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  1. sonofasailor4x

    Sailing instruments for 30' sport Boat

    Under 2000? Kenyon or Datamarine.
  2. sonofasailor4x


    More classics that are not West Coast of USA. Use your contacts around the world to review the plastic classics in France/Europe or the classics in AZ/NZ. I know that means Scott (sorry) can't do them, but it's a big world of boats, and all the cool ones are not in the USA. Examples: Farr 1020 in AZ, Beneteau Figaro, etc.
  3. sonofasailor4x

    Off Soundings Club - Look Back, Look Ahead 2021

    I soooo missed it this year. Not sure spring is really going to happen. But the fall seems possible.
  4. sonofasailor4x

    Jabsco toilet rant

    Yes, I have had the same experience with the Jabsco. The stack of water in the hose to the holding tank empties back into the head. Every spring I replace the Joker valve and it lasts roughly till the end of July, and then we're back to sloshing mess. Jabsco even has a support video on it: However I am open to replacing it if there is a brand that does not have this issue (other than composting).
  5. sonofasailor4x

    CS36, C&C 33-2, Ericson 35-3, Cal 33-2...

    Have you considered an O'day 34 or 35? PHRF sleeper, reasonably priced, well behaved, and decent down below.
  6. sonofasailor4x

    what is it?

    Nope, my first try was wrong, not a Tartan 28. But definitely an Oday 27. Designed by Alan P Gurney who once worked with Bill Tripp.
  7. sonofasailor4x

    what is it?

    Tartan 28.
  8. sonofasailor4x

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    And my Avatar is my favorite character from the British Political Cartoonist Giles. If you don't know him, you're missing out, especially his sailing cartoons:
  9. sonofasailor4x

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    Reference to the Jimmy Buffet song Son of a Son of a Sailor, but apparently my sailing heritage goes back further than his.
  10. sonofasailor4x

    Elan Sailboats

    We have a 1985 Elan 31S. Having sailed quite a bit on Beneteau boats, I'd say the build quality is better. In fact our surveyor compared the tabbing to a Sabre. That was on an 85 boat so not sure how it compares to a 2005 boat. One cool thing, a few years ago we needed help with the keel boat torque. I emailed Elan and they got back to me with a suggested setting. I thought that was pretty good. I'd buy an Elan again. HTH.
  11. sonofasailor4x

    Hunter 28.5?

    That right there is the best under 30' boat possibly ever made, and you have scored.
  12. sonofasailor4x

    3DI (Raw) and roller furler storage longevity

    Another option might be a North Nordac, which is the dacron version of the 3DI. We have one, it's our roller furler, and racing #2 sail. It has great shape and is really fast.
  13. sonofasailor4x

    Laser 2 vs JY15 Turbo Rig

    I have owned a JY15, a Laser 2 and Tasar and others... JY-15 fast in the light stuff, Laser 2 in anything above 8kts, and Tasar anytime. Decent one design racing for JY. JY-15 short is centerboard and the boat is heavy, so really slow when heeled and slow to plane. Construction methods completely stupid. Pain to fix, and the cracking plastic is really a problem. Laser 2 really fun to sail. My kids want it back. I suspect it's a Portsmouth sleeper. I did some racing against a vanguard 15 and beat them boat for boat half the time. The build quality was terrible, and despite my decent fiberglassing skills we decided fixing it (cockpit floor was completely delaminated) it was not worth the effort. Tasar is a work of art. Beautifully made, really fast, and challenging yet fun to sail.
  14. sonofasailor4x

    Battery Recommendations - 30 ft Racer/Cruiser

    We have a 31' Elan 31S racer / cruiser we keep on a mooring. The boat came with a 15 year old! (we have proof) Deka Dominator 31 Gel battery house battery that was still ticking. Still, it seemed like we should replace it. After MUCH research on AGM, Wet cell (rolls and trojan), and others, we decided just to replace it with the same Deka Dominator. Here's why - Gel batteries have a low self discharge rate so can sit on a mooring for a long time without being fully discharged. Also, they can recover better from a very low discharge that might also happen on a mooring. So we use it has the house battery. It's great. For the starting battery we use a group 24 battery which is a bit lighter and cheaper. Deka group 24 Marine Master. Lots of amps for the size, and pretty cheap comparatively, so if it dies sooner, so be it. No allegiance to Deka, it just happens they had the batteries that fit our needs. HTH.
  15. sonofasailor4x

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Elan 31S, loves a spinnaker reach.