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  1. mexican

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    Is there a sense that a couple of boats get a bit more attention (slammed at every opportunity) than the rest (eg Quantum and Azzura)? Cheers Mex
  2. mexican

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Where did you hear that there was no more Association Cup? SYC are running it this year, although, I hear that RYCV has refused to join the party due to the Adams 10s being banned due to a lack of life lines. Details at the following link:
  3. mexican

    Is this the Figaro III?

    I think some of you are succumbing to the editing of this video. It looks wet due to the editor splicing together all the bits where the bow is punch through a wave. I think you'd have a different opinion if you saw a single 2 min straight shot of sailing in these conditions. The bow waggle is clearly due to the guy on the tiller, loading and unloading the helm, to pump the boat onto or stay on the plane. Mex
  4. mexican

    VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Is it worth noting who did not appear in the Brunel video?
  5. mexican

    VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Better angle for what?
  6. mexican

    VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Looks like Paintwagon and SHKSW are now stretching away. Rich to get richer?
  7. mexican

    Barlow 3 Speed Automatic

    Thanks for the tip. Mex
  8. mexican

    Barlow 3 Speed Automatic

    Good suggestion, thanks. I'm presuming I just undo the two allen key bolts to see what's underneath. What the worst that can happen, right?
  9. mexican

    Barlow 3 Speed Automatic

    Yeah, unfortunately, these winches are well and truly pre-1983 so the manuals on Arco aren't relevant.
  10. mexican

    Barlow 3 Speed Automatic

    Anyone able to steer me in the direction of a winch service manual for a Barlow 3 speed automatic sheet winch (no self-tailer) or an equivalent guide which would do the job?
  11. The B 40.7 should go upwind as quick as a S38 but they don't reach or run as well. Check out the rudder post before purchase. I seem to remember Michael Spies dropping a rudder out of a 40.7 in a S2H back when they were the new kid on the block. Mex
  12. mexican

    the most frightening engine in the world....

    I don't think anyone will contradict you there. They're not nicknamed a "banger" for nothing!
  13. mexican

    the most frightening engine in the world....

    Finally got around to trying a crank start of our Lister 3 cylinder diesel. It's circa 1968 (3500 hours) and I'm told was designed as a stationary engine. Why they chose to pop it in a yacht (Boden South Seas steel 39 foot schooner) I'll never know. It's air cooled (another challenging concept for anyone who comes across the boat) and would have been originally designed for crank start only. The subsequent inclusion of a starter motor is excellent, however, I must say the crank start was super easy. The big benefit being that the crank has a clutch arrangement so once the engine catches there's no pick up on the crank handle. Just stop spinning and remove! Nice to know we'll be able crank start if ever we need to. Mex
  14. mexican

    Australian Yachting Championship 2018

    I would expect that HB has very short chord length on their foils. Any attempt to accelerate from slow speed is going to means a significant slip sideways. Mex