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  1. doghouse

    College Football 2020

    Alabama is good and the rest of you motherfuckers suck.
  2. doghouse

    8 Bells Geoff Ewenson

    I was shocked to hear yesterday. Still am tbh. Sailed many years on many different boats with Geoff, I'll miss him terribly.
  3. doghouse

    Break-up Value (Melges 40)

    No, not really. Just felt like stating the obvious.
  4. doghouse

    Break-up Value (Melges 40)

    What an inane fucking thread.
  5. doghouse

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Moronic clown
  6. doghouse

    Surveyor in Hampton, VA area

    Ron is retired. Bay Harbor has been sold and is under new ownership. He is still doing a little though to help out. Lloyd would definitely be the surveyor to use.
  7. doghouse

    Chicago Area III

    Damn right.
  8. Sniffing around for a point to point sport boat under 100K and More Trouble 11S blew my skirt up.

    Original owner has given her a good home. The last 2 boats (this one) have double spreader rigs and runners unlike the earlier boats.

    Trouble has the inboard rudders and inboard diesel which has been replaced with a 2 or 3 year old Yanmar and saildrive.

    Sails are good practice sails. The boat is a bit heavy with a load of batteries, 3 cyl diesel and saildrive. -18 rating there

    I can buy it for $60 but I need to get it home. Sure seems like a ball of  fun 


    Appreciate it


  9. doghouse

    Taylor 40 ML Meridian

    It's not a question of work, it's a question of money.
  10. doghouse

    Taylor 40 ML Meridian

    Promises was built slightly higher grade than As Larks aka Fitikoko. I don't think Fiti had the carbon in her for one thing. But overall very similar boats. Yeah, we built a Carkeek 40 last year, just finished the Miami - Eleuthera race last week with it. Fantastic race, hope more people take a crack at it next year. Dunno. I'm sure Leroi can chime in though.
  11. doghouse

    Taylor 40 ML Meridian

    It was completely refurbished by Larry Kumins, who bought it from SMSA. @voodoochile is the current owner.
  12. doghouse

    Taylor 40 ML Meridian

    It's just the nature of the beast. There's no money to maintain these kinds of boats in a college program. When St Mary's got done with Prelude, one of our previous donations, it was basically uninhabitable. Promises, the Tripp 38, too. You just have to be ok with the college kids getting some joy and experience out of it.
  13. doghouse

    Taylor 40 ML Meridian

    Good to hear. It was basically all gone, and the bottom had some gnarly ass brushed on power boat anti fouling on the bottom. She is a very unique and cool boat, happy it's been brought back up to standard.
  14. doghouse

    Taylor 40 ML Meridian

    Did you guys re clear coat the mast?