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  1. The 4th SE MH was for Gordie Bower up in MN. I don't think he sailed the MORC's in Detroit. Pretty sure it was just 3 of us. Ariba Ariba, Miss Grace and Little Feat. There were 4 standard SE boats built for what was called the publishers Cup. They were pretty much stock boats with a different graphic package. On A2 we sailed a great event and got beat by another great team on LF. Rugger is a Standard MH, that has been highly modified. They took the keel trunk out, put a Henderson keel and rudder on it and sailed very well. I think it is still kicking around the D. Not sure if CoachIzzo is still around on here or not but his family owns it. FYI, the rudders that we had built that G&S designed weighed in at between 18 and 22 pounds. Quite a bit lighter and I am sure we could make them even lighter with Carbon. Carbon was seriously penalized at the time.
  2. Lets start with the bullshit called back goal, the go to Jarncrok never touched 72 and got a penalty, the Neal call was valid, then go to Cindy with the full interference behind the net right infront the net and no call. Yep Buttman strikes again
  3. Hillbilly hockey Preds in 6
  4. The original SE rudders were the same as the class foils, only with "holed" out cheek plates. There was a G&S elliptical rudder a few us had built that wa fixed. Little feat is in TN and might be for sale.
  5. Hey I still sail the boat! The last few regattas have been on conflicted dates with some other programs I sail on. I am planning on both Kansas events and then I really hope to be back in NC for the two winter events. The 20 is a great boat and is still probably my favorite of the 20'er sport boats. Yes the #'s are down but the boat and the people in the boat are awesome and that is why I continue to go back! Cheers
  6. Scaly wag is the 5th according to their FB page
  7. Preds in 5 Sens in 6 And the comment about Mrs. Crosby's mustache was pure poetry
  8. Perry is the second dirtiest player in the league behind Crosby.
  9. I tried to talk Hen into jib only from the get go but pussed out The Soca guys in PUR went to a flat top main with jibs only and it worked OK as long the breeze was up but I think that was for two reasons. 1) the flat top could be much more aggressive in width and they tried to use their normal #3 as the sail. I think with a bigger flat top and a proper Code 1 jib it might be OK.
  10. I know that Sprint 6 had the full monty with incline and all. It was great racing yes Beasley sails the shit out that boat. He has a gear that neither us or Hall Pass have at this point. Great group in the class from those that we met and it was quite diverse. I hope they keep this fleet for next year and keep it inside. I can't believe that the SR PHRF rating is correct? We own #3 and have two others here in town and with masthead kites and a 3 sec, main roach penalty we race 69. I believe base rating is 75.
  11. Mike I just picked them cause I hate Zach and Ryan for choosing them over the wings Seriously just don't think they are that good. Was in 6 Sens in 5 Edm in 6 Nas in 7, hard to pick against a team that made the Hawks look like an ECHL team.
  12. missed one.MON or NYR? Ah yes I did Mon in 4
  13. CHI in 5 STL in 7 CAL in 7 EDM in 6 BOS in 5 WAS in 5 COL in 5