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  1. Go you! Keeping your chin up I see. One technology edge the USA has seems to be in the field of depression medication.
  2. Alex Vailings & C-Tech?
  3. Maybe I'm paranoid - Our dialled-in, top-end VMG is indisputably better, but we seem to bottom out slightly lower. For me I'm alone at 3am in the morning and I'm seriously sweating on this stuff with no one to console me.
  4. I've spent years explaining to punters that ETNZ lost the last cup match from a seemingly impregnable lead because Oracle got their boat going lightning quick upwind. Any sailor knows that boats that are quicker uphill - with the ability to mode high, low and plain VMG - are very difficult to race against. To call it a "choke" was missing the point. There was no Ben Ainslie crew switch or tactical genius that lead to the Oracle comeback in SF. Oracle got their boat foiling uphill - they were 2-3 knots quicker at times. It overwhelmed ETNZ and they didn't react well under the pressure. ETNZ will have sat down in their first meeting and the sailing team will have told the designers, "make sure our boat is dominant upwind - everything else comes 2nd". They got what they asked for - they have even openly conceded that they've traded reaching and downhill speed to have the upwind weapon they wanted (during the Artemis series they stated they just wanted to be in touch at the first gate). I'm convinced ETNZ have rocked up with the boat that would have saved their arses in the last Match. It makes it surprising that Oracle didn't recognise what strengths won it for them in that event. Oracle need to refine three areas: a) Reaching speed - Artemis gave themselves a fighting chance by prioritising reaching speed. This meant that Artemis recovered from starts where they were even or behind to lead at mark 1. ETNZ were only performing poorly at the start if you measure the start by who gets to the first rounding mark ahead. They were often even or slightly ahead at the start line. Being superior in the reach forced ETNZ to pass to win - which is much harder than stretching out to 500m leads (duh). b) Downwind speed - This would be the most marginal of gains, but, several times ETNZ has rolled competitors by gauging down on them - both from windward and leeward positions. Assessing where this downwind VMG comes from and how to re-mode so you can match would be useful. This would offer less benefit than looking closer at upwind modes however. This isn't a straight-line speed issue, it's about having the option to soak down - if Oracle set up slightly ahead and to leeward they will take this mode away from ETNZ - but they've never had the opportunity - so ETNZ stretch quickly after the first Gybe of leg 2 every time. c) Upwind speed - Speed isn't the problem, it's actually height - they show the relative speeds and sometimes it's not dramatic - but when you can see one boat gauging up off the other with your naked eye, in real time, you know there's a major issue for one of them. In the round robin ETNZ were shown up by Artemis who seemed to mode their boat better in 12-15 knots and were sailing much freer and faster. They stayed out with the coaches - seemed to iron it out and came back the next day being much quicker. This illustrates that the claims "the learning curve is steep" are not hollow and significant gains can be made. Oracle (unfortunately for them) seemed to have smoked way a bit of time not coming to grips with the VMG disparity, explaining it away with shifts and pressure. Plain and simple this is where the cup will be won and lost now. ETNZ HAVE TO to improve themselves in four key areas: a) Dropping off the foils - they've basically stopped dead in the water in almost every race in the finals, including a sphincter-tightening effort during the pre-start of the last race (that ended up being tactical genius - but let's be honest it was ordinary). They need to iron out the timing because eventually they're going to get nailed for this. b) Head out of the boat - I'm not a subscriber to the "you need a dedicated tactician" camp - but when the Easterly course is set and the breeze is up and down they shouldn't be out of phase, sailing into holes and generally making life hard for themselves. It's easier when the breeze comes up a few knots, but when they're sailing in the breeze which they are most dominant in they are deficient tactically - mitigating the advantage a bit. c) Reaching speed - if, all being equal, they find themselves in a position where they are being dominated down the reach and struggling to pass, they may need a plan B to turbo the boat for improved reaching performance. Artemis tried and failed with that strategy, but it doesn't mean Oracle can't make it stick. d) Speed out of regulation tacks and gybes - they are slower out of tacks and marginally worse in gybes than Oracle. They look good in a straight build (off the start, recovering from f**-ups, etc.), but they're just a click off at times. Any greater consistency in this respect would be helpful. Some of the answers to Oracle's moding issues may be provided by the Artemis team, who made some big strides in a short time during the finals. I don't know how disposed they will be to providing assistance or feedback. None of the answers for Oracles issues will come from STJ - who had zero answer to the speed of Artemis and ETNZ (except in 25kts+ survival conditions).
  5. This is true. But they could protest against the vibe of it all. "it's the vibe, it's the damage, it's RRS 15, it's BAR ... no, that's it, it's the vibe your honour"
  6. This was Ben Ainslie as well: Businesswoman's plane missing in Bermuda Triangle with two sons, pilot also on board http://www.smh.com.au/business/aviation/businesswomans-plane-missing-in-bermuda-triangle-with-two-sons-pilot-also-on-board-20170516-gw6fo0.html He's had a shocker.
  7. You always feel like the staysail is under trimmed, but it invariably needs a bit of ease. Good pick up.
  8. Good luck to Matt Allen. I hope the campaigns on the West Coast of the USA see some good racing and inspire more people to do serious racing in big, expensive boats.
  9. In Australia there are three TP52s (RKO, SMB and Ichi Ban) that are modern and race offshore with limitations. RKO did the BWPS but not the Hobart. Ichi Ban underwent strengthening, including the addition of an offshore rig. SMB did a Gold Coast race but hasn't been taken south. The limitations of those boats are exposed when they race a boat like Beau Geste, which is substantially newer and effectively a different generation. The remaining TP52s that are racing are all older designs that were among the original boats built between 2003-2006. Koa & Balance were sister ships, M3 and Cougar are slightly newer, Celestial is a bit newer again. There is little material difference between these vessels. Their strong enough to do all races and all of them can win on their day. Two older boats are Frantic and SWD, which haven't had the upgrades and birthdays that the other boats have had. They are both offshore boats and are bulletproof designs. The racing among these older boats is very tight and good fun, but they lack the legs to compete consistently with the newer boats mentioned above. It's a fleet within a fleet and they rate very effectively on IRC. The giant cat amongst the pigeons will be the arrival of the new Ichi Ban later this year. It is a new 52, but it will have the offshore rig and sails from the old Ichi Ban. The inshore rig will go back onto the old boat, reverting it back to the same state as SMB. The new Ichi Ban may render the older TP's totally obsolete, a bit like Beau Geste has in the inshore racing. But then again newer boats in the 50ft fleet have had a pretty shit record in the Hobart, with the 'class' being dominated by Cookson 50s, Gen 1 Tp's etc. for a long time. I'm not sure that I'm super happy about a Pac52, or equivalent coming to race on the East Coast, but only because it may take away the ability to realistically win many of the big races with an older boat and amateur crew.
  10. Pie Warmers! I knew they'd be back
  11. Where do they put the weight? The king post.
  12. They should have a man, a woman and a shetland pony. And compete as corporations instead of countries.
  13. In a pedal-powered plane too.
  14. Lot's of movement in the IRC ratings last week - interesting stuff. We remeasured and checked a lot of stuff - obviously others doing the same. One boat that has an outrageous handicap when compared to it's speed potential is Patrice. Another interesting one is Beau Geste with a lower IRC than the V70s. http://static.cyca.com.au/media/3327122/division-list-vo2.pdf
  15. Yes. Alive is hugely underrated.