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  1. theParadoxOfThrift

    Sailx status?

    I'd love it back - I was theParadoxOfThrift and I had a rule that if my ranking was getting too good I was spending too much time on Sailx!
  2. theParadoxOfThrift

    Oracle Team USA

    It's been an interesting thread - thanks for all the contributions. Quick question: does Oracle Team USA exist any more? Does anyone know if they plan to challenge again?
  3. theParadoxOfThrift

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Even when you can see fishing boats really easily it's often hard to work out what's going on. Does anyone else really struggle with ascertaining the speed and heading of fishing boats when we're at sea? You can't always see their nav lights because they have bright working lights on. It's super hard to gauge their range and you sometimes end up quite close when the intention was to keep away from them. I'm talking about off Yamba and Coffs where it isn't busy like HK.
  4. theParadoxOfThrift

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    That's definitely a tri-colour light. I may stand corrected - but I think the regulations actually only specify a port and starboard light at the bow and a white stern light. Under sail the masthead light is not mandatory and many race boats do not have them (VO65s obviously do). In a seaway boats without the masthead lights are very difficult to see. Outside of a mile or so you'll only see the bow light quite intermittently on an adjacent vessel. Also when pressed under chute the bow lights are basically invisible behind the chute - particularly when using laminate chutes like an A3 where they completely shade the leeward bow light. When underway, visibility is also really tough behind an A-sail without a high clew - someone needs to be right on the stern quarter to be able to see ahead and in waves you'll only see properly ahead occasionally. In Australia AIS is mandatory on the boats for the big races but it is not mandatory to have it switched on - only around 50% of the racing fleet broadcast their heading and speed. You'd expect the VOR boats have theirs on.
  5. theParadoxOfThrift

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Do the VO65's have a tri-colour light at the masthead?
  6. theParadoxOfThrift

    Pittwater to Paradise 2018

    The kite Frantic has up there is the 1.5. The A2 is also red. That's a spectacular effort to do the Hobart and a Gold Coast race in a fortnight.
  7. theParadoxOfThrift

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    People in this thread seem to often forget that doing the Hobart and not winning is still better than not doing it at all. Owners and their crews are following their dreams and giving it a go. It's a great challenge to get to the start line and the race provides a test for boats and crews. For those of you doing the great race - good luck and see you at the Customs House. For those of you not doing it - have an enjoyable break. For the haters and armchair experts - ***chuckle***
  8. theParadoxOfThrift

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    <sarcasm> It's pretty rugged for Tony and Vesna to learn that even though they'd been sailing all over the ocean (Fiji, RNI, Cook Strait, etc.), often in seas just like the S2H (it's Wellington FFS), the vessel is actually dangerously unstable, weak and generally unsuited to offshore racing. </sarcasm>
  9. theParadoxOfThrift

    The LV (not the AC) WS

    They lost me with this sort of shit when they called it the "World Series of Sailing". Call anything a 'world series' and you know it's a fabricated crock of shit that doesn't involve the world at all.
  10. theParadoxOfThrift

    AC 36 Protocol

    I'm still not ready to laugh about that.
  11. theParadoxOfThrift

    Sydney to Gold Coast 2017

    I love pounding to windward - this forecast is like Christmas for me - really like Christmas time.
  12. theParadoxOfThrift

    Sydney to Gold Coast 2017

    I like the Gold Coast race.
  13. theParadoxOfThrift

    Oracle Team USA

    Go you! Keeping your chin up I see. One technology edge the USA has seems to be in the field of depression medication.
  14. theParadoxOfThrift

    Team NZ

    Alex Vailings & C-Tech?
  15. theParadoxOfThrift

    Team NZ

    Maybe I'm paranoid - Our dialled-in, top-end VMG is indisputably better, but we seem to bottom out slightly lower. For me I'm alone at 3am in the morning and I'm seriously sweating on this stuff with no one to console me.