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  1. you don't have a fucking choice…it is your goddamn job and if you can't do it get the fuck out of it. ere on the side of safety or go to jail for negligent homicide, or worse, worse depending on how egregious your behaviour. jesus fucking christ, just stop excusing this shit. it's the excuses that piss people off. you are just full of them. everyone here likely knows police officers, has friends or family who are police officers. I doubt you can find a single person who would say that police officers are underpaid, may be put in life threatening situations in the course of their job. calling out the shit ones does not equal lack of support or respect for the men and women who are dedicated to serving the public. these endless excuses have to stop, you are not doing yourself or your fellow officers any favors by protecting and serving shit cops rather than the citizens you are sworn to protect and serve. you should be working as hard to get these fucks off the street as any civil rights lawyer, cause they make you look bad and your life harder…and often more dangerous.
  2. i could totally see some of you guys doing shit like this…... http://www.addictinginfo.org/2015/05/07/cops-to-white-people-stop-getting-freaked-out-by-your-black-neighbors-screenshots/
  3. I would disagree with you. The intent behind all of those cited posts is quite clear - none of them give a shit about the guys rights because he has a criminal past. His rights are violated, they do not care - ergo they think it is fine that he loses them. Pretty straightforward, and not at all unexpected. I hope its not unexpected because by law certain convicted criminals are required to lose certain rights. Do YOU care they lose their rights? They absolutely SHOULD lose their rights as required by law, after due process of law and no sooner. Meaning you can't strip away those rights before they are convicted. they never give half a shit until it's there own rights being lost.
  4. Baltimore - let's burn this bitch down!

    why you need to look further than what the msm feeds you... http://thefreethoughtproject.com/videos-arrest-baltimore-shows-msm-give-truth/
  5. How's sobriety treating you doggie? lolz…that was special. thanks for sharing, however…not quoting would be fine too.
  6. I understand I am ignorant in comparison to you, I am just trying to better contextualize my ignorance. So, what are your qualifications? sounds like someone with superior knowledge ®. one who possesses superior knowledge ® need not explain the foundation of it to anyone.
  7. +1000, well said PB. I was thinking the same thing re: dehumanizing yesterday and just couldn't express it as i wanted…you said it perfectly.
  8. She makes it sound like the justice is a product of the riots, not a product of the justice system (which she is an integral part of) functioning fairly and appropriately. Wrong message. Yep! She basically just told black America to riot and loot every time there is a perceived injustice and they will get what they want. Stupid bitch. it's so funny how people can read the same thing and get a different message….i guess it is a matter of perspective. btw, no surprise i disagree.
  9. If you think about this for 0.5 sec, it may occur to you that this door will be at the back of the van, and noone will be crashing backwards during a brake-testing stop. The suggestion that his head was not quite out of the way when they shut him in some time might have legs. very valid point. Hard acceleration or a door slam all fit the possibilities Hard acceleration in a Police van? What the hell do you think they have under the hood of those things? Rockets? purchased from acme … beep beep.
  10. why don't we already have van cams? should be standard equipment way before now.
  11. perhaps he was banging something against the partition or side of the van, especially if he could not talk or breath due to the asthma and refusal to be allowed and inhaler, or a crushed larynx. even if the claim is that he severed his own spine in three places, i still cannot see how one can crush their own larynx with hand cuffed behind his back and shackled feet.
  12. They're stupid and incorrect in regards to Baltimore. Why are you repeating his nonsense. Troy should be disregarded because you don't agree with his opinion? And, I'll bet you wonder why African-Americans feel they have no voice........ they tell people they need to shut up, sit down and be compliant…then harp on about how no black voices are heard….incredible. Troy is a remarkable young man whom I had the privilege to have in my classroom when he was a Senior in HS. Active in the SGA and Senior Class, he was and is everything many folks find objectionable - an intelligent and articulate black man. He is passionate, informed, polite, compassionate, and level-headed. He actually lives in Baltimore, having chosen to return here after being graduated from Morehouse. But, according to Saorsa, Troy is incorrect about his hometown. Maybe Saorsa will share with us how he comes to know this. Troy and I have stayed in touch over the years and I must say I would love it if there were more people like Troy in the world. Too bad folks like Saorsa would like to silence him, since their viewpoints are not in alignment. i really like reading his fb page…whether someone agrees with him or not, it's hard to try to claim he is not intelligent, articulate and feels very passionately about his city. i will definitely be following this young man's updates. btw…for the naysayers, this article supports what his p.o.v. http://www.attn.com/stories/1541/baltimore-poverty-facts?utm_source=usu&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=syndication
  13. Baltimore - let's burn this bitch down!

    jack booted usually proceeds thugs when directed towards officers of the law….
  14. Baltimore - let's burn this bitch down!

    Yep, thugs. You seem to want to take a word recognized as a perfectly adequate descriptor and replace it with a word that is more ambiguous and carries a racially charged connotation. Why? Is there something about the word "criminal" that is lacking? Are criminal and thug synonymous? Why the need to use that word, when the other is perfectly acceptable and actually used in legal documents? I'm curious.... why is "thug" a racially charged connotation? It seems the thugs are proud to be called thugs - they wear it as a badge of honor. Might as well apply it correctly where it fits. Start 'em young is the way, I suppose..... and btw - "thug' is not a color. Its an attitude. Plenty of white and hispanic thugs. Act like a thug, get treated like thug - I don't care what color skin you have! i remember when people said, "nigger's not a color, it's an attitude", too, still hear it on rare occasions. now it's thug.
  15. http://www.bravenewfilms.org/racismisreal