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  1. bluelaser2

    Kayak Sailing Anarchy

    I have a Hobie TI that I really enjoy- I added a pair of spineboards as hakas which allow me to get my (m)ass to windward and sail with three or four people. The boat is fantastic for teaching sailing, with dual tiller and mainsheet controls, and the lack of heel and comfy forward facing seating keeps noobs feeling safe while they experience the magic of sailing for the first time. The pedal drive system adds a brilliant dimension- it's like mixing cycling and sailing, and when you reef down in high winds and help with the pedals, it points up and goes pretty darn well for its weight and materials. I reversed the steering lines so as to not have to unlearn a lifetime of sailing. For pure sailing pleasure, I still sail a Laser2 hull (with a similar rotating stayless carbon rig) because that's the real deal, but this boat is a great second boat. My third boat is a drop-stitch inflatable tandem kayak, which is a pretty amazing craft itself. I added a rudder and downwind sail- this year I might get a Falcon sail rig for it.
  2. bluelaser2

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    I don't think GDPR would have any effect because the info was collected for a specific business purpose with the affirmative consent of the data subject, and ILCA has a bona fide reason to maintain that data for limited purposes (e.g in case they need to contact past members). They would likely not be able to use it for marketing if a data subject withdrew consent for that purpose, but how often would that really occur? Also, FWIW, the Laser name may have undergone enough antonomasia, and been through enough owners, that the word, if not the logo, as a trademark, is no longer enforceable, at least in the USA. I would not want to be the entity to test that, but the odds look strong just from a Google search.
  3. bluelaser2

    Laser 2 vs JY15 Turbo Rig

    No it was engineered by Escape Boat Co. in their first year. Carbon spar by Fiberspar. Mast steps to a steel pin on the hull floor in a big fiberglass case. Solid as a rock. I have owned it for 18 years, sailed many, many miles on all the Great Lakes. Rig is way, way lighter than Laser2 rig. Much higher weight to righting moment ratio- over 10%. A lot faster than one might expect.
  4. bluelaser2

    Laser 2 vs JY15 Turbo Rig

    I have a Laser2 Hull with a Hoyt Rig. When the wind blows, it lights right up, and will utterly fly by a JY15. I chopped the centerboard (didn't need all that area) and used a windsurf mast for a boom (increases righting moment) and put on a big sail. That hull form is thoroughbred. A whole lotta fun.
  5. Inquiring, thanks if you have any info
  6. bluelaser2

    VOR Man Overboard

    Elon Musk flys rockets backwards and lands 'em two at a time. The proper application of dollars could create a practical package of size, maintenance, and reliability to locate a MOB if they are on the surface, responsive or not. It won't be easy or cheap. You wanna solve a problem, you throw dollars at it.
  7. bluelaser2

    spider cracks?

    Is that a Beneteau? That non-skid pattern matches my old First 210 exactly.
  8. bluelaser2

    VOR Man Overboard

    imaginary "acoustic techniques" Here r is the distance from the source to the receiving system, and f is the frequency of the signal. Is(r,f)=Is(r=1 m,f) T(r,f) where SL(f)=10 log [Is(r=1 m,f)] - source level TL(f)=10 log [T(r,f)] - propagation loss NL(f)= 10 log [In (f)] - level of ambient noise After passing through spatial and frequency filters, the signal level S and the noise N become equal to: where H(f) - frequency characteristic of the filter AG=10 log [A(f)] - array gain. With given values for the probability of correct detection Pd and false alarm rate Pf as well as the signal integration time t, one may define the detection threshold as being DT = 5 log[D t-1 w-1] Here D is the index of detection, which is a function of the probability of correct detection and the false alarm rate, and w is the effective frequency band which is defined as In0 (f)=In(f) . [H(f)]2 . A(f)-1 ) Therefore, the problem of calculating detection ranges is reduced to determining the regions of the values for r where the signal level exceeds the noise level at a given value for the detection threshold. S-N>DT In this region of values for r, correct detection will occur at a probability not less than Pd and false detection with a probability not greater than Pf. In other words asshole, the navy can put an imaginary cruise missile up your ass from 50 miles away if you are emitting fly farts. If you happen to be wearing a powerful pinger they could locate you from 300 miles, or maybe even 500. Some fucking pig ignorant people never want to see progress in anything. Makes 'em happy. Sure the sailor is in grave danger the second he or she goes over the side, no matter if they can be located or not. But the chances of locating them can be brought a damn sight higher if people want to spend money to do it, and no Sailing Anarchy asshat commentator can change that truth.
  9. bluelaser2

    VOR Man Overboard

    Bite me. Who says you are limited to radio? At short range you can use acoustic techniques in addion to a package of radio frequency spectrum and devices. If you throw dollars at it, it could be solved. Shithead attitudes like that lead to the question: why have any safety regime at all? It's dangerous, every man for himself, they know the risks etc. Not worth major effort if god had wanted man to fly....
  10. bluelaser2

    VOR Man Overboard

    "The Volvo Race can make it happen -technically and organizationally - if there is a will and demand to do so" This need not be a commercial proposition- where profit and loss on the equipment and R&D is a factor. These boats cost many millions of dollars each. With the energy density of modern batteries and the speed and quality of modern electronic design & manufacturing, plus serious rule enforcement by Volvo, there is little doubt that reliable tracking from a yacht to a MOB within a few miles could be assured. We will be launching manned spacecraft built by private ventures in the very near future. The amount of safety planning and testing going into that work is......astronomical..... This narrow aspect of ultra high-end MOB tracking for yacht racing in big winds and seas, at night or in low-visibility could be managed....if there is a will to manage it.
  11. bluelaser2

    VOR Man Overboard

    40+ minutes of drift in those winds and seas would create a pretty large search box, so the GPS plot of the accidental-jibe location would have been of limited value. The history of risky business, from aviation, to nuclear power, to space- is rife with hard lessons learned, many of which in hindsight seem utterly obvious and banal. Will another manned spacecraft ever re-enter again without a heat-shield inspection? Not likely. Will large empty fuel tanks ever be allowed again to heat to the point of fuel vaporization on airliners? Not if anyone is paying attention. Will actively cooled reactors ever be allowed to run without assured pumping capacity again? Surely not in Japan. There is, or can be developed, a reliable technical ability to electronically (and passively) establish the location of non-submerged persons in the water. The Volvo Race can make it happen -technically and organizationally - if there is a will and demand to do so. Let's hope there is in future editions of this race, and similar deep ocean races. Knowledge is hard won. The unforgivable sin is failing to learn, and change.
  12. Son, a three-foot boat is no way to make time. I'd say the bare minimum would be around 14 feet. f you select a really good weather window and have bail-out plans for the entire route, go for it! But I think you answered your own question - "cruise up the inside passage, spend some time checking out the Broughtons / Bella Coola, and cruise back down" would be the safer, more enjoyable way to learn about your boat and crew- and if that goes very well, maybe think about the big voyage some time to follow.
  13. bluelaser2

    I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    If you don't have ties, why limit yourself to one location? Pick a summer spot up north ( NW Michigan is awfully nice in the summers) and a nice spot south (need to be south of Sarasota or so for reliable nice winter weather), find a good job in one of the two spots, buy a really nice big RV and a second fun boat (still less than a house without real estate taxes) and be where it's nice, all the time. I employ many developers and would be fine with someone good and reliable who was around half the year- that's enough to stay connected, tuned up with the team, etc. That's the American Dream. PS, hate to break it to you, but the party interested in preserving institutions and incremental change is the Democratic Party. The GOP is now a party of revolutionary nihilists who would rather burn it down than share power. A working duopoly is the best form of government- dynamic enough to compete globally, with enough choice to provide consent of the governed. A multi-party democracy sucks ass. Instead, y'all want a one-party corporate state like China. That ain't conservative fella.