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  1. theParadoxOfThrift

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Thanks Duncan. I'm genuinely grateful. Totally understand if the transmissions sounded like a fart machine.
  2. theParadoxOfThrift

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Agreed. Couldn't be more appreciative of Jo and her crew. I wish them well for the remainder of the Hobart campaign. This is true - my daughter is called Freya.
  3. theParadoxOfThrift

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Spirit of Freya turned around and sailed 7 miles upwind to rendezvous with us on Koa and then stood by us for 22 miles back into Newcastle. They only resumed racing after we had been met by Newcastle Marine Rescue. We cost them hours of time, but they were heroes for doing what they did. No other vessel responded to our request for assistance - presumably because they weren't monitoring VHF 16 at the time. They cited 'time constraints' because we cost them about 5-6 hours of time. We couldn't be more grateful for their assistance as we had no assurance with hull damage that we'd make it ashore. Sometimes there's more of a story behind 'time contraints' than first meets the eye.
  4. theParadoxOfThrift

    Fatality off Forster

    Gutted. That is terrible news.
  5. theParadoxOfThrift

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Three super-high quality boats launched - amazing effort from these teams interpreting a new rule. ETNZ are an outlier in respect of their foil design. AM do not have the bustle - a more aero hull. It will be really interesting to se the next iteration of these boats.
  6. theParadoxOfThrift

    Paradigm Shift...or Same Ole Same Ole?

    I have thought for a long time that a 'JOG' class for offshore sailing based upon this model would be a really good thing. Is it better or worse that the race takes a day longer and is more epic because you are in smaller, slower boats?
  7. theParadoxOfThrift

    Sailx status?

    I'd love it back - I was theParadoxOfThrift and I had a rule that if my ranking was getting too good I was spending too much time on Sailx!
  8. theParadoxOfThrift

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    People in this thread seem to often forget that doing the Hobart and not winning is still better than not doing it at all. Owners and their crews are following their dreams and giving it a go. It's a great challenge to get to the start line and the race provides a test for boats and crews. For those of you doing the great race - good luck and see you at the Customs House. For those of you not doing it - have an enjoyable break. For the haters and armchair experts - ***chuckle***
  9. theParadoxOfThrift

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    <sarcasm> It's pretty rugged for Tony and Vesna to learn that even though they'd been sailing all over the ocean (Fiji, RNI, Cook Strait, etc.), often in seas just like the S2H (it's Wellington FFS), the vessel is actually dangerously unstable, weak and generally unsuited to offshore racing. </sarcasm>
  10. theParadoxOfThrift

    PAC 52

    Good luck to Matt Allen. I hope the campaigns on the West Coast of the USA see some good racing and inspire more people to do serious racing in big, expensive boats.
  11. theParadoxOfThrift

    PAC 52

    In Australia there are three TP52s (RKO, SMB and Ichi Ban) that are modern and race offshore with limitations. RKO did the BWPS but not the Hobart. Ichi Ban underwent strengthening, including the addition of an offshore rig. SMB did a Gold Coast race but hasn't been taken south. The limitations of those boats are exposed when they race a boat like Beau Geste, which is substantially newer and effectively a different generation. The remaining TP52s that are racing are all older designs that were among the original boats built between 2003-2006. Koa & Balance were sister ships, M3 and Cougar are slightly newer, Celestial is a bit newer again. There is little material difference between these vessels. Their strong enough to do all races and all of them can win on their day. Two older boats are Frantic and SWD, which haven't had the upgrades and birthdays that the other boats have had. They are both offshore boats and are bulletproof designs. The racing among these older boats is very tight and good fun, but they lack the legs to compete consistently with the newer boats mentioned above. It's a fleet within a fleet and they rate very effectively on IRC. The giant cat amongst the pigeons will be the arrival of the new Ichi Ban later this year. It is a new 52, but it will have the offshore rig and sails from the old Ichi Ban. The inshore rig will go back onto the old boat, reverting it back to the same state as SMB. The new Ichi Ban may render the older TP's totally obsolete, a bit like Beau Geste has in the inshore racing. But then again newer boats in the 50ft fleet have had a pretty shit record in the Hobart, with the 'class' being dominated by Cookson 50s, Gen 1 Tp's etc. for a long time. I'm not sure that I'm super happy about a Pac52, or equivalent coming to race on the East Coast, but only because it may take away the ability to realistically win many of the big races with an older boat and amateur crew.
  12. theParadoxOfThrift

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I think we've seen the death of round-the-cans club racing in big boats. Some events and regattas are still going strong but getting 13+ people together every Saturday is too hard. Plenty of people I met in Melbourne were up here in Sydney racing BWPS of the past couple of months. Also peeps from Perth, NZ and a bunch of Queenslanders. They're leaving the boats in Sydney for a chunk of the year and racing here instead. It takes a big commitment - most people pay their own air fares and use leave from work to do the races & regattas. The boats would do 1000's of miles a year going north and back again. A lot of the crew would participate in those deliveries in some capacity. Most people I know who sail big boats also race one design like skiffs, dinghies, Dragons, Etchells, SB3s etc. That would be the preferred format to race if you're not going to the ocean. It's better racing than handicap racing on club boats.
  13. theParadoxOfThrift

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Those remarks probably do a disservice to some committed and helpful boat owners who gave a lot of people, particularly young sailors, opportunities where previously there were none. A lot of people from that era have made careers in boating-related industries and many of us sailed our first Hobarts, etc. on the Div 0 boats you speak of. There were a few wankers circulating around (like anywhere), but the overwhelming majority of people were excellent and that would definitely apply to 100% of the skippers who put their time and money into those programmes.
  14. theParadoxOfThrift

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

  15. theParadoxOfThrift

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Spoke with CD and the boat is for sale. Had some great sailing this past year and our share of good results. Had some interesting discussion about what's next Apparently fleet ownership is only in vogue if you're a Japanese warrior in Geelong.