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  1. mexican

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Now parked on C arm (west). She stands out from today's boats. Low free board and wide beam in the middle. Sailmakers were rubbing their hands together on Saturday. I saw Bandit split their No. 3 head sail and Wicked blew up an S2 kite soon after hoisting it the the last run. A couple of retirements as well. It was plenty lumpy out there for wind speed. We hit 18+ knots boats speed on the run to the finish. Not a lot of weight in the sheets when you're going that fast in 22 knots of breeze. Fast is fun... as they say. Mex
  2. mexican

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Lipton Cup Regatta was a little sad with regards to the keel boat fleet. Eight boats in Div A and eleven in Div B. Was extremely amusing to have Protagonist clear the boats away from the committee boat end of the line with a massive barging run in the first race. Caused mayhem for Ikon and Scarlet but they did their turns so I guess that makes it okay... Reasonable turn out if you were sailing an an S80, Bluebird, Etchell or trailersailer. I don't think having the main trophies being tied up with a club teams event helped. Rumour has it that SYC were actively dissuading boats from entering in response to RYCV doing similar for the Assoc Cup. And the whole teams angle of the Lipton Cup was designed to wedge SYC now that they have the Assoc Cup. Good to see we can all behave like adults in the interest of the sport. Mex
  3. mexican

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Incident Update from FB: WHITE SPIRIT injured crew member Otis Miles-Malone. WHITE SPIRIT skipper Cyrus Allen, has been in regular contact with Otis and has just visited Otis in hospital. Great news that Otis is recovering well from his injuries which include several fractured vertebrae, internal and external bruising. He is expected to be discharged from hospital tomorrow in a back brace and to make a full recovery in 6 weeks. Otis is looking forward to getting back on the water sailing, as soon as he is able. As Cyrus put it, “he is one tough cookie!” Cyrus also caught up with the crew from CLOCKWORK at RMYS this afternoon. They were very happy to be able to help out. Well wishes have continued to pour in today wishing Otis a speedy recovery. At the Race Results presentation at Royal Geelong Yacht Club last night, the good seamanship demonstrated by the AUDERE and CLOCKWORK, who both transferred crew to WHITE SPIRIT to assist with the medical emergency, received resounding applause as did the suggestion they those crews should not put their hands in their pockets for any drinks. Cyrus, Otis and the ORCV would like to express their sincere thanks to: • WHITE SPIRIT crew • AUDERE skipper John Cain and crew, particularly Jenny Wright & Dan Mestal, CLOCKWORK skipper Bob Schahinger, and crew, particularly Andrew Giles • All the other competitors who offered assistance, including CAVARLO, MOODY BUOYS, FASTER FORWARD, THE PROTAGONIST and others. • Ambulance Victoria's Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) • Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, General Manager Michael Neumann and staff • Metropolitan Fire Brigade and Ambulance Victoria who both greeted the boat at Royals • Victorian Water Police • Alfred Hospital • ORCV Race and Incident Management Team members Nick McGuigan and Neville Rose.
  4. mexican

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

    Team Joust (AUS) has at least one Seppo on the crew. I hear that insurance was a big impediment. That, and that the local organisers didn't lift a finger to facilitate said insurance. Mex
  5. mexican

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    Is there a sense that a couple of boats get a bit more attention (slammed at every opportunity) than the rest (eg Quantum and Azzura)? Cheers Mex
  6. mexican

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Where did you hear that there was no more Association Cup? SYC are running it this year, although, I hear that RYCV has refused to join the party due to the Adams 10s being banned due to a lack of life lines. Details at the following link:
  7. mexican

    Is this the Figaro III?

    I think some of you are succumbing to the editing of this video. It looks wet due to the editor splicing together all the bits where the bow is punch through a wave. I think you'd have a different opinion if you saw a single 2 min straight shot of sailing in these conditions. The bow waggle is clearly due to the guy on the tiller, loading and unloading the helm, to pump the boat onto or stay on the plane. Mex
  8. mexican

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Based on Day 1 results (first four races), it's already a race for second in IRC Div 1 & 2. Looks like Ray is getting his new Fast 40 dialled in as racing progresses. Any feedback from on the water? Mex
  9. mexican

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Are you suggesting the boat is a dog? I didn't realise you'd sailed on the boat so extensively to form that opinion...
  10. mexican

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I heard that it's maybe been purchased by the owner of Belle?? Mex
  11. mexican

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    It just means they under estimated your sailing abilities. So you should feel insulted... not concerned. Mex
  12. mexican

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Simply Fun is on the market... apparently.
  13. I was on one of the faster 40 footers in the most recent race and it was more than "sporty" enough for me tangling with the TP52s and the 70 foot cruisers on the second start line. Watching the 100 footers and VOR70s roar around on the 1st start line was awesome, terrific (in the true sense of the word) and frightening. There is just no way you could run one start line these days without significant death and destruction... especially given the restricted sailing room and spectator craft. Cheers Mex
  14. mexican

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I think we saw as much as 35 knots on our approach to Altona. At least one jib found it's way into the bin back at SYC post racing. Mex
  15. mexican

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Did someone order a wambulance? You'd have to expect that dropping weight off the bulb will slow the boat upwind and reaching in over 10 knots of breeze due to reduced stability. Certainly an advantage down wind in most conditions. So, a zero rating change isn't a huge surprise... Mex