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  1. My money is on Howie Hamlin. He was crazy quick in all conditions at the NAs in June. On the light air day he started mid-fleet and was in the lead by the top mark. Very impressive speed and consistent sailing all week. I'd put Tyler Moore and Behm/Falsone up there as well if the wind remains light all week.
  2. I was watching Bachelor in Paradise on ABC last night (not by choice - or so I tell myself) and I saw what looked like, possibly, the old Young Australia being used as a kind of party barge in Puerto Vallarta. Did anybody else see that? Looks like they made the deck one level (no cockpit anymore) and removed pretty much all of the hardware - replacing it with a slide and other activities...
  3. Finn in Massachusetts free to a good home... https://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/boa/d/devoti-finn-boat-restoration/6274312213.html
  4. What's your budget and plan for the boat (i.e. are you going to attend Worlds or just daysail with it)?
  5. Here are the pics of the 505 in Fairplay, CO mentioned in post #860 above. $200 for two sets of sails and this hull, spars, foils and trailer. WCB, is this a Ballenger? It looks like it to me...
  6. I called on it but he never called me back...
  7. Some random boats for sale in Colorado - of interest to me is the 505. You need to call get any details on it. https://denver.craigslist.org/boa/d/sailboats-for-sale/6205993978.html
  8. I was just about to post that this morning! Looks like a fun project for an FD lover.
  9. I've got a standard centerboard built for a Waterat hull. I forget but I think it's for a 30mm trunk give or take(?). I could ship it from MA if you'll pay for the board and the actual cost of shipping. Tom
  10. I'm with you Armchair. That piece on the front page is not only poorly-informed but naive at best. ETNZ pushed their penalty button at the time of the incident because they thought there was an infraction. The fact that they still do think they were wronged is not bad sportsmanship. Given that they got to the 2 boat length circle before Artemis I agree with them, actually. Artemis had no rights at that point and needed to keep well clear. ETNZ did not hunt them nor did they make the call about who was right and who was wrong. On top of all of that, I highly doubt ETNZ's sponsors would want them to throw away a point which could make the difference between them getting to the AC or not. After last go-around I doubt they want to leave anything to good feelings or good luck. Tom
  11. Randy, Have you thought about closing down the transom some - reducing the width and height (from the top down) of the transom holes to provide more stiffness for the rudder? Tom
  12. There is also Snipe sailing on Mystic Lake - just a few minutes down 3A from Burlington.
  13. A couple of options come to mind (neither of which I use on my 505 as I sail with guys who like to have control of the mainsheet (I crew). You could go with headknocker system (see first pic) which would make it convenient for her to hand you the sheet to play that upwind. Or, you could do a double-ended mainsheet like the Star and have a tail go out to each rail. That would end up producing a lot of extra line in the boat but at least you would have ready access to it on the rail.
  14. Politics aside JFK's boat needs some work and a Go Fund Me page has been put together to raise money for the work. I have donated and, though the goal has been reached, it couldn't hurt to give a little more just in case they shortened the wish list. Tom https://www.gofundme.com/PreserveVictura
  15. I've been thinking about the same thing, and I agree with you. I guess their main consideration is whether they can compensate for the loss of the 180-190 kgs ballast of the 2 pedallers in righting moment.. Good point on the righting moment! Maybe they reduce each side by one bicycle and have two dedicated cyclists - the lightest of the leg team - each remain on a hull and the heavier two move sides to maintain that higher righting moment. There very well may be some variation which will provide both consistent power and the necessary righting moment...