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  1. https://www.rt.com/news/403357-sakhalin-giant-ocean-sunfish/ It'll be safe for Warro this year... The king of sunfish has just been caught...
  2. McConaghy MC50!
  3. Southerly passing through Batemans Bay earlier...
  4. I am considering (read dreaming) of building an I550 and was wondering if anyone has a rough idea of what it would cost to get one built and on the water in Australia.
  5. I swear that only one of the beers in my hands was mine. No matter what the next photo in the sequence may suggest
  6. While people are mentioning chicken...Our planned midnight feast of bbq chook did not quite turn out as planned on HCW. It was placed inside the esky in an attempt to keep something dry from the lake water that was gushing in. And who would have thought that the ice placed inside the esky would melt. I never thought you could drown a bbq chook but we managed it somehow. Many thanks to Shaun, Teaks and F&B for the sail it was great fun...if a little wet. I did have a first during this race though. I had never before seen phosphorescence on the cabin floor. With any luck I never will again. Will I be back next year??? Well the cuts and bruises will be gone by then and I'll have forgotten being cold and wet for the whole race so I guess the answer is HELL YEAH!
  7. I hope it was looking good. That was my "little" (He's 6 ft 7) bro with the legs over the side. His first sail in more than 10 years. What an afternoon for it she handled beautifully. Bring on the race and good luck to everyone.
  8. The boat is in good shape ready to hit the water. BRING IT ON!
  9. The early forecast is looking promising for a bit of an overnight blast at this stage. Seabreeze
  10. A compulsory Pizza stop at the end of the second lap would be the way to go. Even just sailing past the wharf at Wangi with someone there throwing them out could work... lol gotta stop posting while hungry.
  11. You'll be right mate. You've got 2 future rockstars on board. Just try not to steal them they are still needed at Port Stephens
  12. I know I'm flogging a dead horse here but if Balmain can get 3 teams there then surely the local clubs would be able to get at least that if not more. Especially RMYC being the co-hosting club.
  13. Holy crap. I'll definately have to up my game then.
  14. We'll give you a wave as we go past... each time
  15. If anyone is after crew I'm available. I tried everything I could to get the regular ride down there but the owner has unbreakable commitments that evening. If you are after 2 crew I know of one other who is keen for a go. PM me if you are interested.