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  1. Olson 30 doing a Bermuda race?

    Pretty sure you need an inboard engine for the Bermuda race. Not required for the 1-2, but if your plan is to hang your outboard on your transom for the whole race, don't be surprised to find yourself sailing little circles in the harbor waiting for the customs pier to open, singlehanded, in 25 knots, after five days with no sleep. Like at least one other Olsen 30 owner I know. :-) In my experience the masthead VHF radio in an Olsen 30 is way more effective than any other boat nearing its size. I have no idea why this is so. Possibly a reflection of the technical nerdery of the owner. Bermuda is not the downwind sled ride the O30 is built to kick ass at, most of the time anyway. This year's 1-2 was about 70% upwind/reaching for the trip down. The return trip was actually a bit of sleigh ride, but to make it work you needed to 1) nut up and 2) not break your mast.
  2. I'm trying to get a Canoe from Norfolk to Newport by 22 July. I need a bit of help. I could potentially get it to or close to Annapolis. Cash, the great motivator, is available.
  3. Comar AIS not receiving GPS

    I have an older (2008?) Comar AIS. The flashing lights on the front tell me it's not getting GPS and therefore not transmitting my position. Since everything else seems to work, I assumed a bum antenna and swapped in a new one. No effect. Comar has declined to reply to my requests for help. Anyone?
  4. Bermuda 1-2 2017

    ....in Bermuda.
  5. Bermuda 1-2 2017

    I've been busy with other things and just checked into hotels near the race venue in Bermuda. Uh...ouch. I'm happy to stay on the boat, i suppose, but a shower and some air-conditioning seem worth pursuing. There's some bigger apartment-type stuff that's reasonable...anyone looking to share? Ideas?
  6. Bermuda 1-2 2017

    I feel like you and I will be bringing up the back end of Class 2. Lots faster fleet than in previous years. What are you rating in Austin?
  7. Buying a boat in EU and shipping to US

    I did this recently. It was an epic pain in the ass. I could've probably paid someone to reduce my personal pain, but I spent all my money shipping the thing. Lots of good points in this thread. The electrical system is incompatible with US shore power. Whatever fuel runs the stove isn't going to be a long term winner. Mods were in order to get the head sorted out. I registered mine with the Coast Guard and that paperwork headache is ongoing; they won't accept the bill of sale as proof of ownership unless it's notarized at a US Consulate or done by a notary who attaches an apostille in accordance with the Hauge Convention. For the right boat, the hassle may be worth it. The boat I wanted wasn't available on the East Coast and it cost just about as much to truck it from the West Coast as to ship it over on a cargo vessel. I bought a British owned boat at the right time after Brexit and that was kind of dreamy as far as how far my dollar went. But the ass-pain, and the expense, is ongoing. PM me if you have specific questions.
  8. Bermuda 1-2 2017

    I had a last-minute raft swap so I ended up a bit behind the 8-ball with what's in the raft's kit versus what was in my ditch bag. But overall the attitude was very helpful and I enjoyed picking the brain of the inspector for good ideas and the things that come from experience I didn't have. But I'm gonna need to buy another smoke float.
  9. Satphone rental for noobs

    I did my delivery with a Go rented from ocens and used predictwind to get gribs. Since I'm an idiot, the fact that everything was so easy was a big plus. Though I did assume a grib was a grib and that I could download one via predictwind and somehow find it and throw it in my routing software. Not so, it seems.
  10. Bermuda 1-2 2017

    Indeed, I arrived Sunday mid-day. We'll call the delivery a bit of a wash from a sailing perspective--plenty of time under engine, and plenty of time just sitting around being cold freezing my a$$ off, two things I don't anticipate doing much during the race. But it was excellent from a preparation standpoint. I still have a lot to learn about this boat and a lot to learn about singlehanding and you're still all alone on the ocean even when the engine is on. This is such a mental game and that facet interests me. Also, let's face it, stuff is easier and less exciting when you're experienced. Putting about six hundred miles under the keel singlehanded in the last two weeks has been awesome for the experience level. It has also reminded me why we do these races in the summer.
  11. DC Designs

    I seem to recall the winner of the last worlds had no jib-boomy-thing at all. Don't recall much from the second-place guy either I confess very little knowledge of how to make an IC go downwind in light air, but in breeze it seemed leech tension on that postage stamp of a jib was fairly close to irrelevant.
  12. Bermuda 1-2 2017

    Welcome, Tristan! I am sailing my boat from Norfolk to Newport in two weeks. I am super excited about the race, but have long since given up hope of having 'everything ready'. I can't wait to meet the crowd. For those of you folks in Newport, I'll be at NYC on Sunday 23 April for the inspection; come say hello and tell me what I'm doing wrong!
  13. Broken connector on Raymarine C80

    When I plugged my 'fixed' unit in, I was perhaps too busy cursing the lack of instrument data to really think about the implications of other things going on, i.e. the AIS suddenly started working, for example. The AIS had quit working after a night on the delivery where we got banged around pretty good, and enough bodies and gear got tossed around that night for me to believe that the pin was damaged that night. Local guru Greg took a look at my boat and asked me why the wind/depth were NMEA and not SeaTalk, to which I had no reply, because I honestly don't know enough about this. Backing the tape up some more, I recall that in the interval between 'it worked!' and "what the f*ck?" was a whole lot of moving shit around in the boat, installing new stuff, rerouting cables and pumps, etc. He thinks the next step is to take a careful look at all my connections in case something's just been pulled loose elsewhere on the boat during all the boat prep. I think he's right. At first I was kinda tweaked I shelled out the coin and didn't fix the problem, but without seeing that pin broken I probably wouldn't have gotten around to getting it done in time to race because the AIS bit was fairly far down on my list, so we'll call this one a draw. On to cable-running.
  14. Satphone rental for noobs

    It's a small world we live in! I think the Go is probably the way I'll "go" for this one. I assume I'll need the external antenne. Until I get my routing program sorted out, however, there isn't much point in diving off the deep end about getting the data aboard. As the clock starts to run out on boat prep time, I'm seriously considering just renting a satphone and taking the best forecast the day I leave, sailing more or less the rhumbline the whole way, and just kick it and enjoy the trip. A hundred bucks gets me a basic phone. It's two grand to get Expedition and a full Go/antennae rental package, plus the uncountable hours for a technophobe like me to get it all working. </rant> i may be at the hard spot in the prep.
  15. Life raft Rentals for Noobs

    I'm going through this as well. I have a raft aboard, but the recert is 1100-1400 (called the LRSE folks). Bermuda 1-2 rental is $750. It's a jimmy kicker for sure. I am discovering why young, non-rich people don't do this sort of racing. I am also enriching a lot of bankers in this process--hopefully they will offer me a drink off their 60ft Gunboat or whatever in Bermuda, since I'm funding their hobby just as surely as they're funding mine. FWIW, found new 4-man rafts in the $1700 range--but, again, with that 3-year recert requirement and my current life schedule, it just doesn't make sense. If I had the time, I'd set up a swap website for rafts. Not going racing this summer? Rent yours to me for a hundred bucks and get back some of what you've invested.