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  1. Hey I still sail the boat! The last few regattas have been on conflicted dates with some other programs I sail on. I am planning on both Kansas events and then I really hope to be back in NC for the two winter events. The 20 is a great boat and is still probably my favorite of the 20'er sport boats. Yes the #'s are down but the boat and the people in the boat are awesome and that is why I continue to go back! Cheers
  2. Scaly wag is the 5th according to their FB page
  3. Preds in 5 Sens in 6 And the comment about Mrs. Crosby's mustache was pure poetry
  4. Perry is the second dirtiest player in the league behind Crosby.
  5. I tried to talk Hen into jib only from the get go but pussed out The Soca guys in PUR went to a flat top main with jibs only and it worked OK as long the breeze was up but I think that was for two reasons. 1) the flat top could be much more aggressive in width and they tried to use their normal #3 as the sail. I think with a bigger flat top and a proper Code 1 jib it might be OK.
  6. I know that Sprint 6 had the full monty with incline and all. It was great racing yes Beasley sails the shit out that boat. He has a gear that neither us or Hall Pass have at this point. Great group in the class from those that we met and it was quite diverse. I hope they keep this fleet for next year and keep it inside. I can't believe that the SR PHRF rating is correct? We own #3 and have two others here in town and with masthead kites and a 3 sec, main roach penalty we race 69. I believe base rating is 75.
  7. Mike I just picked them cause I hate Zach and Ryan for choosing them over the wings Seriously just don't think they are that good. Was in 6 Sens in 5 Edm in 6 Nas in 7, hard to pick against a team that made the Hawks look like an ECHL team.
  8. missed one.MON or NYR? Ah yes I did Mon in 4
  9. CHI in 5 STL in 7 CAL in 7 EDM in 6 BOS in 5 WAS in 5 COL in 5
  10. Contact Philip @ Barefoot yachts.
  11. Match racing Farr 40's a few years back in Chicago, we round the leeward mark and it turns into a shit show. Spin comes back into the around both sides of the jib sheet, gets sucked into the jib block. About the the big name tactician starts in on the jib trimmer about getting him a jib trimmed so we can go upwind and there is really nothing the dude can do. So said jib trimmer looks back forward and says to the bow and mast dudes, "come on guys you are fucking me to tears back here" The whole boat just lost it.
  12. Visit doyleboston.com or call (519)344-5236. They are a family-owned loft in Sarnia, Ont just down the street from where the boat was built. Talk to Spike Boston who has been around, well, forever. I haven't been there in a while and don't know if Bill Abbot is still around (they had a pretty devastating fire about 10yrs ago) but my memory is that he built a very nice boat and they sailed pretty well. Abbot used to build Solings and I'm pretty sure he is a former World champ (or NA). Sucks about the fire but thank you for all the information. I will do some more digging Billy and Larry are still around out there, they are not building boats but have a store front and a one bay repair space and a wood shop set up in an old portable school building. I am sure either of them would be happy to chat with you about the boats. 519-542-2771. We more then likely built the original sails for the boat here at our loft, mentioned above. Any idea what hull # the boat is? Abbott's also have 1 or 2 used 22's that they refitted out there for sale as well. But the one near you is a good deal I think with the trailer. Cheers Tac Boston
  13. Much like Wang I cannot say enough good things about this boat. We did the Chi-Mac race and had an absolute blast! It was our first go at sailing the boat in big breeze and big waves and while it was WET, we learned a lot about what to do to make it drier. We also sailed way to conservatively in the first squall as we really did not know how the boat would react. In the future we would be much less that way and send it a lot harder. Our team owner just can't take 10 days away from the office and his family to sail either Key West or Block Island so we are going to focus on the 3 day events like Annapolis NOOD, NYYC Annual, Verve Cup, Big Boat and the Long Beach event that are on the class schedule. As a team we are all really excited and can't wait to get the Girl on the water again. We know we have a lot of catching up to do time in the boat wise but we relish the challenge. Catching up to DC and Wang will be a tough effort but we will her a go. I hope that as a class we have a serious chat about week long events and maybe a more coordinated Caribbean effort next winter!
  14. Pretty good boats, sail well. Lots of room for its size. Seems like a good deal with the trailer.