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  1. I have the itch, bad. But I don't have the time. Plus I'm headed out to sea in the not-very-fun Navy sense of the word soon and badly need ways to avoid thinking about the fact that the dude sleeping eighteen inches above me is as starved for female affection as I am... I have read a few of the classics, and just wrapped up Moitisser's account of the first Golden Globe. I'd love to read something technical and detailed from a more recent big offshore race, particularly the singlehanded sort. What's out there that's worth the time?
  2. TalonF4U

    Seascape 27

    Went sailing with Svein for the initial ride on his new toy last weekend. Thanks, Svein! A very helpful gentleman! We had 6-10kts and flat water for the first cruise with just the main and jib. The boat is quite responsive in the light stuff, and in 10 knots on a beam reach we were in the upper 7kt range without really trying or flying anything other than the basic sails. She is light and eager and I am more than a little excited to see how she performs with the breeze up hard! I've bee interested in the Seascape for a while. I have a Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200 that I use for shorthanded offshore racing as well as a little family cruising. The Seascape trades some interior size for some serious advantages in portability and is obviously much lighter and more eager to step up on a plane. I spent the sail thinking about the boat in two contexts--how she would be on a downwind ride to Hawaii, say in the singlehanded transpac, and how she would have done in last year's Bermuda 1-2 which I competed in with my SF3200. Some observations.... 1) The boat is light, but stiff. Typically the punishment for extremely light hulls is tippy upwind performance. I'd love to give her a run in real breeze, but though the boat powered up quickly like a light boat should, the hull's form stability really kicked in and it felt like it had the stability to bash upwind in breeze if required. You step on board from the dock and the boat barely heels--highly unusual for a small, light boat. 2) The details of the boat are well thought out for offshore sailing. It has the 'small boat' advantages for shorthanders of having light/small sails and gear, but had several thoughtful details that make the boat feel serious about this offshore business. Take the 3-d jib lead adjusters, for example, or the fact that the staysail halyard is on a 2:1 purchase to help get luff tension. That kind of stuff was all over the boat. Awesome. 3) The interior is well thought out and about all you could ask for in a boat of this size. I could easily imagine loading the stuff I'd need for a Hawaii race and being comfortable down there offshore. I could also imagine taking the wife out for a weekend--not something she was prepared to do on my old Moore 24. 4) The two biggest features for the 'cruising' sales pitch for this boat--the swing keel and the clever outboard use/storage--were two of my biggest question marks for the offshore side of things. The cleverness and utility of both has already been remarked upon aplenty. The family sailor in me loves both. The offshore sailor in me would want to spend some time getting to know those systems a bit better. Perhaps I'm jaded by the scary moment during last year's 1-2 when Justin stepped off Spadefoot due to keel issues--you have to be really confident in a keel that can move before you go out there and get bashed around solo. Similarly, I'd be quite interested in ensuring my auxiliary power system worked when required and that the floorboards of my cockpit stayed firmly aboard in the event of a rollover! I'd need to get to know those systems pretty well to feel confident. It's a trade-off. 5) The only place where the Seascape felt like a 'small' boat was in terms of the freeboard. The last three days of my singlehanded Bermuda race consisted of 15-25kts right on the nose and confused seas. It wasn't too pleasant in my 32', 7500-lb boat with lots of freeboard....That might not be a dry ride and it would be hard to hide from the waves. The open cockpit is modern and great and will drain quickly, but you might take some big waves over that low transom. I'd probably add an additional lifeline down low aft out of conservatism and might reinforce the hatch boards in the event a big one came right over and smacked you. It would be a bit of an effort to get a dodger rigged up, but that would probably be worth the effort; the tiller extension is long enough that I could drive comfortably from the front of the cockpit, if only I could find something to hide behind! Overall, I'm extremely interested in the offshore potential of a boat I can easily slap onto a trailer and drive to the next race, and/or cruise a neat lake with my family. I'd be interested to sail the boat in some big breeze and waves to see how she feels and would be interested to hear from folks that have spent some time in big conditions and hear their comments. And if anyone wants to do some shorthanded distance racing around here, I'm holding up my hand! Svein, thanks again--sailing the lake on your boat felt like winning the lottery! I'm excited to see what you do with it.
  3. TalonF4U

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Convinced my wife to enjoy the beautiful Newport waterfront for an hour last weekend while Dave let me take a spin on his boat. Extremely cool setup and a very smoothly run program. I've known Dave from Canoe sailing for a long time now, and I really believe he's the man to import this alien technology to the masses. If you're on the fence--get off and just buy the thing. I've been foiling once before, on a Moth a few years back on a breezy day in Annapolis. It was an intense experience, physically very aggressive, and after about an hour it ended when I returned the boat to the owner with a crestfallen look on my face as the boat was a puddle of carbon shards. Last Saturday in Newport was a sales pitch for Dave's boat. The breeze was a not-very-exciting 5-7 knots, with some lump from traffic on the Bay. Can you imagine sailing a Moth out of the harbor in those conditions? Ugh. Anyway, it wasn't quite enough to get my fat ass up on foils, though Dave popped it up early on for a bit. But it was so...comfortable... for a small boat. Dave got me really excited when he mentioned the kiddie sail/foil package under development. I have a 3 and a 4 year old, and am already dreading optis. Apparently the theory is to put a non-hydrofoiling package under the water and a tiny little rig above. Boom, world's most stable kid's boat! This is really gonna help me sell this program to my wife!
  4. I am heading up there with the wife. I love sailing. The charter options in the Burlington area seem sad and overpriced. But you seem very nice. Now that we are such great friends, anyone wanna loan/charter me a couple hour's time on an early July day? Obviously, like any good sailor, I will leave you a very nice bottle of rum aboard when I am done.
  5. I've got a Sun Fast 3200 and the piece of crap deck/steaming light has been twice amputated by my jib in windy conditions offshore. I realize the right answer is probably to a) move the damn light higher where it won't get hit by the jib, and/or 2) replace my heavy cruising jib with something carbon at about a third the weight. But those options are inconvenient or expensive. I don't want to put a guard over it because this is a race boat we're talking about. I'm just suprised I've been unable to find a low profile deck/steaming light combo. I suppose I could just settle for a steaming light to meet the regs--plenty of low profile LED ones out there-- but would like to keep the deck light around for those nights offshore when you make a total mess on the bow and you're trying to sort it out all by yourself. Anyone know of something?
  6. TalonF4U

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Dave, sometimes I just wanna quit my job and run around the country pushing sailboats with you.
  7. TalonF4U

    DTB 2018 5/25/2018 - DH class

    Er, I dunno if a 'well done' is in order.... sure didn't beat many people across the line...Boy, I sure don't know how to make my boat go upwind unless the breeze is just right. Under 10, my boat's chubby posterior is draggy. At about 15, we are in the sweet spot doublehanded, with a full jib and two reefs in the main--going fast but still not pointing very high. My headsail setup leaves something to be desired for sure. You guys were kicking our ass, then you vanished--where'd you go?
  8. TalonF4U

    DTB 2018 5/25/2018 - DH class

    I will see you out there! I've never done it either, and as I brought the boat up to Naptown from Hampton last weekend, it occurred to me that there are several stretches of the Chesapeake that I have never sailed in the daylight . . . I sure hope that forecast changes. I'll take about 25kts at 145 twa. Barcanova
  9. TalonF4U

    Olson 30 doing a Bermuda race?

    Pretty sure you need an inboard engine for the Bermuda race. Not required for the 1-2, but if your plan is to hang your outboard on your transom for the whole race, don't be surprised to find yourself sailing little circles in the harbor waiting for the customs pier to open, singlehanded, in 25 knots, after five days with no sleep. Like at least one other Olsen 30 owner I know. :-) In my experience the masthead VHF radio in an Olsen 30 is way more effective than any other boat nearing its size. I have no idea why this is so. Possibly a reflection of the technical nerdery of the owner. Bermuda is not the downwind sled ride the O30 is built to kick ass at, most of the time anyway. This year's 1-2 was about 70% upwind/reaching for the trip down. The return trip was actually a bit of sleigh ride, but to make it work you needed to 1) nut up and 2) not break your mast.
  10. I'm trying to get a Canoe from Norfolk to Newport by 22 July. I need a bit of help. I could potentially get it to or close to Annapolis. Cash, the great motivator, is available.
  11. TalonF4U

    Comar AIS not receiving GPS

    I have an older (2008?) Comar AIS. The flashing lights on the front tell me it's not getting GPS and therefore not transmitting my position. Since everything else seems to work, I assumed a bum antenna and swapped in a new one. No effect. Comar has declined to reply to my requests for help. Anyone?
  12. TalonF4U

    Bermuda 1-2 2017

    ....in Bermuda.
  13. TalonF4U

    Bermuda 1-2 2017

    I've been busy with other things and just checked into hotels near the race venue in Bermuda. Uh...ouch. I'm happy to stay on the boat, i suppose, but a shower and some air-conditioning seem worth pursuing. There's some bigger apartment-type stuff that's reasonable...anyone looking to share? Ideas?
  14. TalonF4U

    Bermuda 1-2 2017

    I feel like you and I will be bringing up the back end of Class 2. Lots faster fleet than in previous years. What are you rating in Austin?
  15. TalonF4U

    Buying a boat in EU and shipping to US

    I did this recently. It was an epic pain in the ass. I could've probably paid someone to reduce my personal pain, but I spent all my money shipping the thing. Lots of good points in this thread. The electrical system is incompatible with US shore power. Whatever fuel runs the stove isn't going to be a long term winner. Mods were in order to get the head sorted out. I registered mine with the Coast Guard and that paperwork headache is ongoing; they won't accept the bill of sale as proof of ownership unless it's notarized at a US Consulate or done by a notary who attaches an apostille in accordance with the Hauge Convention. For the right boat, the hassle may be worth it. The boat I wanted wasn't available on the East Coast and it cost just about as much to truck it from the West Coast as to ship it over on a cargo vessel. I bought a British owned boat at the right time after Brexit and that was kind of dreamy as far as how far my dollar went. But the ass-pain, and the expense, is ongoing. PM me if you have specific questions.