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  1. Peacefrog

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Just saw that it is the old Synergy/Sorcha.
  2. Peacefrog

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    which 52 was Zen before the mods?
  3. Peacefrog

    Personal Epirb what to buy?

    thanks guys good info. Now I just need to make her pay for it since she wants it
  4. Peacefrog

    Personal Epirb what to buy?

    Going to be doing a few offshore races this winter and the wife wants me to have a personal epirb. Having never had one or thought of having I am looking for advice. PF.
  5. Peacefrog

    What is it? (South Africa Edition)

    Farr Maxi One Design/Grand Mistral 80, I believe.
  6. Peacefrog

    Thompson 35 (38')

    Just one CTD is now Enzyme.
  7. Peacefrog

    Thompson 35 (38')

    Shorty is right, that is the Hendo 35
  8. Peacefrog

    Best Lyrics Ever

    I always thought Blood Hound Gangs "its always better when the stripper is crying" is some funny shit.
  9. Peacefrog

    nhl '19

    Can't wait. Its Vegas's year! Wings will suck again but Stevie is coming home for next year
  10. Peacefrog

    Gay Test

    what boat?
  11. Peacefrog

    West Michigan Thread

    my FIL's policy also covers rentals. We kind of laughed at that a couple years ago when his rig got broken by the yard. It was the weekend before Mac and we could not get something trucked in in time.
  12. Peacefrog

    GLSS Boat Recommendations

  13. Peacefrog

    GLSS Boat Recommendations

    there is a REALLY good Abbott 33 for sale in Chatham area. pm if interested I will give you the owners email. Has a bunch of almost new sails.
  14. Peacefrog

    Queens Cup death

    Ah sorry could not open the link, thought they were talking the small fleet. Sorry to hear about the dearth of a sailor
  15. Peacefrog

    Queens Cup death

    Google is your friend!