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    So, no Ran for next season. Focussing on the Maxi 72's? Any other news out of their camp? Mex
  2. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I heard that it's maybe been purchased by the owner of Belle?? Mex
  3. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    It just means they under estimated your sailing abilities. So you should feel insulted... not concerned. Mex
  4. Melbourne Osaka 2018

    Bacon and Sampson with a bit of coverage: http://www.sailing.org.au/nexba-melbourne-osaka-double-handed-crusade/ Mex
  5. just a stupid question...

    There are no stupid questions... just stupid people. Mex
  6. Penalties? Huh?

    I think one of the challenges for ART is that they could not see what the judges are seeing. SBTJ were 200 metres down the course with a rain squall rolling through and reduced visibility. ART couldn't see that SBTJ were in displacement mode and doing sub 20 knots. The other challenge, as raise by Ken Read, is that ART re-entered the course past the lay line for the bottom mark and so were broad reaching at 40+ knots even in slow mode. I do wonder if SBTJ were gaming the system at this stage by going slow. It looked like survival mode but I do wonder. Dean is a wily old fox... Mex
  7. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Simply Fun is on the market... apparently. http://sundancemarine.com.au/brokerage/sail-yacht/2013-hh42-simply-fun/
  8. Voilavion 16' Foiler

    Is it just me or is this thing quickly going to get nicknamed "violation"? Mex
  9. Best Internet Video

    The front fell off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mV42ynOLJM RIP John Clarke
  10. It would appear that she's got this sorted. Mex
  11. Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    Learn to sail in your own fucking time!
  12. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Oh Oh, what's happened to Eric Bellion? 1.1 knots at 171 degrees heading...
  13. invisible hand

    The Ichi Ban TP52 (Ex Azzurra 2011 version) has a bigger rig than TP52 standard, a deeper keel and lighter bulb. It has performed well offshore, including a couple of Sydney Hobart races. Balance rates 1.373 Ichi Ban 1.399, around 2% faster. Only one S2H completed by Matt's TP52 Ichi Ban... the most recent one. Prior Hobarts were completed on his Carkeek 60 also named Ichi Ban. He's entered both for the past few years but only has done 2016 in the TP52.
  14. Jules Verne Trophy 2016

    "We will not beat the time by Loïck Peyron who had exceptionally good conditions" I'd suggest Francis isn't talking records. The reference is simply the time taken Cape Horn to the Equator by Loick & Co... which was superb. Mex