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  1. IMOCA 24 hr record: 536.81nm VO65 24 hr record: 550.82nm Go figure!
  2. Lynch, Why not ask them? There are very few "identical boats" in the world.
  3. Clean, One of the problems is that the VOR boats need to be able to handle a hell of a lot more than in any other event. So the boats have to be stronger. I haven't heard of a single structural issue in any of the VO70s since they turned into boats for normal events. So the problem is that they are always going to be overbuilt compared to what does the Hobart or Fastnet. The same can be said of the IMOCAs. Talking to guys who have sailed both the cosistent response is that an IMOCA wouldn't cope with a VOR as the crews push so much harder than the solos have to. I also feel that the requirements of the VG and the VOR are so different that any boat designed to do both will be too much of a compromise for each. Yes the VOR boat can be made a lot quicker and more exciting to sail, it can be made far better than the first attempt with not enough time available. But the important question is whether that woudl actually make the race that much better for sponsors to justify doubling their investment. You can buy a Ferrari at double the cost of a BMW M4, but would the race be more exciting? I don't know the answer, but I think there is a hell of a lot more to it than boatspeed.
  4. Francois, Interesting as I have the opposite view. To me there are too many competitors in the VG to develop any real connection with any of them. So I tend to follow the development up to the start, then only keep tabs on who retires and when. I do agree that it is strange that there are not more sponsors wanting to do the VOR. Looking at the ROI and the level of investment now required you would think it was a no brainer for many larger companies. Volvo's level of commitment must show something, but it never seems to translate into numbers. That is th ereal question though, "what will attract more sponsors?" not "What will be the coolest boat we can try and sell to sponsors?"
  5. Clean, Part of that brief was for boats that could complete two or three races without having to get shipped anywhere. So they needed to be strong. Also, the sailors have to note that without the VO65 they would all be looking for a new job as what they did with the VO70s when left to play unattended nearly killed the race dead. Definitely imporvements that can be made and to expect it perfect straight out of the box is unrealistic, but the bagging of the boats and the designers when they actually produced what was requested seems a bit harsh by many here.
  6. Moonduster, I suspect that if you ever met a Volvo sailor you would release a slight wimper and make a mess of yourself. It took nearly 6 months for the brief to be finalised and reducing RM and making the boats easier to sail was on the list.
  7. All these discussions have been had 4 times now to my knowledge. In 2002 when the 70 rule was developed the multi was seriously considered, but the IMOCA option was not. In 2012 the IMOCA option was more seriously considered, but the fact that the boat would be a compromise for each event didn't help. Look at the old FICO 60s and see what doing crewed and single handed races did to that class. In some ways it is such a close decision that it doen't matter which one you select, it won't be completely wrong, but is also unlikely to be a huge mistake!
  8. Zander, not directed at you. More directed at comments from Mooduster making a statement of fact that the VO65s are crap, or from that Frantic bloke who says that FYD should be banned from putting forward a proposal. FYD met the brief very well. The fact that the brief did not call for VO70 performance is your issue there, not what the designer produced. I agree that the boats are going to need something else after this race, but what that is depends on the appetite of the sponsors and their willingness to dig deeper into the pockets as much as anything else. And if the 65s meet their wishes, why change? If they don't eet their wishes, then we need to revise the brief.
  9. I love all the bashing of the VO65s by people who have probably never even seen one in the flesh. In reality FYD designed a boat that met the brief put forward by VOR pretty much bang on. That is the reason fro a brief, so the designer produces what the client wants, not what they want. There was a huge amount learned with the VO65 that has and will trickle down to the rest of us: in build structural analyis, OD build methods developed for high tech components, custom boat yards working together..... Also, is a 541nm day really slow to you guys? Who on this thread has ever done a 500nm plus day on the water? The VO65 has allowed the event organiser to return the event to the Southern Ocean properly, with long legs that the predecessor failed to finish. Yes improvements can be made, but the boats are the same speed, make it around in one piece and can be pushed to the crews limits. The sponsors are the ones putting their hands in their pockets. To throw away a $3m toy and spend $5m on a new one just to keep you guys happy is a tall order.
  10. And it gets around the DSS patent. Any hole in the hull, whether near the static waterline or higher up is an issue, so I don't buy that one myself. It seems that many designers are trying to avoid paying the patent at any cost. Everyone wants to have thought of it first!
  11. As an adventure I love the VG, but sport. Top three spaced over 1200nm, I struggle to stay interested. Awaiting the hate mail!!
  12. Tubes generally fail because a fitting has failed. It is rare that the carbon fails through fatigue. Now fatigue of a rigging fitting, normally a metal one, that is more common.
  13. Seb looks like he is constantly shitting himself!!
  14. Clean, It was asked back in 2003, 2008 and 2012. Same answer each time: having 6 to 8 70X60 platforms makes venues and timing very difficult. Remember that if the boats are a lot faster then the eitre get around the world too quickly and arrive in Newport in the winter, or leave Alicante in the winter, or they spend too long ta the dock and that is the biggest cost. I also find the conclusions on cost of a multi hard to believe. How can an item that takes 20,000 man hours more to build and uses 1.5 times as much carbon in three times as much tooling cost about the same?
  15. Quick quiz questions for you all: 1. How many MOD70s could you fit in the harbour in Cape Town? 2. Where would you put them when you got them out of the water? I know Cape Town isn't the only option, but it is just an example.