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  1. lakemichigansailor

    West Michigan Thread

    Maybe not boat in the water but I do know a small plane pilot.
  2. lakemichigansailor

    West Michigan Thread

    So what Muskegon boats are headed down for the Anchorage?
  3. lakemichigansailor

    West Michigan Thread

    So I wonder how many pros STD will have on board this week, I heard Lowell North might be available, but then Jimmy might have to do gross trim.
  4. lakemichigansailor

    West Michigan Thread

    I saw one on ebay the other day. It was in Georgia but ROADTRIP!
  5. lakemichigansailor

    West Michigan Thread

    The SI's will be in your registration packet you pick up in Milwaukee
  6. lakemichigansailor

    West Michigan Thread

    hmm I don't feel too bad about not being in the water yet and doing basic maintenance things like exterior varnishing tonight. Congrats on the second, what is the word on firefly (is it ex something or other?). Imagine the delivery home won't exactly be to toasty either. It was really cold on the delivery home
  7. lakemichigansailor

    West Michigan Thread

    Exactly. I'll go out on a limb and toss some sailing fodder into the mix... There is actually a bunch of sailing related stuff going on this weekend. I know I'm gonna be at most of the following: Saturday is the long awaited day when MYC will assign slips in its new dock configuration. To be sure, this should make for an interesting afternoon. Later on Saturday afternoon is the annual kids Christmas party at MYC. Saturday evening is the MYC Christmas Party for "grown-ups" ("grown ups" being arguably a relative term at MYC) The WMYSA (representing junior programs from 6-10 West Michigan clubs) meets on Sunday afternoon to discuss the 2011 WMYSA season. On Sunday afternoon, GRYC is meeting with all its fleets to discuss race management and the racing schedule for 2011. Next Wed Dec 8, there is a meeting to discuss 2011 racing for all the various fleets at MYC. So... y'all can stare at your web browsers and whine... or you can join one of the activities on the list above. (or we could revive the "Is Fetzer a douchebag?" thread...)(no offense BT) (rant over) Also Peter has called a race committee meeting for next Wed at 5pm, I think the Victoria Secret fashion show is also on Wed night so that could be a hell of a guys night out! The Victoria Secret show was this last Tuesday...I think... Hroth You are correct but being re shown at 8pm on the 8th on the CW channel, whatever that is So you guys can get on the internet, so why watch women on tv in their underwear when there is just a world of internet porn. I am so disappointed