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  1. doghouse

    West Michigan Thread

    Pics or it didn't happen.
  2. doghouse

    Annapolis "Performance" Sailing - No More-ish!

    The majority of Amazon sales are third party. If you want small business to succeed you should be the biggest Amazon fan out. They are the only chance small independent businesses have to succeed in a global market. Otherwise Walmart and Coca Cola are going to be your global corporate overlords
  3. doghouse

    NYYC Invitational IC37

    Uh, basically any event. Start eating.
  4. doghouse

    Going over to the dark side

    Everyone on this website is a thousand years old.
  5. doghouse

    Swan 42

  6. doghouse

    Swan 42

    I could give you a list of things to do in VB other than drive all the way to the peninsula and look at condemned raceboats.
  7. doghouse

    Annapolis "Performance" Sailing - No More-ish!

    Same thing. Its not a place anyone is just visiting for clothing, web or brick and mortar. The only real stand alone clothing would be foulies, and that's a once every half a decade to decade purchase. And I dont know why anyone would even do that with Amazon availabile.
  8. doghouse

    Annapolis "Performance" Sailing - No More-ish!

    This seems 180 degrees from the move to keep them in business. No one goes there for clothes, people go for hardware and get clothes while they happen to be there.
  9. doghouse

    Annapolis "Performance" Sailing - No More-ish!

    Bizzare. Who in their right mind buys clothes at retail from APS? This seems like a very ill advised move.
  10. doghouse

    J/125 - A Real Unicorn

    Get your facts outta here man
  11. doghouse

    Best Place to Live for a Sailor in the USA

    This part sounds pretty nice actually
  12. doghouse

    What became of Richard Oland's Vela Veloce?

    It just sailed the Transpac as Vitesse.
  13. doghouse

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    Been there in a Farr 36 before...
  14. doghouse

    Nobody Wants To Take Up Sailing

    But this doesn't have anything to do with sailboat racing