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  1. I've got a standard centerboard built for a Waterat hull. I forget but I think it's for a 30mm trunk give or take(?). I could ship it from MA if you'll pay for the board and the actual cost of shipping. Tom
  2. I'm with you Armchair. That piece on the front page is not only poorly-informed but naive at best. ETNZ pushed their penalty button at the time of the incident because they thought there was an infraction. The fact that they still do think they were wronged is not bad sportsmanship. Given that they got to the 2 boat length circle before Artemis I agree with them, actually. Artemis had no rights at that point and needed to keep well clear. ETNZ did not hunt them nor did they make the call about who was right and who was wrong. On top of all of that, I highly doubt ETNZ's sponsors would want them to throw away a point which could make the difference between them getting to the AC or not. After last go-around I doubt they want to leave anything to good feelings or good luck. Tom
  3. Randy, Have you thought about closing down the transom some - reducing the width and height (from the top down) of the transom holes to provide more stiffness for the rudder? Tom
  4. There is also Snipe sailing on Mystic Lake - just a few minutes down 3A from Burlington.
  5. A couple of options come to mind (neither of which I use on my 505 as I sail with guys who like to have control of the mainsheet (I crew). You could go with headknocker system (see first pic) which would make it convenient for her to hand you the sheet to play that upwind. Or, you could do a double-ended mainsheet like the Star and have a tail go out to each rail. That would end up producing a lot of extra line in the boat but at least you would have ready access to it on the rail.
  6. Politics aside JFK's boat needs some work and a Go Fund Me page has been put together to raise money for the work. I have donated and, though the goal has been reached, it couldn't hurt to give a little more just in case they shortened the wish list. Tom https://www.gofundme.com/PreserveVictura
  7. I've been thinking about the same thing, and I agree with you. I guess their main consideration is whether they can compensate for the loss of the 180-190 kgs ballast of the 2 pedallers in righting moment.. Good point on the righting moment! Maybe they reduce each side by one bicycle and have two dedicated cyclists - the lightest of the leg team - each remain on a hull and the heavier two move sides to maintain that higher righting moment. There very well may be some variation which will provide both consistent power and the necessary righting moment...
  8. % of foiling time will be the ultimate decider of who wins. It all comes down to that. Speeds are tenths - if not hundredths - of knots different at this point. Time in the air is all that matters now (which could be expressed as average speed).
  9. How long before ETNZ removes 1 or both of the spare "bikes" on each hull (assuming they stick with the current deal where two cyclists remain on each hull full-time)? I'm going to go out on a small limb and say when the boat is re-assembled in Bermuda there will be two stations on each hull and not four.
  10. The whole thing is moot, anyway. This is a boat speed contest not a match race. The only "tactics" we saw last time had to do with being the leeward or windward boat at the start and how to play the current. Scratch current off the list and this is going to be all about the start and then just maintaining your flight for a higher % of time. Let Oracle and its puppets match race...if ETNZ has done their homework and made their boat fly a few percentage points more than the others this should already be decided.
  11. Plenty of beginning sailors have started in a 505. It's not recommended but thanks to the features of the 505 it is possible. You wouldn't fit in a 420 and would quickly out pace the boat/get frustrated. Don't waste your money on it. This 505 that is half the price of a 420 must be old. If that's the case then make sure it has the ability to lean the mast aft (back) which will help you remove power from the sails. You're going to want to start in light air and get used to the boat slowly. You will, also, want to learn how to turn the boat upright safely after tipping it on its side or upside down. I had to teach someone how to right a 505 at an event in San Francisco years ago and that was a very scary experience. I recommend you make that one of your learning priorities. Tom
  12. We may not have had SBTJ or GTF (not yet pictured) One non-surprise above is the beam fairings looking identical on OR and SBTJ, at least at this point. Good point. I forgot about Groupama...they have been awfully silent for a long time! So, I stand corrected, we would have had 7 instead of 6!
  13. That pic of all the hulls made me think about how the whole goal of the AC50 was to reduce costs to get more teams involved. Ironically, if they had just stuck with the AC65 catamaran they would have had another team (Prada) in that pic!
  14. Here's an ebay find: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1966-Plastrend-Flying-Dutchman-Sailboat-19-Feet-with-Trailer-NO-RESERVE-/391716305087?hash=item5b341c78bf:g:~e8AAOSwTM5YtJSz&vxp=mtr
  15. Great project Dionisis! Glad to see a nice old FD getting a new lease on life!