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  1. Rskiff

    Oz Music thread

  2. Rskiff

    Oz Music thread

  3. Rskiff


    you definitely need to run for potusa as your logic(or lack of) is about as similar to Trumps. I once used to read your posts with interest, but over time you seem to be slidding into a state of dementia and you have become a very bitter poster unfortunately.
  4. Rskiff


    it's you! The last cup at this stage still hadn't even determined it was to be sailed in a AC50 or Bermuda
  5. Dunno. Fell asleep on couch while watching. Amazing how watching grass grow excites a couple of people, a bit like cricket
  6. Rskiff

    Larry's AC50 Circus
  7. where are the gennaker sheets? photoshop definitely
  8. wonder who bought it?
  9. Rskiff

    sometimes you just suck - FP

    oh, how about "look at me, look at me"
  10. Rskiff

    sometimes you just suck - FP

    Is there no other sailing in the world?? Who is interested in what boat you have and what race you compete in ? There are so many exciting events, boats and sailors out there that never get any coverage. Just saying.
  11. Rskiff


    yeah they had just like all the other competitors a AC50, out of the same mold design
  12. Trump steaks anyone?
  13. Rskiff

    VOR 2017-18

    Does anyone else find it so pathetic that boats that fail to finish a leg(s) can still beat boats that actually complete the whole "around the world race". I think the scoring system sucks.