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  1. bluelaser2

    whatcha think?

    I sailed with Fast Wally one day at ILYA Bay Week 25 years ago an IOR 36 footer. I still remember how the mood on the boat changed with one person simply calling the shots, no questions, no debates, no dissent. Upwind, not much of a difference in performance. Downwind, like night and day.
  2. bluelaser2

    Kayak Sailing Anarchy

    I have a Hobie TI that I really enjoy- I added a pair of spineboards as hakas which allow me to get my (m)ass to windward and sail with three or four people. The boat is fantastic for teaching sailing, with dual tiller and mainsheet controls, and the lack of heel and comfy forward facing seating keeps noobs feeling safe while they experience the magic of sailing for the first time. The pedal drive system adds a brilliant dimension- it's like mixing cycling and sailing, and when you reef down in high winds and help with the pedals, it points up and goes pretty darn well for its weight and materials. I reversed the steering lines so as to not have to unlearn a lifetime of sailing. For pure sailing pleasure, I still sail a Laser2 hull (with a similar rotating stayless carbon rig) because that's the real deal, but this boat is a great second boat. My third boat is a drop-stitch inflatable tandem kayak, which is a pretty amazing craft itself. I added a rudder and downwind sail- this year I might get a Falcon sail rig for it.
  3. bluelaser2

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    I don't think GDPR would have any effect because the info was collected for a specific business purpose with the affirmative consent of the data subject, and ILCA has a bona fide reason to maintain that data for limited purposes (e.g in case they need to contact past members). They would likely not be able to use it for marketing if a data subject withdrew consent for that purpose, but how often would that really occur? Also, FWIW, the Laser name may have undergone enough antonomasia, and been through enough owners, that the word, if not the logo, as a trademark, is no longer enforceable, at least in the USA. I would not want to be the entity to test that, but the odds look strong just from a Google search.
  4. bluelaser2

    Laser 2 vs JY15 Turbo Rig

    No it was engineered by Escape Boat Co. in their first year. Carbon spar by Fiberspar. Mast steps to a steel pin on the hull floor in a big fiberglass case. Solid as a rock. I have owned it for 18 years, sailed many, many miles on all the Great Lakes. Rig is way, way lighter than Laser2 rig. Much higher weight to righting moment ratio- over 10%. A lot faster than one might expect.
  5. bluelaser2

    Laser 2 vs JY15 Turbo Rig

    I have a Laser2 Hull with a Hoyt Rig. When the wind blows, it lights right up, and will utterly fly by a JY15. I chopped the centerboard (didn't need all that area) and used a windsurf mast for a boom (increases righting moment) and put on a big sail. That hull form is thoroughbred. A whole lotta fun.
  6. Inquiring, thanks if you have any info
  7. Son, a three-foot boat is no way to make time. I'd say the bare minimum would be around 14 feet. f you select a really good weather window and have bail-out plans for the entire route, go for it! But I think you answered your own question - "cruise up the inside passage, spend some time checking out the Broughtons / Bella Coola, and cruise back down" would be the safer, more enjoyable way to learn about your boat and crew- and if that goes very well, maybe think about the big voyage some time to follow.
  8. bluelaser2

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    'Your legal system is amazingly broken" Indeed, the law on design patents is even more fucked than most people can imagine. As it currently stands, if someone has a design patent on a car hood ornament, and it's found to be infringed, that patentee must be awarded 100% of the entire profits made on the whole car. Not may be awarded, MUST be awarded. There is a single appellate court for patent case in the United States, and this is what they say the law demands. I. Shit.You. Not. ILCA was smart to get the design patent. They are fast and easy to get, and obviously weapons of economic mass destruction once you have one in hand. Makes the multi-billion dollar utility patent trolling racket look like Sunday bingo....and soon enough the results will tell. You can read some Supreme Court amici briefs on it here. This state of affairs probably has a year or two left to run before the Supreme Court steps in. At least in the area of patents, the Supreme Court is been on the ball and strongly aligned internally- many 9-0 votes on patent cases lately.
  9. bluelaser2

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    The design kind (v. utility kind) also has the nifty feature of 100% of profits as damages rather than a reasonable royalty. The design is supposed to be ornamental only, rather than functional. Only about a million bucks to prove it. Highly recommended.
  10. bluelaser2


    Ridiculous. What a complete joke of a post. We, as consumers, don't have the right to question a sailboat's engineering? Since when did it become appropriate for improper sail handling to cause rig failures? Ha, that will be the day when that fool is a "consumer" in the market for a Gunboat.... I have never, ever heard of a rig designed to withstand gross sail handling abuse. Likewise, wings fall off airplanes when they are flown past VNE or maneuvered harshly at high speeds. It's expected and nobody can design around it. Ironic when a post starting with Ridiculous is Ridiculous...
  11. bluelaser2

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    The trademark very well may have been genericized. I don't think the Olympics will switch because the Laser represents a unique talent pool- indeed that's another clue that the trademark is probably not defensible at this point. Someone should build boats and sell em as Lasers under an LLC and test that trademark once and for all. It won't be me, although I do have an interesting product idea for the recreational Laser market.
  12. bluelaser2

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    I think the Laser trademark has been genericised to the extent that the current rights-holder may not prevail if pressed. The mark no longer pertains to a specific supplier and many people consider any small cat rigged boat of a certain shape to be a "Laser". .
  13. bluelaser2

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Who says it will happen? We could have global pandemic or asteroid or who knows what, and the Laser will be it... back in the '30's you could have said hell, the giant J class yachts will eventually NOT be the biggest, most expensive, most glam racing boats in the world...and here we are 80 years later and the J's are right at the pinnacle...Lasers could be still be the shit in 100 years....things tend to accelerate to a certain level and then hold a level....