elete level the class will split, Europe vs the rest of the world, and inevitably as rig and equipment upgrades eventuate they will grow different. At any serious level of racing the two types will never mix. If ILCA do not get the required votes through or do not meet WS deadlines the class loses its Olympic status and ILCA might as well go back grovelling to LPE. If they remain separate the concept of a world wide class of identical boats will be lost, and inevitably WS international status. And thats only if the Lawyers do not start writing threatenning letters. It does still seem like a lose/lose situation for the class and the sport in general.
  7. Phil S

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    The EU requiring FRAND for boats has to be a joke, surely Mercedes Benz does not have to allow anyone else to build cars to their design, no, they are alowed to have a monopoly on all Mercedes branded cars. Same with all the other car brands.
  8. Phil S

    do the right thing

    Based on the US legal system taking 6 years to get at least a few answers to the previous legal dispute between the builders and the associations, its hard to see how once the lawyers get started again, the present dispute will have any result by the time of the 2024 Olympics. So how can WS have any confidence that anyone will be able to build and sell Lasers to the Paris Olympic committee without getting mixed up in the dispute or at least getting blocked by legal obstacles. So its inevitable that the Laser will be replaced. What its replaced with will have more to do with the lobbying of vested interests rather than the relative merits of a few contenders. Based on previous decisions the deals between different factions is more likely to end up with a hybrid compromise which satisfies few and astounds many. With still strong lobbying for the Star, Finn, Match Race, Overnight Race and the gender balance IOC requirements, we are most likely to get an over night match race using Stars sailed by a mixed gender crew comprising people selected nationally in Finns (M) and Europes (F).
  9. Phil S

    DC Designs

    I have seen the ends done with vecrtran eye splice and SS thimble. (A sydney 12ft skiff) Carbon rod is slid into the vectran tail and glued with heatshrink covering. The vectran needs to be wax free for best gluing which is different to the normal chandlery supply. Not tried it myself. A lot of failures in moth class so carbon rigging is rare now. Too much impact and bending while rigging.
  10. Phil S

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    It matters little what the evaluation committee recomends. The real decision will be made later in the year. The new Laser admin fiasco almost certainly mean the Laser will lose, becasue in 2024 it will still be in court and maybe no one will legally be building boats. The olympic decision as always will be based on lobying and political deal making, so a likely ultimate decsion will be an overnight mixed gender match race using Stars.
  11. Appart from all the reasons Steve has told us, building boats in hand laid vynel and glass is dying out. There are more reasons than jus shrinking boat sales. It has a bad reputation for fire safety and for fumes. Local governments and neighbours are reluctant to allow smelly industries near homes. Land lords and insurance companies also do not like the risk, and if they accept it they charge accordingly high rates. Small builders are finding it hard to get premises. Lots of small builders are going out of buisness. Most modern boats are built with infusuion vynel or even epoxy, because there are less fumes and hence less fire risk. The Laser building manual apparently does not allow this. If the market is not big enough to sustain one big Laser builder in the US, it is certainly not likely to sustain several smaller ones paying big money just for premises.
  12. Sorry Dave but without the moth class starting to foil 20 years ago, there would be no foilers now. Moths proved it was possible and until then no one was even trying. Suddenly everyone thought they could make a foiling boat like a moth and so far very few have succeeded. Only a few have made it past prototype. Conratulations on the UFO being one of the best, simplest design, simplest construction, most accessible for the less nimble, and most of all the lowest price. But foiling slow is not as easy as planing fast, and not as much fun as foiling fast. You will sell a lot of UFOs but some buyers (not all or even a majority) will move on to faster boats just as we have found with Waszp, and that was what I was pointing out.
  13. Looking at the last few posts, and comparing the boats: 1. The best value speed for $ is by far the foiling kite board. The UFO is probably only a strong second. 2. I have not yet seen a UFO in Aust, the WASZP has spread pretty well with several fleets. So getting UFOs started as a racing fleet In Aust will be a challenge. WASZP and UFO will have to share the market. 3. Based on the hypothesis of my point 2, I suspect the WASP, UFO. and several other Euro foilers will establish local fleets but not spread universally. They will also sell into the non racing market but only the sellers will know who/where/ and how big this really is. Most of these boats will rot in a shed unused anyay. Maybe the UFO will do better here as I suspect this market is bigger in USA. 4. From a Moth enthusiast point of view, all these inferior foilers are just oportunities for wanabe foilers to try and test the type, spend a month or two learning the basics and then graduate into a proper high performance foiler like a Moth, or ACat or Phantom (maybe not sure about the Phantom really?) The problem with one desgn foilers is that the science is moving too fast. The Flying Phantom and the GC32 adopted the San Fran AC72 science and by the time they were in production it was obsolete. The Waszp and UFO use pretty basic moth tech which was well obsolete from a racing point of view before they were marketted. Sailing your basic foiler on foils is great for a few rides but as soon as you see a state of the art foiler glide past at double your speed, the gloss wears off. We are finding WAZP fleets are not growing where there are Moth fleets, going slow is too embarrasing.
  14. Phil S

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Europe might boast the most ILCA members but not necessarily the most lasers. Its a Euro thing that all boat owners join the class association whether they actually race or not. In other places its only those who go to national regattas who get forced to join the association. Most club racers do not bother. Hence the member numbers are low but the boat numbers are not necessarily so. It matters a lot when it comes to voting, which gives Europe and LPE an advantage. And it matters a lot in terms of market where the un registerd owners still count, so the rest of the world wins here but only if they can win the vote. Its a fight between two businesses with the sailors just the tools.
  15. I suspect that if the two associations do eventuate the animosity will be enough that each will ban anyone who sails or enrolls with the other. No likelihood of joint regattas above local levels. The obvious divison will be Europe loyal to LPE and Oceania loyal to their builders and ILCA. The Americas can decide which team to back. Chaos.