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  1. In Reno? That's a weird place to have an anchor in a Starbucks. But, yeah, can you give me a ride from the airport tomorrow?
  2. TalonF4U

    What about the Quest 30/33?

    I looked really heavily, indeed put in an offer, on a Quest. When I was looking, there were like 5 for sale--I think they only made 13 or so. I think they were ahead of the times a bit. They were pretty pricey new, as I recall. I love my boat but every time I find some tiny, broken, un-replicatable European part on my boat, I wonder what life would have been like with the Quest...
  3. TalonF4U

    Delivering a boat from Europe to US

    Hit me up with a PM later. I did this a few years back. Painful...doable...would hire help if I did it again and could afford it.
  4. Good news, my wife is a shrink. Bad news, we have kids and a sailing hobby to support, and I bet your insurance is shit. Can't say anything other than to express agreement about using days spent at sea alone to clear one's head. I'd think it might be kind of traumatic to do this kind of shit with no real idea how to survive it. Do yourself a favor and get as smart as possible about surviving the bad times. I'll send you a copy of the "storm tactics handbook" if you tell me where to send it. I find being afraid of death is a real buzz-kill. I make my living doing something kind of dangerous in which people frequently try to kill me, but solo sailing really gets my attention. Be careful, dude.
  5. Honestly, there's nothing I feel better about than people putting up the finger to society and just going and doing something cool/adventurous/spirited. From this perspective, you're due nothing more than a healthy applause. Most people can't make it happen. Mostly this is due to lack of willpower, sometimes people claim lack of resources (you and Rimas being two folks who clearly don't know enough about sailing long distances offshore to be sincerely afraid of it; lack of resources is kind of y'alls bread and butter, which is awesome in its own respect--you can tell those people who don't because they say they are too broke to fuck off), but most people claim the more legitimate, IMHO, reasons of ties to shore: They have families, children, or the slightly less respectable reason of a job, etc. Even Benard Motissier, quite the hero of solo sailing, was kind of a douche to the wife he left in France when he sailed a lap and a half around the world. Surely his wife did not assume when he left that he would land in Tahiti and knock some other woman up when he got there... though perhaps this is just me imposing my cultural assumptions on the French. You are making it happen. Good for you. But, seriously, is there something else you could chase other than to spend three years adrift? Not sure what your greater metaphysical goal in all this is, but I'd rather read about you telling conventional sailors like me to fuck off as you told the tales of entertainment/hilarity/stupidity as you did your thing on the ocean than read about the number of cans of Progesso you consumed while floating around waiting to get killed in your poorly prepared boat with your minimal to nonexistent experience. Listen to enough of us to survive, please, but find a mission more likely to be fun/cool/worthwhile, and less likely to result in you becoming "FishFood" for no particular reason. Find your way to SF Bay and I'll at least give you some pointers on the sailing bit without crapping on your general concept of living, which I genuinely respect...
  6. I was 100% sure this was a troll joke when I started reading this thread. I'm still not 100% sure it isn't, but I've got to give you props either way at this point. The tracker you want is the Garmin Inreach Explorer. I've had one for a bit and it is epic. Not cheap--close to $400 when all is said and done--but you can cycle the plans on and off and they're not that expensive. Will give your family/friends tracking and give you worldwide texting capability and SOS. Serves as a backup GPS. Runs forever on a charge. Robust. Can bluetooth it to your cell phone to save your fingers from the painful texting interface, but works just fine without the phone, too. I will have to catch you down in the Bay at some point to make sure I haven't been spoofed.
  7. TalonF4U

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    Vesper makes an antenna that's optimized for AIS but still pretty good for VHF because science. I mixed that with the Vesper AIS and splitter and get targets at stupid ranges.
  8. TalonF4U

    Non-furler headsail handling options

    I just got a new #1 built with a healthy slab reef for my Sun Fast 3200. I have a Harken furler that is my 'cruising' setup and found something kind of interesting when I got the new genoa; I was too lazy to remove the entire headfoil when I wanted to try out my new jib, so I just pulled the drum off (takes about ten minutes). The new sail is carbon (Carbon Sport LiteSkin, has a nice taffeta that's supposed to be super durable; we'll see, but it looks good and is light enough) and the sailmaker cautioned against Wichard hanks because of the corrosion issues. Instead the sail has soft hanks, nylon straps with plastic clips; seems lightweight but is evidently proven. But, one nice perk--the setup fits over the headfoil. A little extra friction on the hoist, but saves serious time when re-setting the boat shorthanded! The full sail takes me up to 15ish knots, and the reef is pretty deep. Still trying to sort out the right crossovers, but suspect I could carry it to 17-18kts by dropping the first reef in the main. Then, downshift to the jib reef and I can shake out the reef if it lightens up. The clew on the reef point is a bit higher than level, helpful if I'm cracked off in a blow as I can tie the reef point up and there's still a bit of room under the sail for a wave to pass under. I'm inexperienced with this system but a couple of practice runs reefing and tacking with the jib reefed give me some confidence that this setup is going to be great; not quite as easy as the roller-furler, but somewhat safer (roller-furlers are sadly not 100% systems, and a failure singlehanded can leave you in the lurch!) and the sail that replaces the RF sail is bigger, lighter, and better shaped. When it comes time to downshift in the really big breeze, I have an inner forestay and a #3 with a reef point as well... so hopefully only one headsail change between 0 and 30+ish knots!
  9. TalonF4U

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    Not an expert by any means myself on this, rmgeis, but I have read that this is an issue, that something like 2' of separation is the min and most mastheads can't offer that. I had two closely spaced antennas with crappy cable atop my mast when I bought the boat, and while my AIS performance was adequate, my VHF was garbage. We had a bit of a rescue situation go down on an offshore race where I was single-handing and listening to the second-smallest boat in the fleet booming out on VHF while I couldn't raise people (from the third-smallest boat...) and had to call people via satphone was an objective lesson in proper RF mechanics I'll not soon forget. This informative file has been awesome for getting me up to speed: https://sas.cruisingclub.org/sites/default/files/asset/AIS Article - InDesign-July 30 FINAL.pdf
  10. TalonF4U

    Single Handed roll call?

    Just wrapped up a little trip across the Gulf of Mexico solo to clear the mind... The sort of mind-clearing that's required after trying to rotate images in forums. Le sigh.
  11. TalonF4U

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    I just installed a Vesper XB 8000 and it has been smooth sailing. The wifi feature is super easy to use and sends the AIS data quickly to the app on the phone or my laptop. I got the AIS with an active splitter from Defender for about $870 and it has been money for me. I did a fair bit of research before pulling the trigger and am quite content with my choice.
  12. Trying to bring some sailing flavor into my professional life... if anyone out there has contact info for Rich, can you PM me?
  13. TalonF4U


    I am trying to get my Sun Fast 3200 from Houston to SF, so if you find a trailer you like on the Gulf Coast, I will arrange to move the trailer for you!
  14. TalonF4U

    SF bay / Tahoe little boats

    Carson City these days. Wow. About that boatyard you have... I bet I could get a killer deal on your D-one if I made the offer to your wife.
  15. TalonF4U

    SF bay / Tahoe little boats

    Garth: Nomad looks cool. I think I bought your old 505 from you back in the day in San Diego. I ended up walking onto the deal of the century with a Vanguard 15. That should hit the mark as far as easy to set up quickly and bop around with the kids. I've already started thinking a bit further, and we'll see if I'm successful in avoiding rigging some kind of kite on the thing for when I'm alone and bored... WCB: D-one looks cool and would probably be a win for this too, but I'm sure it's worth ten times what the V15 is worth. My driveway is starting to fill up. Two ICs, one 505, now a V15, and that 32-footer currently in Florida... I have a problem.