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  1. Peacefrog

    New imoca boats

    Looks like Hugo has left the building
  2. Peacefrog

    Queens Cup - Race & Weather Predictions

    It sucked and the flies were relentless!
  3. Peacefrog

    What's a Kirby 25?

    Hey Pearl Jam, you boat is faster! Only time a Kirby 25 is faster then your boat is downwind in breeze.
  4. Peacefrog

    nhl '19

    BOS in 6
  5. Peacefrog

    Game of Thrones

    It was OK, could have better but could have been much worse. I just think it should have been 8-10 eps instead of 6. They just jammed to much into too little. Was sad to see Bran cock block Tyrion so that he did not get to nail Sansa
  6. Peacefrog

    nhl '19

    I have decided to pick solely on who's jersey I think is better looking, I mean I fucking sucked on the rest. So STL in 6 and BOS in 7 So basically SJ and CAR will win
  7. Peacefrog

    nhl '19

    I am a wings fan so we hate the Avs and I truly believe the sharks should not be there. The call for them the other is one of the biggest travesties in sports. But hey the league said sorry.
  8. Peacefrog

    nhl '19

    guess I forgot how many games. CBJ, 6 DAL 7 CAR 5 COL, (still hoping the stadium blows up during practice and there is not series, ) 4
  9. Peacefrog

    nhl '19

    I should really quit while I am in the shitter here but fuck it. CBJ DAL CAR COL* (only because the Sharks should not be there)
  10. Peacefrog

    nhl '19

    Fuck me this years playoffs are killing me, I mean all the top teams out and the fucking leafs winning?
  11. Peacefrog

    Bella Mente Broke Their Rig......Again

    If you got to their Facebook page there are pics of it with both a kite and a zero and the back stays clearly go to the top.
  12. Peacefrog

    nhl '19

    Not NHL, but damn did the Finish chicks get fucked yesterday at the Women's Worlds. Such bullshit and then IIHF did not even bother to explain what the fuck happened.
  13. Peacefrog

    nhl '19

    fuck me went 0fer last night.
  14. Peacefrog

    nhl '19

    Flames in 5 Vegas in 6 Preds in 5 Jets in 6 Tampa in 5 Bruins in 4 Pens in 5, can't believe I picked the Pens! Caps in 5
  15. Peacefrog

    C&C 30 implosion?