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  1. NFL 2017

    Two words.....Tom FUCKING Brady!
  2. Lets not forget that "Mike" is a Sailmaker from some other company then North, now not only can he not sail on the boat but his good customer is going to be spending $40-60K on sails from his competitor. I totally agree with Hammer here, 2 pro's and open sailmaker. Then maybe I will work on getting a client or two into this.
  3. The 30's still have the most participation going for them as well. We had 4 boats in the Canadian series and BYC had 3 boats. There was a lot of $$ thrown at that cup, 4 new boats built, Lots of keel, rudder and rig mods done to the older boats. Finals was Hans Fogh against Larry Klein. The US finals was Larry vs T Hutch. Its to bad that it the boats were deemed not prestigious enough, because I think if they did another cycle in them it would have continued to grow. But it did not and it laid stagnet for several yeas and then the Farr 40's came along.
  4. S2 7.9

    If you want full size stern rail go to whitewater marine in Port Huron MI. They have made them since the begining of time.
  5. C&C 29-2?

    we have a customer that single and double hands his 29-2 and does fairly well.
  6. S2 7.9

    As a driver the boat is SO much more comfortable to drive in the above configuration. Also I believe that this config was standard and a the stern rail was an option.
  7. rigging and sailmakers in the Med

    Doyle Palma! They do sails and have a full rigging shop. See Fiona or Qunney.
  8. what is it?

    Funny, I was thinking that Glenn finally talked Hunter into doing a more racy boat
  9. Advice for first time Grenada bareboat?

    The Cays are amazing! been there twice and just love them. I have not gone south of there by much but Salt Whistle bay on Mayreau is also a nice place to drop the hook.
  10. Boat Yard Parking 101

    spent two months at the PJ yard in Savanah back in the day. They were launching a 125+ motor yacht and doing engine trials. it was for an Asian client and the owners rep would come down to the yard each day in his rental Mustang GT and park in a no parking zone. The boys finally got pissed off enough that they used on of the fork lifts to lift the car up and put it on top of two containers. A good laugh for all except the owners rep and the poor bastard fork lift driver
  11. il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    someone needs to ask Slattery how many out right records he has broken! The dude is a pure speed.
  12. 30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    There is a nice SR 33 here in Sarnia for sale.
  13. NHL 2017

    at: Tampa, TO, Ott, Mon met: Col, Was, Shitz, NYR cen:Nas, MN, Chi, Dal Pac: ED, SJ, Cal, Smucks
  14. NHL 2017

    TB v EDM in the cup. Wings will suck ass this year and get the FOA pick. Going to suck to be a wings fan oh well.