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  1. doghouse

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    I agree.
  2. doghouse

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    Gotta imagine with that canter it's a good bit lower.
  3. doghouse


    The Virginia Beach Fishing Center has the marina there on the end of Southside Rd., just outside the bridge. It was built by Wayne McLeskey before he died and the Fishing Center took it over some years ago. It's where the boats too big to go under the bridge and sailboats dock. Most sailboaters end up just anchoring in Lake Wesley though. To ramp launch a power boat, you have to go to Owl's Creek though, no ramps on the outside. If you look at this shot, the satellite docks are the gold star on the right, just outside bridge. Fun Fact: The hailing port for all of our sailboats is Lake Wesley.
  4. doghouse


    No, he has to stay on the outside of the bridge in Lake Wesley. If you go under bridge that's Owl's Creek.
  5. doghouse

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    I've known the boat so long I still think of it as Bacardi. So no.
  6. doghouse

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    Not any of the ones I sailed against.
  7. doghouse

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    A Farr 40 would handle them around a W/L track pretty easily I imagine unless its nuking.
  8. doghouse


    If you go inside, Little Creek is more on the way, if you go outside, Rudee is more direct.
  9. doghouse


    Current report is 8 or 9 feet for the inlet at MLW. About 7' inside in anchorage
  10. doghouse


    There's unfortunately only a single option for Virginia Beach, Rudee Inlet on the outside of the bridge. Decent anchorage though, and one marina, the satellite area for the Virginia Beach Fishing Center. Little Creek is close, but right over the city line in Norfolk. I'll have to check and see what the depth is in the inlet right now, they have been dredging, but the storm may have silted it up a bit. You'll be in sight from my front porch if you come on down here.
  11. doghouse


    Are you actually coming into VB or Norfolk?
  12. doghouse


    Of course it did. The GFS is a national embarrassment
  13. doghouse


    Great thread title.
  14. doghouse


    There is no situation on earth where I love someone wearing cargo shorts.